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ResearchNov 30, 2011
36 Million Reasons To Use Social Media To Find Your Next Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yes, there are that many reasons your next job should be found through Social Media. In fact, this is the number of people that have used either Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook for finding a job this year in America alone. Personally, I think that this is a mindblowing number. It’s also interesting that LinkedIn comes in 2nd after Facebook on top and Twitter third for getting you a job. Here is the breakdown in numbers: * 18,400,000 people found a job through Facebook * 8,000,000 people found

Tips / How ToNov 28, 2011
3 Little Known Ways To Get More Tweets About Your Blog Content

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, a contributing Buffer Blog columnist. Read more about Greg at the bottom of the post, or read his latest piece on how customer perception affects support. Recently I covered four tips to get the most out of your self-broadcasted tweets, but how can you get more people to share your content on their own? Twitter remains one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the web, so encouraging people to tweet about your content can have a serious impact on your wri

Guides & CoursesNov 23, 2011
The 4 Different Ways To Retweet Someone, Which One Is Best For You?

Last night, we had another one of our weekly Buffer meetups here in San Francisco. Klaus (@cavemanklaus), one of our awesome Buffer friends asked us a question that I originally thought might be much easier to answer: What is the best way to retweet someone? Klaus mentioned he sees a ton of different ways people are doing retweets these days. What is the best way to go about it? What are the advantages of doing a Twitter native retweet? What are the disadvantages of doing an “RT” retweet? Wh

Buffer NewsNov 21, 2011
Ifttt And Buffer Team Up, Top 5 Ways To Use Them Together

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with ifttt today. Although TechCrunch beat us to the punch , I wanted to walk you through the features of the amazing new feature for you here. What is ifttt (If this then that)? Ifttt (If this then that) is a fantastic new way to connect any two web services together. Say, if there is a new photo tak

Buffer NewsNov 18, 2011
How I Managed To Handle Disaster Control With Buffer

This is a guestpost and in fact incredible story from Eddy Weiss, CEO at Chasing4Life. When Eddy approached me and told me how Buffer has helped him, I was blown away. Here is his story, it is amazing: It was a scary night and the sounds of sirens kept you and your family awake. Luckily, your home sustained minimal damage, but upon arriving at the office, you realize that the problem there is much larger. Trees are down, power lines are down, and it appears that a portion of the office building

Tips / How ToNov 17, 2011
4 Little Known And Underused Twitter Tips For Bloggers

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, a contributing Buffer Blog columnist. Read more about Greg at the bottom of the post, or read his latest piece on what customer centric companies do differently . Content marketers and Twitter have been friends since the beginning. But I’ve noticed a common: marketers who are on Twitter rarely use the effective tactics that they apply on their own blog. It might be that people think their blogs and their

Tips / How ToNov 16, 2011
HOW TO: Be A Better Listener On Twitter

This is a guestpost by Mandy Kilinskis (@ImAmandaJulius ) from Quality Logo Products , more about Mandy at the bottom of the post. One of the earliest Twitter lessons for me was this: Twitter is a two way street . Even though it’s a great resource for spreading opinions, blog posts, and other content, you also need to know when to take a step back and just listen. What’s going on in your industry? What’s the latest innovat

Online MarketingNov 15, 2011
5 Tips For Creating A Mashable Like Online Community

This is one of the those posts I have been looking forward to sharing with you for a long time. Mashable, amongst all top tech news site, sets itself miles apart. And the reason for this is their amazing understanding of growing and nurturing a community I believe. If you look at how Pete Cashmore has handled things, it is just amazing how every step he took is to first and foremost benefit the community. The most exciting part is that despite its skyrocketing growth, this community driven focu

6 Reasons To Get Up And Attend Offline Twitter Meetups

Yes, I admit it. For a long time, I couldn’t imagine the thought of meeting someone that I only met online. However I believe that things have changed considerably over last few years and it has actually become one of the most natural things for me to do. With last weeks BlogWorld expo happening and also our weekly Buffer meetup here in San Francisco, I found that meeting people offline can have a lot of benefits to you. So here are 6 reasons why it

Case StudiesNov 10, 2011
3 Incredible Stories Made Possible Through Twitter

This is a guestpost by Mariana Ashley, writing about online colleges . More about her at the bottom of the post. Sure, like me and many others, you might use Twitter for personal pleasure, keeping up with friends and the latest happenings in the world at large. Or perhaps you use Twitter for marketing purposes or some other professional pursuit. But how often is it that Twitter has substantively changed someone’s life? Apparently, more often than you would think

News and TrendsNov 9, 2011
Facebook Stops Penalizing Third-Party Apps, Focuses On Posting Quality

Wow, this is one of the most exciting updates coming from Facebook in a long time. When it became clear after a recent study that Facebook penalizes 3rd party Apps significantly, there was a lot of uproar. A large number of publishers were facing a strong disadvantage when it came to posting updates. In a recent study it was revealed that engagement with posts from these 3rd party Apps can drop up to 80% [

Buffer NewsNov 8, 2011
Buffer and Facebook, Together at Last

Here at Buffer HQ, we had our heads focused on baking the next hot thing for you. And we now have it ready. Fresh out of the oven, Buffer for Facebook is now available for everyone. Buffer for Facebook has been the top requested feature and we were keen to give it the looks and functionality it deserves for you to use it. Little things and attention to detail with picture and thumbnail preview as well as editing of summary and the full word count were key. Largely developed and designed by our

Guides & CoursesNov 4, 2011
Infographics: How To Get A Job And Build A Career in Social Media

So you want a job in social media, do you? Realize it’s not always about experience.  Attitude sometimes has a lot to do with getting hired in a social media job. Your future employer will Google you, and top social networks you are on will appear. So be on all the big ones, and be current, appealing, and active. An up-to-date profile with a clean-cut headshot or face pic is a must. Also, have a personal page, like a blog or Tumblr. Ideally, own your own .com with your first and last name. Gu

Tips / How ToNov 3, 2011
5 Tips To Build An Online Brand That Makes You Stand Out [VIDEO]

This is a video from Mark Jeffries (@Markjeffries1) at one of the largest Marketing Executive conferences in San Diego a few weeks ago. Mark hit a great nerve with his talk when he spoke about the importance of your personal online brand besides your business brand: Your Personal Online Brand from Mark Jeffries on Vimeo . Most important bits Mark talks about * Building your online brand a

Guides & CoursesNov 3, 2011
The Big List of 77 Twitter Mistakes: Which Do You Make?

Don’t worry, we’ve all made mistakes. And Twitter can be tough to learn! But some things are easier to excuse than others. You have to make an effort. One of the easiest ways to learn Twitter is to follow good people and ask them questions. Or read blogs with lots of Twitter tips (like this one). Keep a real or virtual notepad handy to jot down questions as you go so you won’t forget them later. Then take some time each week to ask folks or do some searches to find the answers. Got a specifi

News and TrendsNov 2, 2011
Twitter Adds 3 Hot New Features: Top News, Top People and Quick View

It continually amazes me how such a large company with over 600 employees like Twitter, can continue to launch new features so fast. We and lots of others have just spotted 3 new Twitter features that should help you find the most relevant people faster and more accurately. At over 250 million Tweets posted daily, Dick Costolo has unveiled a few weeks back already that Twitter will focus on surfacing the best content from these

Tips / How ToNov 2, 2011
3 Ways To Easily Go Viral On Twitter

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, more about him at the bottom of the post. With the worldwide presence of Facebook, and the recent release of Google+ to the public , you’d wonder what’s the point of marketing on Twitter anymore… But you’d be dead wrong if you thought Twitter was a platform that has passed. Twitter grows in popularity by the day, and is still one of the biggest traffic sources for sites all over the world, and in every niche you can imagine. Thus, it is obvious that goi

20 Great People That Taught Me The Power Of Twitter

There are so many people who continue to support and shout for us wherever we go on the internet. This is just amazing! So I thought, it’s time to give back. The thing is, it’s not just that they are supporting us, they are actually teaching us, what it really means to create a lasting presence on Twitter. I tried to think hard about what that one thing is I appreciate the most, that I want to tell you about them So here are the top 25 people that continue to teach and remind me, what it means

Tips / How ToOct 31, 2011
7 Tips For Making Your Marketing Message Go Viral [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered what it takes to make your content or marketing message go viral? Look no further than this. Our friends over at KISSmetrics have created a wonderful cheatsheet for you to help you succeed with this task. After browsing through this there are two most crucial aspects that one has to focus on in order to create a viral marketing element. The “emotional hook” together with the “technical hook”. What does that mean? One of the most viral marketing messages of all times captured this

Buffer NewsOct 31, 2011
Discover The Brand New Buffer For Android

Yes, it is ready. One of the most awaited products our awesome users wanted to have has been released. Buffer for Android is out and you can grab it from the Android market. Developed by the one and only aimee daniells (you can give her a shout @sermoa) we did a complete overhaul. Our goal was to bring you the simplest way to share updates and Tweets with highest i

The Great Twitter Automation Debate

Two great Twitter heavyweights had a detailed conversation over Twitter a few hours ago about the purpose of Twitter, and where automation fits in. The way Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing ) sees Twitter is for real-time conversation: However, for Michael Gray (@GrayWolf ), Twitter can be more efficient: By carrying on a live conversation, both showed they valued Twitter as a communication platform, but they differed over to what degre

News and TrendsOct 30, 2011
Twitter Tips, Tools And News You May Have Missed This Week

In this week’s headlines we saw thousands of hijacked Twitter users have their passwords reset again. (Of course, we also learned that Facebook fights 600,000 compromised logins every day!) This was the week Twitter began testing an expandable timeline,  the first user reached 15 million followers (@LadyGaga), and a new tool was released to show you the demographics of all your followers. Oh, and we learned that the “real” Voldemort has a problem with Twitter, when Ralph Fiennes blamed Twitter

Tips / How ToOct 28, 2011
5 Keys To Making Google Plus Work For You

“If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+.” ~ Olaf Wempe The important thing about Google Plus is to make it work for you. This is even more true nowadays with so many social networks vying for our attention. You don’t want to miss out completely, but you don’t want to add one more thing to your already busy day. So whether you’re already on Google Plus or just wondering whether you should give it a try, here are five keys to m

News and TrendsOct 27, 2011
Klout’s Recent Changes Explained By Their CEO [EXCLUSIVE]

Wow, what can I tell you guys? Last night’s #ToolsChat has just been completely out of control. Not only did Klout’s CEO Joe Fernandez join us to explain the recent changes, but the stream and discussion from everyone joining in was purely amazing. After Joe joined, everything got seriously heated up. People, pro and con Klout joined in from all sides. Here is a summary and highlights from the chat for you: What has changed? Joe explained [