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Join us as we share what we’re learning as we build a company that approaches work from a fresh perspective. We write about workplace culture, our finances, and our business decisions and strategies.

OpenSep 28, 2022
I Took 7 Weeks Off Work After Hiring 3 New Teammates, Here’s Why It Worked Out

After hiring three new teammates I took an extended period off of work on sabbatical. This time ended up being really positive for my team, here's why and how I set everyone up for support while I was out.

OpenAug 31, 2022
How We’ve Changed Our Engineering Mindset to Become Builders Again

In this article, Mike San Roman details why and how the Engineering team is prioritising the builder mindset.

OpenAug 18, 2022
Build Week at Buffer: What It Is and How We’re Approaching It

Read all about the idea behind Build Week, what it means, and how we're approaching it.

OpenJul 11, 2022
What It’s Like Working a Four Day Work Week and How We Spend Fridays Off

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a four day workweek? In this post, I detail the positive experience I've had switching to a shorter workweek while also sharing how some of my coworkers spend their Fridays off.

OpenJun 30, 2022
A Pride Fireside Chat: Coming Out at Work and How to Support LGBTQ+ Colleagues

Pride month is celebrated annually in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots, and the work towards equality for the LGBTQ community. In June of 1969, patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn in New York City responded against police harassment and persecution, resulting in the historic uprising. These riots marked the beginning of LGBTQ movements globally, and is part of why we have Pride celebrations around the world. This year, in support of Pride Month, we are pleased to share a Fireside C

OpenJun 23, 2022
Work Blueprints: What They Are and How We Use Them at Buffer

Do you ever wish there was a shortcut to better understanding everyone you worked with? I definite have. At Buffer, we've had assorted documents to communicate work preferences over the years. Some folks have kicked off specific documents called operating manuals or leadership blueprints. Still, we've never had anything centralized or standardized, which can be a superpower for this type of internal communication and collaboration, especially as a fully remote team. Earlier this year, we decid

OpenJun 14, 2022
How is Our New Product Performing? A Transparent Look at our Launch Metrics

In early 2021, we started talking about building a new tool at Buffer. We wanted to build a new feature to allow our customers to create beautiful micro sites easily. We wanted to create a simple, intuitive, and delightful experience. This new feature would be the first time we'd venture beyond focusing on purely social media tools in our 11-year history. Start Page launched in October 2021. Since then, we've made a lot of improvements and have been closely tracking its performance. In all hon

OpenJun 2, 2022
Our 2022 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report

In this post we share how we collected our DEI data, used it to identify focus areas, and formulated a roadmap to support our goals, ensuring DEI is a foundational component of our company strategy.

OpenMay 26, 2022
Our Annual Charitable Contribution and How We Decide Which Charities to Support

Seeking opportunities to give back has always been part of the Buffer DNA. We started the wonderful tradition of profit sharing and charitable contributions at the end of 2017. Since then, we've been in the privileged position to make donations to charitable organizations every year as part of our profit sharing. We set aside 8 percent of our 2021 profit for profit sharing, we then match 20 percent of that total for our charitable donations. This came to a total of $17,966 for this year’s chari

OpenMay 18, 2022
What We’ve Learned Launching a New Product as an 11-Year-Old Company

75% of product launches fail according to HBR. But you can weigh the odds in your favor. Read the lessons we’ve learned about releasing a new product as an 11-year-old company.

OpenMay 11, 2022
Why We Increase Our Team’s Salaries Every Year

Every year we increase our entire team’s salaries to keep up with market rates. Here's our why we do this and how it impacts operating expenses.

OpenMay 5, 2022
How We Offer Async Training To Our Fully-Distributed Customer Advocacy Team

At the beginning of this year, we had a chance to explore new asynchronous training ideas for our remote team. Here's how we formatted it and encouraged participation.

OpenApr 11, 2022
Onboarding: Is It Better To Have Teammates Start Together Or Stagger Their Onboarding?

Here's exactly what three hiring managers at Buffer shared about onboarding folks together or separately, along with some of the advice, conversations, and best practices we hold onto for onboarding in a remote and fully distributed team.

OpenMar 28, 2022
We Included Every Member of This Team in their New Teammate's Onboarding, Here’s Why

We tried including every member of our Advocacy team in onboarding for new Advocates. Not only did this new approach facilitate the new team member’s integration into our close-knit team, but it brought some surprise benefits, as well.

OpenMar 21, 2022
How We're Helping Our Remote Team Feel More Connected

In 2022, we’re diving back into more intentional team-building both asynchronously, synchronously, plus we’re planning the occasional in-person meetup where available. Here’s how we’re approaching all of these events and all of our current initiatives.

OpenMar 15, 2022
2022 Pay Analysis: Our Unadjusted Gender Pay Gap is Below 1%

This is Buffer's 2022 pay analysis, a look at our annual progress towards closing the unadjusted gender pay gap at Buffer.

OpenFeb 28, 2022
The 10 Questions I’ve Been Asked the Most in 400+ Values Screening Interviews

Over the last year, I’ve done at least 400 values screening calls and I always turn the call over to the applicants to ask whatever questions they have for me. Here are the top ten questions I get asked and my responses.

OpenFeb 26, 2022
Unauthorized access to some Buffer accounts has been resolved, here’s what happened

On February 26th, our team became aware that access was obtained to a number of Buffer accounts and those accounts were used to spread support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The accounts affected did not have two factor authentication (2FA) enabled, indicating that this was likely related to reused passwords as there continues to be no indication of a breach to Buffer. In total, 1,552 accounts were accessed, and of those, 618 accounts posted unauthorized content for a total of 766 unauthoriz

OpenFeb 22, 2022
Our Vision for Location-Independent Salaries at Buffer

We eliminated two of our lower cost-of-living bands in our salary formula at Buffer. Here's my thinking behind this change and our approach to pay overall.

OpenFeb 16, 2022
When Hiring We Screen Candidates for our Values, Here's How and Why

The first interview candidates go through at Buffer is a values interview. Here's what it looks like and why we start with values.

OpenJan 20, 2022
A Year And a Half Later, Here’s How The Four Day Workweek is Going at Buffer

When we experimented with a four-day workweek it was initially for one month. As our CEO, Joel Gascoigne , wrote about in May 2020 when we first started the experiment, “This 4-day workweek period is about well-being, mental health, and placing us as humans and our families first.” Joel’s announcement about the four-day workweek in April, 2020. At the end of May, while we were collecting the data on how the experimen

OpenJul 20, 2021
How we’ve built and evolved our habit of giving back at Buffer

In 2020, it was more important to us than ever to support small businesses and non-profit organizations. We’d love to highlight the organizations we supported in 2020 and the important work they’re doing, and how we came to support them.

OpenJun 24, 2021
An Honest Look into our Engineering Team Engagement Survey

In the spring of 2021, we put out an engagement survey to our engineering team to understand their experience at Buffer. In this post, we share the very honest and eye-opening survey results, and the action steps we plan to take from our learnings.

OpenJun 8, 2021
How We Serve Our Customers While Working a 4-Day Work Week

In this post, we share how our Customer Advocacy team has adjusted their schedules, goals, and mindset to acclimate to and thrive in a 4-day work week, all while supporting thousands of customers.