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At Buffer, we know that amazing things happen when people talk and connect with each other. It’s how we learn new skills, hear different perspectives, receive support from others, grow as people, and feel like we belong.

This is why we build community at Buffer.

The Buffer Community is an amazing group of supportive, positive, and smart Buffer users from over 100 countries around the world, who are full of knowledge about social media, marketing, and growing awesome brands. We tend to be generous with emojis, GIF-happy, and pro exclamation mark.

This community is a place where you can:

Have creative discussions

Let your creativity flow by bouncing ideas off of others, gathering varied perspectives, and sparking new ideas.

Meet new people

Meet other people building awesome brands and find out how they’re connecting with their customers.

Discover new resources

Access a knowledge-base of resources to level up your work and help you stay in the loop of marketing news and trends.

Feel supported

Find encouragement from others who just get it, who want to help you get through your challenges.

Headshot of Jacqueline Jensen, Community Member

"An amazing group of supportive, creative, and forward-thinking people from across the globe."

Headshot of Jacqueline Jensen, Community Member

Jacqueline Jensen,
Chief Operating Officer, Prasada Partners

Some ways you can get involved in the Buffer Community:

01 Get advice from others in the weekly Community Mastermind

We’ve been running this weekly discussion since 2016, and it’s a wonderful way to get your toes wet in the community. Members gather to swap marketing strategies, ask each other questions, share their challenges, and gather advice, and you never know what you’re going to learn!

02 Grow as a community leader in the Community Host program

Our Community Hosts are a team of active, committed community leaders who infuse energy, share knowledge and offer support in our community. It’s an opportunity to make a tangible impact, learn a lot about online community building, and be part of this special group of leaders. We open up applications twice a year, and any member is welcome to apply.

03 Get the inside scoop about Buffer Publish and Analyze

You’ll have the chance to chat with the product team at Buffer, learn how fellow users incorporate Buffer into their marketing strategies, and get sneak peeks of upcoming features.

04 Meet fellow members during the monthly CommuniTea/Coffee

Meeting each other on video is an awesome way to build deeper relationships, so we have a monthly virtual hangout on Zoom for anyone in the community to join. We offer them at multiple times to involve folks in all timezones, and each one is facilitated with a discussion topic by a community member.

05 Set weekly goals and receive support in achieving them

Our members are into staying organized and being productive, so every week we share our goals for the week and reflect on them at the end of the week. It’s a great way to articulate your goals, get some community accountability, and learn how others stay focused.

Come meet and learn from fellow Buffer users!

We’d love to invite you to join in for all the fun. If you’re looking for our Slack community, we’ve moved to a new space! Click the “Join” button below to meet us there.

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