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Get involved with the Buffer Community

As you work hard to build your business online, connect with others on the same journey.

Amazing things happen when people talk and connect with each other. It's how we hear different perspectives and learn new ways of thinking. It's how we feel supported in challenging moments. It's how we grow.

This is why we build community at Buffer.

These conversations are so valuable when you're building a business or a brand, especially when they happen out in the open. More people can support your work, give you feedback, and share knowledge when you build/work/grow in public. At Buffer, we've seen the positive impact of this first hand!

So, after spending a few years gathering our community in closed platform spaces, we're bringing the conversation back to social media. There are no longer any "doors" to our community — just head over to our social channels, look for the #BufferCommunity hashtag, and join in.

Community meet up with Buffer

Some ways to get involved with the community:

Join creative discussions

Dive into conversations on Twitter through the #BufferCommunity hashtag.

Meet new people

Get to know some of our amazing community members who use Buffer to build their brands.

Ask questions

Reach out to us @Buffer when you feel stuck. We're here to support, or we'll loop in others who can help!

Discover new resources

Stay in the loop about new resources from Buffer and upcoming events by getting on our list.

"An amazing group of supportive, creative, and forward-thinking people from across the globe."

Jacqueline Jensen,
Chief Operating Officer, Prasada Partners

We 💛 our community

Thank you to everyone in the Buffer Community for supporting one another, lifting each other up, and making the world a better place. We're lucky to know you!

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