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Join us as we share what we’re learning as we build a company that approaches work from a fresh perspective. We write about workplace culture, our finances, and our business decisions and strategies.

OpenDec 8, 2016
Buffer’s 2016 Year in Review (and the 8 Year-End Reflections That Inspired Us)

Can you believe that 2017 is around the corner? The end of a year always has me excited for a fresh year with new goals and exciting projects. Plus of course, looking back at the past year for learnings, takeaways, smiles and memories. This year at Buffer we decided to put together something we’ve never done before, and invite you to take a look back at a few of our favorite moments of 2016 to celebrate the year we’ve had. Check out Buffer’s End of Year Report : 2016 from A – Z ! Why share a

OpenDec 7, 2016
Would You Pay for a Social Media Workshop? We Went to Chicago to Find Out! (Spoiler: Yes)

Buffer Marketing Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Buffer signups 14,943-15% Buffer for Business trials 918-30% Social blog sessions 1,252,131 +2% Email subscribers 93,232-3% NPS for Buffer for Business 44 +1.7% What makes for a great community event? We’ve been eager to explore that question for our Buff

OpenDec 7, 2016
Happiness Heroes Here to Help: Deepening Our Social Media Knowledge

Buffer Happiness Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Responses within 1 hour 42% -6.6% Customer satisfaction score 91-3.2% Email conversations 12,270-2% Twitter conversations 5296+1% Avg. Twitter response time 4 hr 1 min-.9% Webinars hosted 9 Deepening our team’s social media knowledge with training We beli

OpenDec 7, 2016
We Just Can’t Get Enough Of: Buffer Friends, Family and Babies!

Buffer People Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All People reports * All Buffer reports Applicants 360-24% Open blog posts published 15-4 Open blog visitors 129,472-.6% Bimonthly team NPS score 60% Welcoming friends and family! As we build the futu

OpenDec 7, 2016
Connecting Customer Growth and Financial Forecasting for a Clearer View of 2017

Buffer People Ops Report November 2016 * All People Ops reports * All Buffer reports Team members 78 Revenue in cash receipts $993k-3% MRR $1.03m+1.17% ARR $12.4m +1.6% Expenses $916k +14% After a tricky 2016 , we’re headed to a more stable financial position with a bit more visibility on how 2017 will shape up. We’re also working hard on our skeleton model [

OpenDec 7, 2016
Working Smarter: Automations Now Available in Respond

Respond Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All Respond reports * All Buffer reports MoM: +25% (+1,350%) Paying customers 80 (+1.2%) Bugs fixed 100+ November has been a huge month for Respond and our incredible customers! Though the holidays are just around the corner we’re continuing to improve the product and experience at a blistering pace. Working smarter: Automation features in Resp

OpenDec 7, 2016
Could Deep Work Wednesdays Help Your Team be More Productive?

Buffer Engineering Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All Engineering reports * All Buffer reports Requests for 203 m -1.9% Avg. response for 265 ms -5.4% Requests for 430 m -59.8%* Avg. response for 196 ms +100% Code reviews given 63% of pull requests -3% *We offloaded nearly 60% of requests to onto the Kubernetes cluster with the new links service! The links service was heavily cac

OpenDec 7, 2016
More Features Coming Soon for Instagram Reminders

Buffer Product Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All Product reports * All Buffer reports Weekly active Awesome + Individual plan users 164,945-1.8% Weekly active Buffer for Business users 4,887-1.1% Buffer for Business Monthly Recurring Revenue $509,313+1.8% Social updates sent by Buffer for Business users 3,815,321+15% Users starting Buffer for Busi

OpenDec 5, 2016
On Empathy: A Letter We Shared with Our Happiness Heroes

(Our Chief Happiness Officer, Carolyn, shared this note with our Happiness team after some deep auditing and reflection on our communications with our customers. If Carolyn’s note inspires or resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!) Hey Heroes. :) I need to start this note with an apology. Instead of creating an environment where you’ve felt entirely free to speak and write and care for customers in your own unique and special way, I fear that we’ve created some misconc

OpenNov 30, 2016
Celebrating Around the World: How Holidays Work on Our Distributed, International Team

Some people might be surprised to hear that we didn’t used to get time off for Christmas at Buffer—or for Hanukkah, Canadian Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year or any specific holiday at all! Instead, we had unlimited time off and the full trust of our teammates to make great decisions about how to use this privilege. Great in theory, but as it turns out, challenging in practice. Over time, we learned that unlimited vacation policies statistically

OpenNov 29, 2016
Nomading and Working Across America in the “Rover and Hab” (Part Two)

Editor’s note: This is a multi-part series chronicling the journey of Buffer’s data analyst, Matt, as he and his wife and two dogs journey across America in an RV while remote working. Check out part one here! Hello from the road! I shared a bit in Part One about how a random “what if” question over a bottle of wine on the porch of our home in Boulder, Colorado spawned a total uprooting of our suburban life. Now myself, my wife, Jenna, and our two dogs are out on the road, traveling the Unite

OpenNov 28, 2016
3 Breakthroughs and 2 Failures that Have Shaped Buffer

In Buffer’s past six years, we’ve experimented with product and culture and had some successes and some flops. And yet there have been some breakthroughs that evolved naturally, some intentionally. On the flip side, we’ve had some failures that have been outside our control and also fully within our control. Each up and down has shaped us as a company, as a product and me as an individual. Here are a few of those breakthroughs and failures. Breakthrough #1 – Living and working transparency

OpenNov 22, 2016
Remote Work Must-Haves: Our Team’s Gear, Gadget and Bag Recommendations

The remote work movement is a growing global phenomenon. 79 percent of knowledge workers worldwide said they work from home, and 80-90% of the U.S. workforce would like to work remotely at least part time. And while no two remote work situations are identical, there are some common themes when it comes to the tools and accessories for success. Of course, the most crucial element is wifi. But after that, there’s still plenty to consider: the desk setup, the commuter bag, the headphones, the tr

OpenNov 21, 2016
Buffer in October: Instagram upgrades, Unsick Days and planning our 8th retreat

Editor’s Note: Every month we share an update with all of Buffer’s investors. We also publish that note in full for our Buffer Open audience in keeping with our value of transparency . Buffer Investor Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All Investor reports * All Buffer reports MRR $1.03m ARR $12.36m MoM 4.4% from Sept

OpenNov 16, 2016
The Key to Meaningful Productivity: Being Receptive (and 5 Tips to Make It Happen)

We all want to be more productive and fulfilled in our day-to-day. Even the words that we use to describe productive people and actions are filled with aspiration: ship, create, code, get things done, make things happen. A quick search of Google for the phrase “increasing productivity” returns nearly half a million results. There are countless books, blog posts, tips, and tools designed to help us maximize our ability to get things done. There’s also a real danger of becoming unbalanced. I’

OpenNov 15, 2016
Creating a ‘Toeless’ Company: How We’re Working to Keep Customers at the Heart of All We Do

A business is nothing without its customers. And yet as businesses grow and team members become more specialized, it’s easy to get further and further from the customer. Buffer is no exception – in the course of our journey, there have been multiple times when we’ve felt a much larger distance than we’d like between us and our customers. What’s interesting is that every time that distance starts to make itself felt, something amazing happens to close the gap. Sometimes it’s a deliberate chang

OpenNov 8, 2016
Lisbon, Madrid or San Diego: Which City For Retreat #8?

Buffer People Ops Report October 2016 * All People Ops reports * All Buffer reports Team members 79 Revenue in cash receipts $1.02m +2.7% MRR $1.02m +3.3% ARR $12.2m +3.4% Debits $822k +3.8% Profit $192k +57% Organizing our next retreat: Location, location, location As we continue organizing our next retreat, we’re excited to bring the team together in one of the three following locations: Lisbon, Madrid or San Diego! We find that taking a “best out of 3 approach”

OpenNov 8, 2016
Our Latest Content Marketing Experiment to Grow a Growing Blog: Native Un-Advertising

Buffer Marketing Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Key Stats Buffer signups 17,106 +37% Buffer for Business trials 1,394 +34% Social blog sessions 1,225,754 -.1% Email subscribers 96,613 -.6% NPS for Buffer for Business 43 -1.7% As we’ve thought of ways to grow our Buffer Social blog traffic, we’ve enjoyed thinking outside the box with growth. It’s fun to go big with ideas, and to a certain extent, content marketi

OpenNov 8, 2016
Perfect Images on Any Social Network, Accessibility Focus and Our Journey With Kubernetes

Buffer Engineering Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All Engineering reports * All Buffer reports Requests for 206 m +4% Avg. response for 280 ms +4.8% Requests for 1.06 b +1.9% Avg. response for 98 ms +12.7% Code reviews given 66% of pull requests -2% Bugs & Quality * 13 S1 (severity 1) bugs: 2 opened, 11 closed (84% smashed) * 16 S2 (severity 2) bugs: 5 opened, 11 closed (68% smashed) Buffer

OpenNov 8, 2016
Coming Soon: Instagram Grid Preview, Facebook Page Tagging and More

Buffer Product Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All Product reports * All Buffer reports Weekly active Awesome + Individual plan users 167,987+1.7% Weekly active Buffer for Business users 4,945+1.8% Buffer for Business Monthly Recurring Revenue $500,161+5.6% Social updates sent by Buffer for Business users 3,273,927 +9.2% Users starting Buffer for B

OpenNov 8, 2016
Introducing Respond 2! Plus Our Transparent Roadmap

Respond Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All Respond reports * All Buffer reports Businesses using Respond have helped: nearly 500,000 customers Improvements shipped in October ? 400 Average Respond business sends reply to customer under 3 hours In October, we started rolling out Respond 2 to customers, shipped lots of product improvements and kicked off our trans

OpenNov 8, 2016
What We Learned About Customer Support From a Massive Industry-Wide Cyberattack

Buffer Happiness Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Responses within 1 hour 45% +25% Customer satisfaction score 94+3.3% Email conversations 11,476-1.9% Twitter conversations 5140-13.7% Hour avg. Twitter response time 4.4+4.7% Onboarding Webinars hosted 8 October was an eventful month as we got geared up

OpenNov 8, 2016
Introducing the Unsick Day

Buffer People Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All People reports * All Buffer reports Applicants 473 -6% Open blog posts published 19+2 Open blog visitors 130,210-2.3% Bimonthly team NPS score 60% If every American received their recommended cli

OpenNov 1, 2016
How We’re Striving to Make Buffer More Accessible and Why it Matters

Have you ever had a moment that completely changed how you thought about the world around you? I grew up on the internet. It’s a big part of my life pretty much every day. I’ve learned how to program, changed careers, built community, and even met my boyfriend. Being online helps me travel the world with confidence, stay in touch with family, expand my empathy, and learn more about social justice issues. I have a hard time imagining where I would be if I didn’t have access to the online commun