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On this page, anyone can see Buffer’s open revenue metrics, customer metrics, and marketing metrics.

Revenue Metrics

    ARRAnnual Recurring Revenue
    MRRMonthly Recurring Revenue
    MRR MovementsMonthly Recurring Revenue Movements

    Customer Metrics

    • Paid Monthly Active Users (MAU)
    • Free Monthly Active Users (MAU)
    ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
    LTVCustomer Lifetime Value
    Customer ChurnCustomer Churn Rate
    MAUMonthly Active Users

    Customer Support Metrics

    Customer Experience


    First response within 2 hours in the last 90 days


    Customer satisfaction in the last 90 days


    Customer emails solved in the last quarter

    Marketing Metrics

    • Library
    • Resources
    Blog Visits Visits
    Trial Starts

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