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OpenAug 4, 2023
How We’re Reorganizing 216 Articles in Our Help Center

Nobody wants to hear they’re outdated… stale… or old. That’s exactly what we had to face, though. Throughout the days, months, and years, our Help Center, where we keep up to date articles about Buffer for our customers, had become just that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of great content in there. That’s the problem, though. There’s just too much, and the content has started to become less and less reflective of Buffer: the product it is meant to support. There are four of us on the team w

BufferchatDec 1, 2016
How to Keep Your Customers: A #Bufferchat Recap

This week, #bufferchat was all about how to keep your customers through awesome social media customer support. Jay Baer , author of Hug Your Haters and founder of Convince & Convert , stopped by the chat to share his strategies for providing top-notch social customer care! We discussed our top tips for responding to unhappy customers [

BufferchatJul 20, 2016
Customer Support on Twitter: A Bufferchat Recap

This week on #bufferchat, we were joined by one of Buffer’s Twitter Happiness Heroes, Darcy Peters , as our guest! We discussed the best tools and workflows for support teams , how to approach negative tweets, how to go the extra mile for customers , and more ! Catch our weekly Twitter chat

Customer ServiceMar 2, 2016
The 6 Step Playbook for Handling Social Media Complaints

Dealing with complainers and haters in social media can, of course, be tricky. What you need is a framework for how to do it right. This is that framework: F-E-A-R-S: You may notice that I didn’t include “be fast” as a specific component. This is because it is axiomatic. Today, nearly 40% of all social media complainers who expect a response, expect that response to arrive within 60 minutes, according to the research I conducted for Hug Your Haters .

Customer ServiceMay 13, 2015
The Art of Making Customers Happy on Social Media

If you sell something online or if you run a business with an online presence—even if you’re just having a good time growing your personal brand—you’ll have the honor and the privilege of chatting directly with customers. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. This always-on mentality is an amazing privilege, and at the same time it can provide some challenges for small businesses. How can you best respond when conversations are happening constantly? And what if they’re not all positive? How do you ma

Customer ServiceApr 20, 2015
Track Every Important Conversation: 6 Simple Ways to Build a Social Listening Dashboard

What happens when you tweet at a company, asking for help with their product? What’s been your experience with mentioning or tagging someone with a large following, looking to connect or engage? In order for companies and brands to excel at responding to their audience in a genuine way, they must first excel at social listening. They tune in to the right conversations, by using the right tools, and then are able to respond, engage, and delight. Having the right tools can be key—as well as kno

Customer ServiceFeb 20, 2014
The Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service

Ready to do something really groundbreaking and revolutionary in social media marketing? I’ve got just the thing: customer service. We talk a lot at Buffer about customer happiness, and it’s because we truly believe in it. Here’s how our Leo Widrich puts it: “Customer support is the very rare opportunity to connect to your customers on an emotional level. You can’t do that in any other way.” And while there are a growing number of other awesome companies who feel the same way we do, there’s

Customer ServiceNov 7, 2013
Turning Your Marketing Upside Down: Why You Should Put More Focus on Existing Customers

If you’ve been venturing a bit in the online marketing world like me, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “marketing funnel” before. To be frank, it was never something that appealed to me. It always seemed like just a way to optimise how many people are giving you money, which doesn’t seem very caring. So when I came across this post by MailChimp co-founder Ben Chestnut about why he hates funnels, I was excited to see that the traditional funnel isn’t the only way successful companies do marketing.

Customer ServiceSep 17, 2013
10 Tales of Remarkable Customer Support That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, a contributing Buffer Blog columnist. Read more about Greg at the bottom of the post, or read his latest piece on how to build customer loyalty . Why are we, as consumers, so captivated by stories of great customer service? Perhaps it’s because they serve as a much needed reminder that there are still companies out there who care about their customers. Every company says customers are their #1 priority, but st

Customer ServiceApr 4, 2013
What Bad Customer Service Costs Your Business [Infographic]

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure,” goes one of the most famous quotes in business. And this line has also been one of the biggest problems in doing great customer service. “But you can’t measure it!” is the response I receive from a lot of budding entrepreneurs when it comes to chatting about customer support. And to be honest, it is tough to measure it. Yet the reason we place such huge importance on customer support as we develop Buffer’s social media management suite [https://buff

Customer ServiceFeb 26, 2013
3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Company’s Email Support

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, a contributing Buffer Blog columnist. Read more about Greg at the bottom of the post, or read his latest resource, the complete guide to customer service training. Although delighting your customers (like Buffer) is an important part of creating a business people love, the “evangelists” out there always seem to focus on fluff, and rarely address the far less glamorous side of implementation. That’s because it’s easy to talk the talk, but hard to put gre

Customer ServiceFeb 11, 2013
How happy were Buffer users in January 2013: The Happiness Report

“Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Anon Welcome to the first Happiness Report of 2013! Each month we share how we are managing support here at Buffer, as well as take a look at how happy people are when using our product. We walk through what worked well, what perhaps didn’t work so well, as well as mention new things we’re trying as we push to improve how we deliver support and happiness. A look at our numbers in January Digging straight

Customer ServiceFeb 6, 2013
5 Customer Experience Metrics Every Successful Company Tracks

This is a guest post by Amar Zagorica from Helpjuice, makers of awesome knowledge base software . More about Amar at the bottom of the post. We respond to 93% of our customer support emails  within 5 minutes! Caught your attention, right? That’s one of the beautiful things about knowing  and promoting your company’s metrics, they grab attention and draw customers to you. One of the best ways to accelera

Customer ServiceJan 22, 2013
Measuring Customer Happiness at Buffer: December 2012

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” ~ Donald Porter, V.P. British Airways Well hello there! January has zipped by super fast but there’s just enough time left to share with you our third Happiness Report and dive into how we managed support during December and also how happy people are when using Buffer. We’ll walk through what worked well for the team here at Buffer, what perhaps didn’t work so well, as well as new things we’re tryin

Customer ServiceJan 8, 2013
The 3 Psychological Triggers that Matter to Happy Customers

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti, a contributing Buffer Blog columnist. Read more about Greg at the bottom of the post, or read his latest article on measuring customer satisfaction. The customer of today is an infovore. Before doing business with you, a majority of customers will now use the information available on the web to learn about your company and your service quality. Transparency is the way the business world works these days, and it’s forced companies to re-examine their sale

Customer ServiceDec 14, 2012
Measuring Customer Happiness at Buffer: November 2012

“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job.” ~ Anonymous It’s hard to believe another month has skipped by and it’s already time for our second Happiness Report, where we examine how happy people are when using Buffer . The first one was already super insightful and we made a lot of changes with the learnings from it. Especially with your great comments and suggestions! Before the holidays kick into high gear,

Customer ServiceNov 2, 2012
Measuring Customer Happiness at Buffer: October 2012

“Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience.” ~ White House Office Welcome to our very first Happiness Report. I’m really excited to share for the first time our experiences of delivering happiness to our awesome customers here at Buffer. Each month we will talk about things we have learned, look at our analytics and introduce new ideas for increasing hap

Customer ServiceAug 16, 2012
10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them [Infographic]

What does it take to deliver outstanding and above and beyond customer service? The simple answer we’ve found: An incredible understanding of how your customers think. Spending lots of time with your users and customers every day is one of the most important things I believe. Interestingly, a lot of the time, delighting users and delivering happiness isn’t at the top of everyone’s to do list. Seth Godin put it more succinctly then I ever could in a recent post [

Customer ServiceJul 3, 2012
7 Ways To Stop Satisfying Customers And Start Wowing Them

How well are we doing in terms of customer satisfaction? That seems to be a pretty standard question when it comes to dealing with people who are using your product or service. Satisfaction? I’ve always felt that focusing on “satisfying” someone who is using what you have built is pretty lame. It’s quite demotivational actually. It doesn’t get me excited to get up and “satisfy” that next user who comes in. And neither does the person I have spoken to go away, telling everyone how satisfied they

Customer ServiceJan 23, 2012
4 Tips To Combat Twitter Attacks

This is a guestpost by @BeckyNeely, Content Queen at HelpScout, Online Customer Service with a Personal Touch. More about Becky at the bottom. Twitter currently hosts more than 100 million active users. That’s a statistic that couldn’t show the social media site’s meteoric and influential rise over the last five years and better. Given Twitter’s reach, it’s understandable for customers to view it as an accessible forum where their opinions will be heard. Unfortunately, I found that most of the

Customer ServiceMay 5, 2011
Things You Can’t Buy In Life [Real Story]

Over here at Buffer, Joel and I want to provide the warmest welcome and the best customer care we can to each and every person using Buffer. Today, we were just completely overwhelmed by our users chipping in and helping us to let everyone new to Buffer feel welcome and cared for. So today this tweet reached our inbox: How our users responded Joel was just about to get in touch with Elisabeth and offer help or the chance to ask any questions if she needed answers. Yet, what he didn’t know w