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Darcy Peters

Darcy Peters

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OpenAug 4, 2023
How We’re Reorganizing 216 Articles in Our Help Center

Nobody wants to hear they’re outdated… stale… or old. That’s exactly what we had to face, though. Throughout the days, months, and years, our Help Center, where we keep up to date articles about Buffer for our customers, had become just that. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of great content in there. That’s the problem, though. There’s just too much, and the content has started to become less and less reflective of Buffer: the product it is meant to support. There are four of us on the team w

We Included Every Member of This Team in their New Teammate's Onboarding, Here’s Why

We tried including every member of our Advocacy team in onboarding for new Advocates. Not only did this new approach facilitate the new team member’s integration into our close-knit team, but it brought some surprise benefits, as well.

OpenSep 28, 2016
Why We Give Our Team Paid Time Off to Volunteer

Every employee at Buffer can take a full day or two half-days off each quarter to show gratitude by volunteering or otherwise contributing to their community, wherever they may be. Here’s more detail about the program!

We Gave Our Community the Keys To Our Twitter Account: Why We Did It and How You Can, Too

We’d love to share what we’ve learned (so far) through the Twitter Squad experiment!