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5 Proven Facts Why You Should Tweet More Often

In recent weeks there were a few people that approached me and asked a question that I see coming up:

”How often should I Tweet to get the most out of Twitter?”

Of course I am not an expert myself, so I am always very reluctant to say “x” amount. It often depends on your personal use case of Twitter, what you try to achieve and more.

Yet, I found some great research and data proving something we have found with Buffer users already. Tweeting more frequently and regularly has many benefits. Here are 5 key advantages you will get from producing consistent content on Twitter.


1.) Get more followers

The first reason is that there is a direct correlation between Tweeting more and getting more followers. Dan Zarrella, who has recently published some more research on this, has proven this with some solid data. He has sifted through millions of Tweets and the more followers people have, the more they tend to Tweet.

Of course, getting followers is crucial, yet, it might only be a vanity metric, if you don’t team it up with efforts to create engagement. Interestingly, Dan suggests that “partaking in the conversation” is not necessary. Personally I believe it is a crucial element to Twitter, particularly when you start out.


2.) Increase click rate and retweets

Tweeting more frequently and tweeting great content is a killer combination. Our own research from Buffered Tweets and Dan’s research confirms this. We found that a higher frequency alone can increase clicks by double the amount. The best Tweeting frequency is therefore around 1-4 Tweets per hour containing links. If you increase it and for example post a flood of 10 Tweets in an hour, click rate will drop to zero.

Additionally it will increase retweets considerably if you decide to increase your frequency of content Tweets. Over 50% of all Tweets that get retweeted contain links.



3.) Increase Klout and Engagement

We had already a few fantastic success stories coming from Buffer users on establishing yourself as a Twitter authority through higher frequency of Tweets. Taurean once wrote how he tripled his Klout score through more Tweeting.

I found that increasing your Tweeting frequency not only helps with your Klout score, but also gets you more attention from your followers. You can use your Tweets about great articles to connect with more people, either through:

  • old school retweets to show up in the @mention stream
  • mentioning the author
  • cc’ing someone in that you think will find the article interesting


It is of course up to you, whether you believe Klout is a good measurement. What do you think about Klout?


4.) Learn faster about what works

Another very interesting insight I found is that the more you Tweet, the faster you will learn about what works and what doesn’t. You can test lots of different headlines and combinations of words to find out what resonates most with your followers.

This can actually be a lot of fun to learn too. It is of course crucial that you make it easy to track all the Tweets you are sending. You can do this either by links you track via, inside HootSuite or with Buffer’s built in analytics.

Here are a bunch of Tweets with their analytics, some did great, some not so much. In either way, tweeting more can help tremendously to find out what you should Tweet more of:

5.) Become an authority and build trust

Now this is not so much a scientifically proven point, yet one that is as true as all the others I believe. Tweeting often and regularly helps you greatly to establish yourself as an authority on Twitter. The key here is that you don’t be self-promotional, but take the best content you can find.


Get 200% more clicks on Tweets

By Buffering Tweets, they are posted at optimal times giving you 2x more exposure.

Turn your Twitter stream into a high-quality source of posts your followers will appreciate at any time. The ultimate goal here is that without thinking about it, your followers should be comfortable clicking on your links. If you have proven through high frequency that you are not disappointing them, you are on the right track to become a true authority.


How can you Tweet frequently and save time?

There is of course many ways to go about Tweeting frequently and I believe it all depends on how much time you want to spend on doing it.

The way I go about it is to spend a few minutes each morning finding the highest quality Twitter Tips and Tools posts I can find. Then I drop them into my Buffer via the browser extension. The resulting steady output of the best content I could find throughout the day has given us great results so far.


What do you think about these thoughts on Tweeting frequency? Should you raise it too to get more out of Twitter?


Photocredit and data: Dan Zarrella from Hubspot

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