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Åsa Nyström

Åsa Nyström

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OpenFeb 9, 2024
Hospitality in Software: Buffer’s Approach to Customer Support

How can we keep creating a unique customer support experience even as we get an increasing number of messages from customers? This is a question that is always on my mind.  Delivering exceptional customer support has always been at the core of Buffer’s mission. Over the years, we've taken pride in our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and our dedicated support team's ability to go the extra mile.  What we have found is that as your volume and team size scale, it can be trickier to

OpenJun 8, 2021
How We Serve Our Customers While Working a 4-Day Work Week

In this post, we share how our Customer Advocacy team has adjusted their schedules, goals, and mindset to acclimate to and thrive in a 4-day work week, all while supporting thousands of customers.

Empowered Accountability: How to Scale a Team Without Losing Its Autonomy

Growing pains. Every company gets them, and the pains come in all sorts of ways, from the tactical (tools ) to the philosophical (this post). As your company grows, some of your team members may feel like they have less impact. You may find it harder to set accountabilities and goals. Things can start to feel “top down.” We find ourselves dreaming about being empowered, making our own decisions, and setting our own goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to ma

OpenAug 16, 2017
The Research Behind How Brand Names Impact Customers and What Name We’ve Changed at Buffer

Names create an identity that people can associate with, they create perceptions and they let customers know what to expect. There is a lot of power in them. When it comes to a company or product name it can be one of the “most valuable assets a company possesses” according to this Nielsen study. They also share that the power in brand names comes from the fact that they can lend credibility, assure

OpenMar 1, 2017
Buffer and the AWS Outage: How This Interruption May Have Affected Your Posts

tl;dr – Buffer experienced interrupted service due to the AWS outage on Tuesday. All is back to normal now, and all posts are going out as expected. We know how important a reliable social media experience is for you, and we recognize how interruptions to Buffer can have a significant impact. We’re incredibly sorry for the disruption we caused you today. Here is precisely what happened and how it may have affected you. What happened For several hours on Tuesday, one of Buffer’s main hosting p

ReportsFeb 14, 2017
Live Chat Support Launched for Business Customers

Buffer Happiness Report January 2017 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Responses within 1 hour 35% 0% Customer satisfaction score 93+2% Email conversations 10,429 +17% Twitter conversations 6,801+33% Avg. Twitter response time 8 hr 58 min -20% Webinars hosted 6 Hello to live chat! At Buffer, we are committed to quality and s

ReportsJan 13, 2017
“Happiness Revolution” Leads to Team Restructure

Buffer Happiness Report December 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Responses within 1 hour 35% -16.6% Customer satisfaction score 91-0% Email conversations 12,215-.4% Twitter conversations 5099-3.9% Avg. Twitter response time 11 hr 58 min +200% Webinars hosted 10 Changing how we work as a Happiness team On the last day

ReportsDec 7, 2016
Happiness Heroes Here to Help: Deepening Our Social Media Knowledge

Buffer Happiness Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Responses within 1 hour 42% -6.6% Customer satisfaction score 91-3.2% Email conversations 12,270-2% Twitter conversations 5296+1% Avg. Twitter response time 4 hr 1 min-.9% Webinars hosted 9 Deepening our team’s social media knowledge with training We beli

ReportsNov 8, 2016
What We Learned About Customer Support From a Massive Industry-Wide Cyberattack

Buffer Happiness Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Responses within 1 hour 45% +25% Customer satisfaction score 94+3.3% Email conversations 11,476-1.9% Twitter conversations 5140-13.7% Hour avg. Twitter response time 4.4+4.7% Onboarding Webinars hosted 8 October was an eventful month as we got geared up

ReportsOct 6, 2016
Meet The Familiar Face Handling Buffer’s Trickiest Support Tickets

Buffer Happiness Report September 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Key stats in September Responses within 1 hour 36% -24.7% Customer satisfaction score 91 Email conversations 11,698 +39.5% Twitter conversations 5,956 -29.9% Hour avg. Twitter response time 4.2 +27.2% Onboarding Webinars hosted 8 September and in the Nort

ReportsSep 7, 2016
A New Buffer FAQ, Tone Syncs and the ‘Happiness Newspaper’

Buffer Happiness Report August 2016 * Last month’s report * All Happiness reports * All Buffer reports Key stats: Responses within 1 hour 47.85% -2.7% Customer satisfaction score 91 -2.1% Email conversations 8,478 -11.1% Twitter conversations 8,508 -11.1% Average Twitter response time 3.3 hours -19.5% Onboarding webinars 8 We’d be nowhere without our customers

ReportsAug 4, 2016
Happiness Experiments: Peer Reviewed Emails, Snippet-Free Days and More

See the most recent happiness report → See all previous happiness reports → See all Buffer reports → Happiness Report July 2016 Customer happiness continues to be a cornerstone of all we do at Buffer and we’re constantly evaluating how best to measure and push ourselves to better this experience. Our Happiness team consists of 19 Buffer teammates serving in roles from Chief Happiness Officer, Customer Success, Twitter Heroes, Happiness Heroes and more! Here are a few initiatives and

How We Communicate to Create Customer Happiness as a Remote Team

When I first joined Buffer team, many hours a day were spent solo in either Australia or Sweden. This led to an obsession of scrolling through HipChat conversations to catch up on all the things happening in other timezones. As the happiness team grew, we started having regular syncs that proved to be super helpful to stay in touch and talk about bugs and customer happiness. Now it seems like we have almost added another touchpoint of communication for each new team member that has joined the t

Self-ImprovementSep 24, 2014
Yoga (and Mindfulness) is in Everything We Do

The other day I was discussing with my teammate and friend Carolyn how it had been months since the last time I attended a yoga class. I’ve been thinking about it occasionally and getting annoyed with myself for not practicing—almost feeling stressed.  Like many other things—for example, blogging —I often ind it incredibly hard to get back to things that I “should” be doing. The str