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PinterestApr 15, 2024
5 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024: An In-depth Guide for Creators and Businesses

There are plenty of ways to monetize on Pinterest. Here's a guide to some tactics for both creators and small businesses.

TwitterApr 8, 2024
Ads on X (Formerly Twitter) Are an Untapped Opportunity. Here’s How to Make the Most of Them

Learn why this expert marketer thinks X is one of the best advertising platforms right now, and see how to get the most bang for your buck.

Small BusinessApr 2, 2024
How Building a TikTok Following Before We Had a Finished Product Helped Us Achieve Seven-Figure Growth in Two Years

Learn how these business owners used an early version of their product to gain a following and how they’ve continued implementing this philosophy to grow before they’re 100 percent ready.

Small BusinessMar 25, 2024
How I Adjust My Business and Prices for Inflation (and Communicate Those Changes With Customers)

Like many businesses, this small chocolate brand has dealt with challenges due to inflation over the past few years. Learn the system that is helping them adjust their processes and prices to adapt.

InstagramMar 14, 2024
How to Find Trending Audio on Instagram in 2024 (+15 Tracks to Use Right Now)

If you always feel like you’re chasing the tail-end of audio trends on the app, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you through all the methods you can use to find the most popular music and sounds on Instagram before they drop off the charts.

FlowMar 11, 2024
How I Increased My Freelance Writing Income By 79% Percent in a Single Year (and How You Could Too)

Here’s what I did to increase my freelance writing income in a year and how you can do the same.

FlowMar 6, 2024
4 Practices That Have Helped Me Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Business Owner

Like many small business owners, Diana Sofia Tabatabai almost let imposter syndrome hold her back. Learn the tools that helped her move past it.

Small BusinessMar 5, 2024
Pivoting to D2C Helped us Grow by 267% in 1 Month: Here's How We Did It

Learn why and how Anja Skodda shifted distribution strategies for her pet food company, and the impressive results it’s helped her achieve.

Small BusinessFeb 21, 2024
YouTube is Our Highest-Converting Channel Thanks to Micro-Influencers: Here’s Our Strategy

Learn how the Galan Leather co-founder has used an ongoing micro-influencer strategy to grow his small brand.

Small BusinessFeb 20, 2024
How I’ve Used Speaking to Develop a Sales Funnel With a 10-25% Conversion Rate

Learn the exact funnel Ziza Natur uses to turn speaking gigs and podcast opportunities into paying customers for her coaching business.

Small BusinessJan 31, 2024
How I Turned $75 Per Day in Ad Spend Into 1 Million Views on My Instagram Reel With Only 1,000 Followers

Learn the process Samantha Abrahamson followed to find a Reel format that would get the maximum ROI for her social media advertising budget.

Small BusinessJan 25, 2024
How We Turned an Opportunistic Side Hustle Into an 8-Figure Business

Jake and Jess Munday didn’t plan on building a neon sign empire, but some smart decisions along the way helped them turn an exploratory side hustle into a massively successful business.

Content MarketingJan 15, 2024
What is Good B2B Content? Content Leaders on 9 Must-Haves for Standing Out From the B2B Crowd

I spoke to leading B2B content marketers (an in-house content director, agency owners, top freelancers, and thought leaders) to find out what they think B2B brands can do to create good content in 2024.

Small BusinessJan 11, 2024
How I Grew My Business to Multiple Six Figures by Embracing AI (And How I'll Use it in 2024)

Like many business owners, Lexi Hartmann was originally afraid of AI — before she found these powerful ways it could move her company forward.

Small BusinessJan 3, 2024
How I Grew a $200 Side-Hustle Etsy Shop Into a Multi-6-Figure Business

Kirstie Wang never planned on her side hustle becoming her full-time job, but a few key approaches led to unexpected growth in her business.

How One Viral TikTok Generated Over $25,000 in Sales for My Business in a Month

As a Gen X founder, Alice Kim didn’t think initially TikTok was for her, but she managed to see huge business growth from the platform. Learn how.

Social Media Ads Became More Expensive in 2023: How I’m Shifting My 2024 Marketing Approach

When Jen Street noticed her business’ online ads becoming less successful, she pivoted instead of panicked. Learn the approaches she’s using in the new year.

Small BusinessNov 27, 2023
How This Founder Built a $5 Million Product Business With No Experience in Product Development

Lisa Lane shares the investments and lessons that have helped her successfully grow a product business, even without experience.

Small BusinessNov 21, 2023
How These Businesses are Posting on Social Media for Small Business Saturday in 2023

For small businesses, a little visibility can go a long way. And there’s no better time for visibility than Small Business Saturday. In this article, we share some of what our favourite small businesses are posting on Small Business Saturday.

Holiday SeasonNov 20, 2023
4 Alternative Ways to Approach Black Friday on Social Media in 2023

Consumer sentiments and shopping habits are changing. In this article, we highlight alternative approaches to Black Friday for businesses.

Small BusinessNov 14, 2023
5 Tips for Turning Your Social Media Following Into a Paid Membership Community

A community business strategist gives her best tips for monetizing your social media audience through the power of community.

Brand MarketingNov 13, 2023
9 Genius Ideas to Steal for Your Black Friday + Cyber Monday Marketing Campaigns (with Real-life Examples)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing guidance to help you stand out from the crowd — complete with tried-and-tested examples.

Small BusinessNov 9, 2023
I’ve Never Offered a Black Friday Sale — Here’s What My Boutique Does Instead to Have a Six-Figure Weekend

Emily Grey knew her small boutique couldn’t compete with other sales on Black Friday, so she decided to try something completely different for her holiday promotion. Learn why it’s helped her business succeed year after year, and how you can approach the holiday season differently.

Small BusinessNov 7, 2023
How This Freelancer Made $300,000 in One Year—And Why She Chose to Scale Back

🖤At Buffer, we’ve long aimed to default to transparency, a practice we believe helps eliminate inequality and gives everyone a greater chance of succeeding. Financial transparency is especially close to our hearts, which is why we’re proud to share Open Books, a series of small business owners giving us a peek inside their books in the spirit of being open about finances as well. Join us as we explore the highs, lows, and hard-won financial lessons that have paved their paths, and discover how