Add posts to Buffer via email

It's super simple to get started with creating Buffer posts via email. Every user has their own secret email address to add things to their Buffer.

Just send an email to the address above where the subject is the text you want to tweet/post and the link you want is in the body, or check out the advanced commands.

Mobile Apps

We have built in support for the email formats created by all the popular mobile apps. Stop copying and pasting, just email straight from your tablet or mobile phone to Buffer!

Advanced Commands

If you're the control-freak type you can use commands in the body of your email to make Buffer do your bidding from afar:



What it Does

@profiles @p Only add the post to the specified buffer. You can use this with any of your account names and there is no need to be exact, just part of the name is fine.

To include multiple accounts just separate with spaces, commas or semi-colons. If your profiles contain one or other of these, consider use of the @splitter command.
@service @s Add to all of your accounts connected to a specific social network. You can also use 'facebook' or the shorthand 'fb' to direct posts to Facebook only.
@link @l Attach a link to your post, we will automatically use the first link in the body but sometimes this can catch footer links. Use this command to make sure the right link gets attached if you have any problems!
@postnow @now Include this command anywhere in the body and your posts will be sent instantly instead of being placed in your Buffer.
@noshorten Include this command to ensure that no links in your post will be shortened.
@splitter Character(s) that can be used to split up a list of profiles provided in the @profile command.
@help Get a copy of these instructions whenever you can't remember a command - or just type 'help' as the subject and we will email you straight back.