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Create, save, and organize your content in Buffer. We'll help you turn your ideas into captivating posts for each platform, and post them for you.

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Organize content in one place

Collect all your social post ideas ahead of time in halve the time so you can stay focused on what’s important

Easily import existing media

Integrations with Canva, Giphy, DropBox, One Drive, and Google Photos help you share content fast

Learn what works

Analytics tell you when and where to post your content to get the reach and engagement you deserve

Write faster with AI

Leverage AI to quickly create engaging posts without the need for painstaking brainstorming

Organize all of your content

Organize all of your content

Buffer is your hub for marketing content. Create content from scratch, import it from other tools, or clip it from the web with our browser extensions. Got a ton of ideas? Use tags to categorize, sort, and keep track of them.

Drive more traffic to your content with Buffer

Create eye-catching posts

With the Canva integration you can pull in eye-catching designs in seconds. Simply search for what you need, drag-and-drop it into your post, and make it your own with a click. You don't need any design experience, Buffer and Canva takes care of the hard part for you.

Create more with the Buffer AI Assistant 🪄

Looking to take your posts to the next level? With just one click, Buffer’s AI Assistant can generate new ideas, repurpose your existing posts, re-write copy in any style you like, and even translate your content.

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Drive more traffic to your content with Buffer

Learn what your audience loves

With Buffer you’ll learn how to create content that's right for your audience. You’ll uncover exactly what type of content your fans want, depending on the channel. With Buffer you can share all that content at the best time to make sure it actually gets seen.

George HarveyMulti-Media Editor

"On social media, all-to-often engagement can be abysmal. Thankfully Buffer helps me create engaging content that folks actually click on"

George Harvey,Multi-Media Editor

What content can Buffer create?

Any kind of content that will help you get seen by your target audience. With our integrations, you can create eye-catching designs or simply add a gif. You can write blog posts-style posts, or one-line tweets. The full list includes; text posts, link posts, image posts, video posts, GIF posts, Twitter threads, reels, carousels, stories, Start Pages, Start Page updates, The key is that Buffer gives you feedback on what’s working to help you produce content that is high-quality and engaging.

Where can Buffer share my content?

With Buffer you can you can plan, schedule, and share your content across eight channels; Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, and Start Page all from one simple dashboard.

Can Buffer make my posts go viral?

While Buffer alone can’t help you go viral, it provides all the tools you need to help skyrocket your engagement. You’ll be able to share content often, at the optimal times. You can use the right hashtags to guarantee your post is seen. You can cross-post your content across other platforms to boost views and engage with your community to grow your awareness.

Can I use Buffer’s publishing and scheduling tool for free?

Yes, our free plan is perfect for individuals and businesses that are just getting started with social media. You can connect up to 3 social media channels and schedule up to 10 posts per channel at a time. There is no monthly, or yearly limit. Our free plan also includes a landing page builder, so you can create a beautiful landing page for your brand.

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