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Umber Bhatti

Umber Bhatti

Content Writer @ Buffer

A collection of 42 posts

OpenApr 21, 2023
Some Remote Workers Struggle With Leaving Home: Here’s How We Handle it at Buffer

For some, remote work can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. I recount my own experience working from home as well as share how my Buffer colleagues manage to have active social lives while WFH.

FlowApr 6, 2023
All of LinkedIn’s Latest Features And How Creators Are Using Them

LinkedIn has become a thriving social network that can help build one's personal brand. Here are the latest LinkedIn features and how you can leverage them.

FlowMar 30, 2023
Ask Buffer: How Do I Create a Social Media Series for TikTok and Instagram?

Creating a social media series is a great way to generate more content. We'll go over how to create one for your Instagram and TikTok accounts as well as provide examples from other content creators.

FlowMar 13, 2023
How This TikToker Landed Over 100 Brand Deals

Here's how content creator Toni Bravo landed over 100 brand deals and has created a full time career out of social media.

FlowFeb 27, 2023
This Entrepreneur Made More in the First Year of her Small Business than at her 90K Salaried Job

In our second installment of 'How I Grew My Small Business,' we take a deep dive into how Juliana Pache left her unfulfilling media job and turned a side hustle into a thriving jewelry business.

FlowJan 31, 2023
Ask Buffer: How Do I Gain More Email Newsletter Subscribers?

In this edition of #AskBuffer, we go over the best practices for gaining more newsletter subscribers.

FlowJan 25, 2023
Feeling Conflicted About AI as a Content Writer

In this personal essay, I attempt to tackle my complicated feelings about AI head-on and discuss how Buffer is approaching this technology.

FlowJan 23, 2023
4 Small Businesses on How They’re Changing Their Social Media Strategy in 2023

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess your marketing strategy. Here's how these 4 small business owners are doing marketing differently in 2023.

FlowJan 16, 2023
Your Social Media Content Calendar for Every Official (and Non-Official) Holiday of 2023

We’ve outlined a calendar of all of the official (and slightly less official) holidays in 2023 to serve as a blueprint for your content, plus fun social media post ideas to jumpstart your brainstorm.

FlowJan 11, 2023
Ask Buffer: Where do you start when creating new social channels for your business?

Learn the best practices to take when creating a new social media account for your brand in this edition of #AskBuffer.

FlowJan 10, 2023
How This Small Business Owner Went From an Etsy Store with $100 to making over 1 Million in Sales

In our first installment of 'How I Grew My Small Business,' we take a deep dive into how Janet Hoang turned a high school art project into a successful lifestyle brand.

FlowDec 15, 2022
Holiday Gift Guide of Small Businesses

We've rounded up several products that would make the perfect gifts this holiday season. Even better, they're all from small businesses you can feel good about supporting.

FlowDec 13, 2022
Ask Buffer: What is the Best Way to Grow on Twitter?

In this #AskBuffer, we cover why consistency is the key to growing your Twitter account.

FlowDec 6, 2022
All of Twitter’s Latest Features and how Businesses are Using Them

Here's a quick rundown of Twitter's latest features and how small businesses and content creators can leverage them to grow their Twitter communities.

FlowDec 1, 2022
How This Peruvian Small Business Creates Ethical Dog Apparel

By taking inspiration from her hometown, this entrepreneur has created a small business that uplifts and gives back to her community.

FlowNov 21, 2022
How These Small Business Owners Set Boundaries During The Holidays

While the holidays are a busy time for most small businesses, these entrepreneurs incorporate boundaries into their schedules to achieve a good work-life balance.

How These Small Business Owners Learned To Let Go

In order to grow their companies, these entrepreneurs learned to let go of outdated beliefs that no longer served themselves or their businesses.

FlowNov 8, 2022
How These Small Businesses Stand Up For What They Believe In

These small business owners use their platforms to speak up about deserving causes and have incorporated elements into their businesses to help make a difference.

Small BusinessNov 3, 2022
Ask Buffer: How Do I Develop my Brand Voice on Social Media?

Establishing a clear brand voice will help your online content stand out amongst the crowd and be more memorable for your followers.

FlowOct 25, 2022
How These Small Businesses are Growing Their Impact

These small businesses may be limited in size, but they're still making a huge impact in their communities through initiatives and policies they've baked into their companies.

FlowOct 17, 2022
Why these Small Businesses are Intentionally Staying Small

Small businesses don’t have to grow in size to make a difference. We’ll share why, sometimes, thinking small can lead to the biggest dividends.

FlowOct 12, 2022
Why these Small Businesses are Turning Down Big Money

Raising money is something on every entrepreneur's mind, but we spoke to four small business owners who've pursued alternative models of funding and say that was the right choice for them.

FlowOct 10, 2022
5 Small Businesses to Support this Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're highlighting five small businesses that are ushering in more representation in their respective industries.

FlowSep 27, 2022
How These Sisters Turned Their Passion for the Alaskan Wilderness into a Fulfilling Small Business

By combining their unique skill-sets and being intentional with their planning, sisters Anna and Kelly created a small business that honors and gives back to their childhood home.