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Jenny Terry

Jenny Terry

A collection of posts by Jenny Terry.

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OpenAug 16, 2023
Our New Transparent Pricing Dashboard: Where Your Money Goes When You Buy a Buffer Subscription

We’ve shared a number of parts of Buffer’s business transparently over the years — and one piece we’ve always wanted to expand on is where your money goes when you pay for a Buffer subscription. We shared a post about where your money went when buying a $10 Buffer plan back in 2014 — but it was well time for an update. A lot has changed over the last nine years, and we want to share some of the learnings and insights gained from looking back at our numbers. We’re also happy to share a more su

Why We Increase Our Team’s Salaries Every Year

Every year we increase our entire team’s salaries to keep up with market rates. Here's our why we do this and how it impacts operating expenses.

OpenFeb 25, 2019
Continuing to Improve on Pay: Our Latest Changes to the Salary Formula and How Much it Costs

Hi there! This is an out of date post that we’ve kept around for transparency purposes. Go here to view the latest version of this post or view our salaries page . We live in a world where things are constantly changing, and Buffer is no exception, especially when it comes to how we pay our team! It’s been over five years since we first introduced transparent salaries and a salary formula [

OpenAug 15, 2018
Our 2018 budget is $11 Million, here’s exactly how we’re using it (Buffer Budget Series #2)

Editor’s Note: Here’s part 1 in the series, A Transparent Look Inside Our Process For Creating Buffer’s Annual Budget. We believe that numbers tell a story and we hope that anyone looking at our budget for the first time will have a good idea of what we value based on how we’re planning to spend our money. Last month we shared our approach to creating a budget. Today, we’re excited to invite you to take a closer look at how that approach led to allocating dollars in our budget and how that inf