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FlowOct 18, 2022
How These Small Businesses Are Growing Sustainably

How do you know when to say ‘yes’ to opportunities for growth and ‘no’ to the things that will lead you from your path? In this article, business owners share stories about their growth and offer practical advice about retaining their identity while building their future.

FlowOct 17, 2022
Why these Small Businesses are Intentionally Staying Small

Small businesses don’t have to grow in size to make a difference. We’ll share why, sometimes, thinking small can lead to the biggest dividends.

OpenOct 13, 2022
How We Set Communications Expectations As A Fully Remote Team

As an entirely remote team of more than 80 people, how we communicate is critical to how we operate as a company, collaborate, and build a solid remote culture. As they say, clear is kind. So we aim to be clear in our communication with each other across the team, and clear as a company what those expectations for communication best practices are so everyone can be aligned. We didn't always have communications expectations written down. When I joined Buffer in 2016, it was something I learned t

FlowOct 12, 2022
Why these Small Businesses are Turning Down Big Money

Raising money is something on every entrepreneur's mind, but we spoke to four small business owners who've pursued alternative models of funding and say that was the right choice for them.

FlowOct 11, 2022
How These Small Businesses Cultivate Community

Community is at the center of many impactful small businesses. But how do you cultivate a flourishing community that grows with and supports your business? In this article, small business owners share the insights and lessons they’ve learned from creating communities.

FlowOct 11, 2022
Introducing Season 2 of Small Business, Big Lessons — a Buffer Original Series

We encounter a lot of incredible small businesses regularly at Buffer. Last year, we had the chance to highlight eight of them in season one of a new Buffer original series — Small Business, Big Lessons. We’re happy to share that the series is back! So start listening to Small Business, Big Lessons Season 2 wherever you get your podcasts. We’ll release a new episode every Tuesday for the next six weeks. Listen to Small Business, Big Lessons: Season 2 In this series, we’re bringing you busines

FlowOct 10, 2022
5 Small Businesses to Support this Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're highlighting five small businesses that are ushering in more representation in their respective industries.

FlowOct 6, 2022
Social Proof: Katelyn Bourgoin on Knowing Your Audience

In this interview, we talk with Katelyn Bourgoin about how she grew her personal brand by adapting her understanding of consumer psychology.

FlowOct 4, 2022
How I Built a 200,000-Person Paid Membership Community With $0 in the Bank to Start

Building a meaningful community is never easy, but doing so without a lot to spend on acquisition can be even more challenging. Here are four simple strategies that helped Allison Esposito Medina, founder, and CEO of Tech Ladies, grow her 200,000-member community on a budget.

OpenOct 3, 2022
Cultural Spotlights: Morocco

At Buffer, we regularly share cultural spotlights to connect our global team and help us understand one another at a deeper level. Ismail, one of our product designers, presents a deep dive into Morocco.

FlowSep 29, 2022
All the Founders Around Me Were Raising Money — Here's Why I Didn't

When starting in the tech industry, many companies raise venture capital. But Allison Esposito Medina, founder and CEO of Tech Ladies, decided to bootstrap and generate income from the start. She believes her business is better for it, and she encourages other founders to do the same.

OpenSep 28, 2022
I Took 7 Weeks Off Work After Hiring 3 New Teammates, Here’s Why It Worked Out

After hiring three new teammates I took an extended period off of work on sabbatical. This time ended up being really positive for my team, here's why and how I set everyone up for support while I was out.

FlowSep 27, 2022
How These Sisters Turned Their Passion for the Alaskan Wilderness into a Fulfilling Small Business

By combining their unique skill-sets and being intentional with their planning, sisters Anna and Kelly created a small business that honors and gives back to their childhood home.

FlowSep 26, 2022
6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Instagram Bio

Every part of your Instagram bio is an opportunity to not only introduce (and re-introduce) yourself but also communicate your value to your audience. In this article, we’ll share some ideas for making the most of your Instagram bio and examples of some of our favorites.

FlowSep 22, 2022
Ask Buffer: How Can You Batch Content for Social Media?

Content batching helps you save time, post consistently, and repurpose your ideas seamlessly across platforms. In this article, we’ll walk through how you can create a system for content batching that lets you execute all your best ideas with enough time to spare.

Buffer NewsSep 20, 2022
We Took a Week Off to Build Features That Weren’t on Our Roadmap

A few weeks back everyone at Buffer spent one week working on something completely different. During that week, our 80 teammates split into 16 teams to build 10 new features and launch 5 new pages.

ResourcesSep 15, 2022
Social Proof: Tori Dunlap on Evolving a Personal Brand Beyond the Person

In this interview, we talk to Tori Dunlap, founder and CEO of HerFirst100k about turning a personal brand into a business, the power of social media to accelerate brand growth, and the exciting future of personal branding.

ResourcesSep 12, 2022
How Twitter Subscriptions Works and How These Creators Leverage the Feature

Twitter Subscriptions offers content creators and small businesses an opportunity to earn money while forging a deeper connection with their biggest supporters.

ResourcesSep 12, 2022
How I Turned a $500 Investment Into a $1 Million Online Shop in 18 Months

Looking to start a business on a budget? Learn from Lily Amberg, who turned $500 into a million dollar online shop in just a few years. Here’s how she did it.

FlowSep 8, 2022
Creator Productivity: Practical Advice for Improving It

In this article, we dive into some of our (and other creators’) top recommendations for boosting productivity so you can effectively grow your social media accounts.

FlowSep 7, 2022
How This Entrepreneur’s Experience as an Immigrant Shaped her Sri Lankan Tea Brand

By merging her two identities, entrepreneur Sajani Amarasiri has created a small business that honors and embraces her Sri Lankan and American roots.

ResourcesSep 6, 2022
How to Avoid Burnout as a Creator

Whatever your reasons are for creating content it’s vital to develop systems for avoiding burnout. In this article, we hope to provide an answer to that question. We’ll help you identify signs of burnout and share advice from creators on avoiding it entirely.

ResourcesSep 1, 2022
Social Proof: Shaan Puri on Curating First Impressions

For this edition of Social Proof, we’ve landed a powerhouse interviewee in Shaan Puri, a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur, investor, and creator. Discover how Shaan has grown and leveraged his personal brand, as well as an interesting exercise in personal branding that everyone should try.

ResourcesAug 31, 2022
How We’ve Changed Our Engineering Mindset to Become Builders Again

In this article, Mike San Roman details why and how the Engineering team is prioritising the builder mindset.