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Guides & CoursesApr 4, 2012
4 Easy Steps To Add Tweet Buttons Inside Your Blog Posts

Note of appreciation: This is a guest post by Jordan Lyall from Twin River Labs. I have been DYING for such a tool that lets you easily add Tweet buttons to sentences in your posts. Jordan has done an amazing job here. I think this will be incredibly useful to any blogger! ? One thing I learnt: People don’t share your articles simply because of the great content. Unless you already have a following of passionate readers, the “post it and forget it” strategy tend

Buffer NewsApr 2, 2012
How To Read and Share More Efficiently From Your iPad: Mr. Reader and Buffer Team Up

Today, I’ll have to let you in on a little secret. Despite a lot of great people who have suggested many times to start using RSS feeds, I never got around to do it. Yet, a few weeks back it happened. Why? A gorgeous iPad app for RSS reading called Mr. Reader , has freshly added Buffer support for sharing of articles. It was the kick-off of a lot of app integrations lying ahead for Buffer in the coming weeks. A

Guides & CoursesMar 27, 2012
The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Amazing Twitter Curator

This is a guestpost by Simon Blackley (@simonblackley) of communications agency ESN . More about Simon at the end of the post. News, ideas and pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses spread around the planet with unprecedented speed. I found that we enrich our online networks by finding, selecting, combining and contextualising content that will be of value to them. In doing so, we build our own social brands. But we have lives, too! – jobs, families and strange hobbies. With

Content MarketingMar 22, 2012
HOW TO Improve Your Blog Posts and Save Time with Zemanta

This a guest post from Amanda DiSilvestro, content writer at Resource Nation. More about Amanda at the bottom of the post. Most bloggers would jump at the chance to let a tool help them create a better blog in less time. As it turns out, an online tool known as Zemanta will do just that. This plugin will actually look at the content you upload for your blog and will then analyze the context. I’ve had some great results with Zemanta in the past. The tool will use language processing algorithms

Tips / How ToMar 15, 2012
5 Great Ways To Use Foursquare To Get More Business

This is a guest post by Matt Hamilton, great blogger and Social Media enthusiast at Near Coast Media . More about him at the bottom of the post. It’s nothing new any more and I’m sure you have heard. At over 15 million users, Foursquare has recently grown up from nice gimmick to powerful business tool. In short, it is a smart phone location based app that allows you to ‘check in’ to businesses that you are visiting. The app shares these updates with your friends

ToolsMar 6, 2012
The Complete Guide to Getting More Social Traffic To Your Blog With Digg Digg

Over 200 million Tweets are put out every day, together with over 4 billion items posted on Facebook. One of the most important things for our work here at Buffer was always to help you share more efficiently and with higher impact on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. So as of today, I’m super excited to share that we have added Digg Digg as a new core product to help you be more awesome on Social Media. This is a big step towards changing

News and TrendsMar 5, 2012
New Facebook Page Timeline: The 7 Essential Things You Need To Know

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind, the behavioral psychology blog. More about him at the bottom of the post. The new Facebook timeline has been creating quite a stir recently, and all the more so ever since Facebook started rolling out the previews for the new timeline for fan pages. This will inevitably lead to a ton of posts on the subject, but in true social media fashion, too much time is going to be spent

Tips / How ToMar 1, 2012
▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ HOW TO Add Cool Emojis & Symbols Like These To Your Tweets ♬♡►♪☺♫

Editor’s Note: Wow – a lot has changed since March of 2012! It’s always so much fun to look back on older posts like this one and to realize how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time! We just wanted to take a few minutes to give you a quick how-to in today’s world, and we also wanted to share a couple of newer posts that we’ve written on emojis that you might be interested in ?? Emojis now come standard on our smart phone keyboards, and using them has almost become second nature f

ToolsFeb 28, 2012
How To Add The Pinterest Pin It Button To Your Blog And Let People Pin Posts With Pictures

Oh yes, it really seems as if Pinterest is going to take over the Social Media world, with all the recent craze that has been created around it. Every 60 seconds, there are over 1000 new visitors, which are flooding the service, revealed a recent infographic . And frankly, I can’t blame anyone for it. The beautiful boards and new approach to a newsstream, just makes it incredibly easy to browse through the differ

ResearchFeb 27, 2012
Every 60 Seconds 175,000 Tweets Are Sent [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you think about what you can do in 60 seconds in your life, it is probably not very much. Yet, if we look at all people using Social Media for just 60 seconds, the amount of messages being sent is quite incredible. For example, every 60 seconds, there are over 700,000 messages being delivered on Facebook, 2,000 000 videos are being watched and 175,000 Tweets are sent on Twitter. Funnily enough, I bet, not all of those will be tweeted at optimal times [

Buffer NewsFeb 23, 2012
HOW TO Use The Brand New Buffer For LinkedIn

There was some great news from LinkedIn announced recently. The 3rd largest Social Network, announced that over 150 million users are now on board using the platform. Hitting that milestone couldn’t be timed any better. Over here at Buffer , we are excited to let you know, that from today onwards, you are able to Buffer your LinkedIn updates very easily. It is the third Social Network we are supporting now, on top of Twitter and Facebook [

Online MarketingFeb 20, 2012
Lean in Memes – 10 Lean Startup Ideas Explained in Memes

Have you yet heard your startup should be Lean? I bet you did. So with internet memes finally going completely viral and mainstream, thanks to 9gag, Reddit and co, we thought of doing a set of memes just for the Lean Startup. Here are just a few of the most important concepts of lean startups, explained with the latest internet memes! Enjoy: 1.) “How minimal should your MVP be?” “Probably much more minimal than you think” Related post: Idea to paying customers in 7 weeks: how we did it [http

ResearchFeb 16, 2012
Is Twitter Used More For Promotion, Or More For Information? [STUDY]

This a guestpost from Amanda DiSilvestro, content writer at More about Amanda at the bottom of the post. If anyone follows me on Twitter they know that I tweet my own content. I do not tweet only my own content, but I tweet it. I like it. I wrote it. I want others to learn from it. So I tweet it. I see nothing wrong with promoting your personal or your company articles as long as you tweet your connections articles as well. This helps increase the quality of your tweets; therefor

AnalyticsFeb 15, 2012
HOW TO Auto-shorten Your Links For Better Buffer Analytics

Here is just a quick update for you on some of the latest changes we have made to Buffer to make your life easier. For a long time we have automatically shortened links when sharing from all of our browser extensions, as of today we have took shortening even further and links will now be shortened as you type in both the dashboard and browser extensions! Of course, sometimes you don’t want links shortened – in this case just hit the toggle switch next to the post but

Guides & CoursesFeb 7, 2012
The Beginners Guide To Market on Twitter In A Genuine Way

The following post is a guestpost from Alicia Cowan , a great Social Media thinker and blogger. More about her at the bottom of the post. You’ve probably heard or even learnt that it’s not very effective to hard sell on Twitter. Constantly pitching your own products and services will get you nowhere. So the only thing hard selling will get you is unfollowed, blocked or labelled a spammer. Ouch! That’s all true – but we’re not using Twitter just for fun! We’re

Tips / How ToFeb 2, 2012
3 Quick Tips to Use Your Twitter Profile To Get More Business

With the rise of importance of having a brand (and personal) page on the two biggest social media platforms, I’ve always felt that much more attention was paid to high converting Facebook pages over Twitter accounts. Of course, I can understand why, given that most new Twitter followers come from Twitter itself (getting retweeted & mentioned, etc.), and that Facebook pages allow for a landing page and lots of customization. Even so, given the ease of creating an optimized Twitter profile, I th

Buffer NewsJan 31, 2012
The Complete Guide To The Brand New Buffer iPhone App

Yes, it is finally here! The long awaited Buffer iPhone App is in the App store with the latest update as of this week. It has certainly been the most awaited feature and there wasn’t one day, someone nudged us on Twitter or via email. And that’s awesome. Having you and others on board, who tell us what they would like to see next is what keeps us going. With Buffer , we aim to give you a new and smarter way

ResourcesJan 25, 2012
21 Facts On How Questions Get Answered On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the things I love about being on Twitter is the fact that it is the most open platform I know. You can quickly ask anything to all your followers and in most cases get a reply faster than googling. Twitter has developed its own hashtag, similar to a code for answering these questions. The hashtag used for whenever people ask general questions they need help with is #lazyweb. I am sure you have come across it before. An example I have used myself a lot in the past is to ask for tools of

Customer ServiceJan 23, 2012
4 Tips To Combat Twitter Attacks

This is a guestpost by @BeckyNeely, Content Queen at HelpScout, Online Customer Service with a Personal Touch. More about Becky at the bottom. Twitter currently hosts more than 100 million active users. That’s a statistic that couldn’t show the social media site’s meteoric and influential rise over the last five years and better. Given Twitter’s reach, it’s understandable for customers to view it as an accessible forum where their opinions will be heard. Unfortunately, I found that most of the

ResearchJan 19, 2012
The 4 Reasons To Optimize Timing Of Social Media

Getting the timing of your posts on Facebook, Twitter and your blog right, isn’t always easy I found. Fortunately, Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist has now done a great comparison of the four key things to get right in Social Media: When should you post to Twitter, Facebook, on your blog and send emails? He dug deep into the numbers to find out, when it is most favor

ResearchJan 11, 2012
6 Incredible Examples Of How Twitter Predicts The Future

Whilst in the past week, I wanted to focus on tips to help you get the most out of Twitter and using Facebook , there is something quite different about today’s post. How does predicting the future with the likes of Twitter and Facebook sound for you? Personally, I think this is really fascinating. A

News and TrendsJan 9, 2012
5 Reasons Facebook Is Changing Completely And How To Make The Most Of It

There were two very interesting events happening today. First, Mari Smith posted an update, where she mentioned this : The News Feed is *clearly* favoring posts and activity from friends and subscriptions (vs. fan pages) — it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get fan page content seen in the News Feed. A few hours later, Pat Flynn posted something very simil

News and TrendsJan 4, 2012
7 Twitter Habits To Adopt In 2012 To Double Your Followers

So when it comes to Twitter, I recently read a fantastic post from Lance Ulanoff , editor of Mashable about the topic. In his post he head one resolution that went like this: I want to double my Twitter audience in 2012 He said that he didn’t quite know how to achieve this. Yet having a larger audience that is interested in what he is doing, would be very interesting to him. Heck yes I thoug

Tips / How ToJan 2, 2012
HOW TO Use Twitter Successfully If You Are Just Getting Started

This is a guest post by James Mignano . More about him at the bottom of this post. Of all forms of social media, blogging is definitely my favorite. It gives people the chance to really show off what they know in an easily readable and shareable form. The key to maintaining a blog, though, is engaging an audience. If nobody reads what I’m writing, my blog becomes nothing but a personal diary… except without the need for a good hiding spot. I’ll eve