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Small BusinessMay 17, 2022
Why I Believe Employees, Not Customers, Should Come First

Typical business advice says the customer should always come first, but Kelly Phillips has found that putting her employees first leads to better customer experiences and a stronger business. Here’s exactly how she’s done that, and the impact it’s had.

FlowMay 12, 2022
Ask Buffer: Should You Be Using AI for Content Creation?

Wondering if you should be using AI-generated content in your marketing? We break down the different perspectives in this article.

Why We Increase Our Team’s Salaries Every Year

Every year we increase our entire team’s salaries to keep up with market rates. Here's our why we do this and how it impacts operating expenses.

Small BusinessMay 10, 2022
How I Built a 15,000-Person Community In Under 2 Years

Jamie Ruden always knew she wanted community to be a big part of her platform for pet parents—but creating community from scratch is no easy feat. Here are the three steps she used to succeed.

OpenMay 5, 2022
How We Offer Async Training To Our Fully-Distributed Customer Advocacy Team

At the beginning of this year, we had a chance to explore new asynchronous training ideas for our remote team. Here's how we formatted it and encouraged participation.

Small BusinessMay 4, 2022
How To Start A Blog For Your Small Business

A blog can be a low-cost way to elevate your small business’s reach and also build credibility with your followers, making it a win-win situation. Here's how to start a blog for your small business.

Small BusinessMay 3, 2022
I Run 3 Small Businesses—Here’s How I Do It All Without Compromising My Life

When you think of someone running three businesses, you probably imagine 80-hour work weeks, but Dawn Scott manages to do it without sacrificing her life. Here are the tools and practices that make it possible to juggle it all.

InstagramApr 28, 2022
6 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Next Post

In order to get the attention of the massive audience for Stories, you’ll need to get creative. We’ve put together some great uses we’ve come across that you can apply to your next Story.

Small BusinessApr 26, 2022
I Experienced Founder Burnout While Building a Self-Care Startup—Here's What I Do Differently Now

As the founder of a self-care startup, Meha Agrawal thought she had work-life balance figured out. But after experiencing burnout, she found some new ways to take care of herself while growing her business.

FlowApr 21, 2022
I’m an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety — Here’s How I’ve Grown My Business

With so many founders who seem calm and charismatic, Ashima Sharma wasn’t sure if she’d be able to start a business as an introvert with anxiety. Here’s how she pushed past her doubts to succeed.

Small BusinessApr 20, 2022
Ask Buffer: Should I Hide My Likes on Instagram?

Here are some factors to consider if you're deciding whether or not to hide likes on your small business's Instagram account.

Case StudiesApr 19, 2022
How A Creative Marketing Agency Brings Brands To Life With Video And Buffer

Influence Media is a creative marketing agency based in the UK. Here's a look into how they use video and Buffer to bring their clients' stories to life.

OverflowApr 18, 2022
Secure Access To Opensearch on AWS

With the surprising swap of Elasticsearch with Opensearch on AWS. Learn how the team at Buffer achieved secure access without AWS credentials.

Small BusinessApr 14, 2022
Instagram Reels: What’s The True Impact They Can Have for Small Businesses?

Instagram Reels proved to be the key marketing strategy allowing these small businesses to prosper.

OpenApr 11, 2022
Onboarding: Is It Better To Have Teammates Start Together Or Stagger Their Onboarding?

Here's exactly what three hiring managers at Buffer shared about onboarding folks together or separately, along with some of the advice, conversations, and best practices we hold onto for onboarding in a remote and fully distributed team.

FlowApr 7, 2022
How to Set Up Twitter Newsletters and Why Newsletters Aren’t Going Anywhere

Newsletters are an excellent vehicle for reaching your audience, whether you have a brand or you’re trying to build one. Here's how to easily start one through Twitter.

FlowApr 6, 2022
This Candle Company Donates 10% of its Profits to Homelessness, Here’s How

Three young brothers launched their very own small business as a way to supplement their allowance and, more importantly, empower their community.

Small BusinessApr 4, 2022
What I Wish I Had Known About Product Development Before I Spent Three Years Doing It

When Rosie Mangiarotti started building her company—innovative undergarments brand, Perkies—she expected it to be hard, but she didn’t expect it to take three years to develop her signature product before selling a single unit. Here’s what she wishes more product-based business owners knew.

FlowMar 31, 2022
Building in Public: How Transparency on the Internet Can Support Your Goals

There are benefits to sharing every step of your journey to achieving a goal. This article delves into why you might want to consider transparency when working towards a goal, also known as building in public.

FlowMar 30, 2022
How These 6 Women-Owned Small Businesses Are Doing Good

For these six women-owned brands, bettering the world in tangible ways is just as important as creating high-quality products.

Buffer NewsMar 29, 2022
A Better Way to Save Your Social Posts for Later

Draft, edit, and publish social content in one smooth workflow in Buffer. Your drafts are synced across mobile and web so you can draft your content any time inspiration strikes.

We Included Every Member of This Team in their New Teammate's Onboarding, Here’s Why

We tried including every member of our Advocacy team in onboarding for new Advocates. Not only did this new approach facilitate the new team member’s integration into our close-knit team, but it brought some surprise benefits, as well.

FlowMar 23, 2022
Ask Buffer: Should I Reply to Every Social Media Comment?

Expert tips for how small businesses can handle replying to social media comments. Should you reply to every comment? How quickly should you reply? What about the negative comments?

OpenMar 21, 2022
How We're Helping Our Remote Team Feel More Connected

In 2022, we’re diving back into more intentional team-building both asynchronously, synchronously, plus we’re planning the occasional in-person meetup where available. Here’s how we’re approaching all of these events and all of our current initiatives.