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New Social Media Strategies Email Course: Join Us for 25 Days of Social Media Tips

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Kevan Lee
Kevan Lee Former VP of Marketing @ Buffer
New Social Media Strategies Email Course: Join Us for 25 Days of Social Media Tips

What are you working on today?

One of our goals at Buffer is to always be iterating and experimenting with what we do on social media. We’re up for trying all sorts of different strategies! And many of these end up revealing great opportunities to growth.

What are you working on today? This week? This month?

We’d love to help with some ideas!

We’ve collected all our best and favorite social media strategies—real-life tips that people are trying today on social media, and finding great success! We’re excited to deliver these strategies to you in a free daily email.

Join us for 25 days of social media strategies!

Social Media Strategies email course banner
Social Media Strategies email course

Join us for 25 days of social media strategies!

We’d count it an amazing privilege to share with you these strategies over the next several days. You can join for free by visiting the landing page below.

Join this course — 25 unique, actionable social media tips, delivered a day-at-a-time, for free!

Email course landing page

We’ll send you one email per day, Monday through Friday, for the next 25 days.

Each email contains a quick social media strategy you can implement in minutes.

These are real strategies that we’re using at Buffer or we’re keen to put into practice. We’ve relied on some really amazing folks who are blazing trails on social media marketing and coming up with some really stellar ideas!

All of the lessons contain detailed info on how to take action.

Many of the lessons include a short video tutorial!

(We’d love to hear how these videos feel for you. Are they helpful?)

The full course listing

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for the course. We’ll be sending out these 25 lessons, complete with detailed instructions, video tips, and bonus info every day.

  1. Share the same content multiple times
  2. Include an animated GIF in “thank you” tweets
  3. Add to your Buffer in bulk
  4. Move your social sharing buttons around (or get rid of ’em)
  5. Use current events to boost your Facebook post visibility
  6. Use BuzzSumo to see who’s sharing your content
  7. Use a dummy account to save a reservoir of validated tweets and updates
  8. Tweet to landing pages with specific asks
  9. Include an image in your tweets
  10. Ask questions
  11. Monitor and analyze your followers with SocialRank
  12. Enlist a group of supporters to engage with your content
  13. Find and engage with influencers in your area
  14. Get your team sharing with you and for you
  15. Reserve your name on all social media platforms
  16. Schedule routine drive-bys of your social media accounts
  17. Respond to everyone within 24 hours
  18. Go to your archives to share evergreen content
  19. Choose 1 to 3 areas of expertise
  20. Keep the same name, profile, pic, imagery, and look across your social profiles
  21. Use as many of these 7 Twitter bio tips as possible in your bio
  22. Test your posting frequency. Here’re some ideas. ?
  23. Create a 4:1 ratio of types of tweets/updates
  24. Determine best times to post, using Buffer’s optimal timing tool
  25. Reach out to the people mentioned in your articles

A sample lesson

We’re keen to make sure that you get just the info you want from these emails, so I’m happy to share here a sample of one of the lessons from the course. Here’s strategy #1: Share the same content multiple times.

The mobile version:

Mobile screenshot - email course strategy

The desktop version:

Email example

And here’s the full text:

Share the same content multiple times

Your content rocks, and people are excited to see it!

What happens though is that so much rockin’ content lands on social media every second that a person can’t possibly catch it all. (pokemon)

At Buffer, we reach 5% of our followers with a tweet and 2% of Facebook fans with a new update.

So, share your story multiple times in order to reach those who missed it the first time!

Change up your message: alternate the headline, grab a pullquote, share an image, etc. so that you have something new to share (and can learn what resonates most by checking analytics after).

Here’s how:


Come up with some sort of sharing schedule. Here’s ours (feel free to steal):

Cheering for you,
Kevan and the Buffer team

P.S. How many times can you reshare? A Wisemetrics study found that, on average, the second tweet gets 86% as much performance as the first one, and even after 6 repetitions, you’re still at 67% of the first tweet.

And here’s the video we’ve linked to.

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions about this course

Does the course cost anything?

It’s 100% free!

We’re excited to give these strategies away in hopes that might be helpful for you and your marketing efforts.

Who is it for?

Everyone! It’s not tied to Buffer accounts at all, so both current Buffer users and yet-to-be Buffer users can join.

What happens at the end of the 25 days?

At the end of the 25-day course, I’d love to share any extra strategies that came my way during our time together. I’ll send those along when we’re finished. And I’d love to hear any feedback you have on the course itself!

Will you be signing me up for other newsletters or lists, too?

No, we will not sign you up for other email lists without your express permission. Your email’s safe with us. ?

Help! I haven’t received my confirmation email yet!

If you can let us know the email you signed up with, I’d be happy to look you up in our system to see if all’s in working order. The first email should be headed your way shortly after signup, or first thing on Monday if you’ve signed up on the weekend. If you’re yet to see anything, I’d be very happy to investigate for you!

(Often times, some folks experience a bit more of a delay than others, depending on email service provider.)

We’d love to invite you to join this course!

It’d be a real privilege to share these social media strategies with you and to have the chance to connect with you over the next 25 days.

If this course interests you at all, you can sign up directly from the landing page!


Excited for the chance to share with you!

Feel free to leave any thoughts, questions, or comments here on the article, and I’ll hop right on them!

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