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FlowMay 29, 2023
How I’ve Built a Million-Dollar Business in 3 Years Using the Power of Referrals

Learn the simple strategies this founder has used to encourage clients to recommend his work to others, leading to 70 percent of his agency’s business coming from inbound referrals.

OpenMay 26, 2023
Work-Life Harmony: Karinna Briseno Shares Her Experience at Buffer

Meet Karinna Briseno, a Technical Advocate at Buffer who redefines success by balancing personal growth, mental health, and career accomplishments.

FlowMay 25, 2023
How to Fuel Social Media Content with Your Existing Work (According to a Founder)

Josh Ho shares his advice for founders and entrepreneurs wanting to grow an online audience.

Small BusinessMay 24, 2023
From Passion Project to Multi-6-Figure Business: How I Grew and Monetized My Podcast

Despite having no experience in journalism or building a company, Doone Roisin managed to turn her podcast for female founders into a thriving business in just a few years. Here are some of the strategies that helped her get there.

FlowMay 23, 2023
Thriving in the Attention Economy: Four Tips for Capturing and Holding Your Audience's Attention

Get our advice for practical approaches to creating content that engages your audience.

OpenMay 19, 2023
How Are Leaders Experiencing Remote Work?

We’ve been writing and publishing Buffer’s State of Remote Work report for six years now, and we’ve learned a lot about the trends, benefits, and struggles of remote workers along the way. This year, after releasing the report, we had several people comment that they wondered what the results would be like for only people who are managers — and it’s a good question! We weren’t clear enough when publishing the report that the State of Remote Work already includes people managers and remote work

FlowMay 18, 2023
Sustaining Online Success and Other Stories from Elisa Doucette's 10+ Year Creative Journey

We take a peek behind the curtain at Elisa Doucette's 10+ year journey as an online creator, from her beginnings as a writer and editor to her creative process that powers her newsletter and cohort-based courses.

Buffer NewsMay 17, 2023
Schedule Your Instagram Stories with Buffer!

We're thrilled to announce that Buffer now supports full scheduling for Instagram Stories—one of the first platforms to offer this unique feature.

FlowMay 17, 2023
A Guide to Social Media Collaboration

We explore the ins and outs of social media collaboration, its effectiveness, and how to approach a potential partnership to maximize its potential without hurting your brand.

FlowMay 16, 2023
Write For Us: How to Guest Post on the Buffer Blog

We're accepting guest posts! Check out this page for all the guidelines to writing for the Buffer blog.

FlowMay 15, 2023
Advice for Growing an Engaged Audience (ft. Top Creators)

If growing an audience is your priority, there are a million and one tactics out there. To stand apart, we’ve asked top creators across different industries, styles, and sizes to share their advice for creating the connection that fosters loyalty.

OpenMay 11, 2023
From the Marine Corps to Customer Advocacy: Darcy Peters' Unique Career Path

In this candid interview, Darcy Peters shares her experiences balancing work, family, and personal growth while embracing challenges and nurturing a fulfilling career at Buffer.

FlowMay 9, 2023
How I Created a Bestselling Product While Spending $0 On Marketing

Learn the step-by-step business design process this founder used to develop a product alongside her customers, helping her de-risk the process and come up with a truly winning idea.

FlowMay 8, 2023
7 Lessons from Jay Acunzo for Creators and Marketers

Thanks to his early start on social media and his deep understanding of the relationship between marketing and creativity, Jay brings a unique perspective from which creators and marketers can learn a lot. In this article, we dive into the lessons from Jay Acunzo for the modern creator.

Growing A 200k+ Audience By Channeling Personal Experiences Into Content with Joy Ofodu

We unlock Joy Ofodu’s creator journey discussing everything from channeling all the feelings from her breakup in 2020 into comedy content to her goals for her platform.

OpenMay 3, 2023
The Story Behind Buffer’s AI: An Interview with Diego Sanchez

We go behind the scenes on Buffer’s AI developments in this interview with Senior Product Manager Diego Sanchez.

FlowMay 2, 2023
From Self-Taught Creative to 7-Figure Art Business: Here's How I Did It

Peggy Dean shares four mindsets that have helped her build a thriving art business as a completely self-taught creator.

OpenMay 1, 2023
We Pay Out Unused Sabbaticals When Someone Leaves Buffer, Here’s Why

In 2019, we introduced sabbaticals at Buffer. The concept is to reward long-tenured teammates and invite them to take a well-earned break from work. Most professionals have to leave their jobs to take a break longer than a typical one- or two-week vacation. Sabbaticals allow teammates to take that break and return to Buffer, refreshed and recharged. This is one of our most cherished benefits for this reason. When a teammate reaches five years with us, they are eligible to take this fully-paid s

OpenApr 27, 2023
Trust, Transparency, and Curiosity: Batsirai Chada on Buffer's Unique Culture

Batsirai Chada is a Growth Product Manager at Buffer, where he’s worked for about nine months. We spoke to him when he first joined to find out about his journey to Buffer, how he works, and what he does outside of work.

Capture, Categorize, Create: A System for Capturing Your Ideas and Using Them To Create Content

We’re in an era where if you are trying to create a personal brand online or share your work, you do that by creating content — and creating content is a fantastic way to build your brand, make new connections, and level up your knowledge. When you add it all up, though, it can be a lot of content to create, even with the right tools in place. If you don’t have the right systems, it can be easy to fall off the content creation tracks. I’ve dealt with this myself at Buffer — I work at a company

OpenApr 25, 2023
How We Handle Severance In Cases Of Mutual Separation

We’ve always aimed to chart our own course at Buffer for how we approach traditional business practices, and severance is no different. Recently, we’ve adjusted our severance policy to apply in more situations. We’ve introduced the concept of “mutual separations” for the cases when a teammate and their manager both feel that the teammate’s chapter at Buffer has come to an end. We strive to be generous to these teammates who have spent a portion of their careers and lives with us at Buffer. In t

Small BusinessApr 24, 2023
Bootstrapping a Business to $1 Million in 1.5 Years by Putting Profitability First

My co-founder and I come from a long lineage of high-growth, venture-backed startups. He was employee number 200 at Uber and then led operations at a series A company. I was working as an investor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the venture capital world. So, when we came up with the idea for our own company—Bar None Games, which offers virtual trivia and team building events—we could have easily taken the path of raising money to help us scale as quickly as possible. However, we had both seen

OpenApr 24, 2023
An update on Twitter's API changes and Buffer

Twitter has made a number of changes to their API and access tiers over the last few weeks. However, these changes will not impact Buffer users. Your Buffer account and Twitter channel connections will continue working as usual. We have a longstanding, enterprise relationship with Twitter built over the last 12 years and have worked directly with their team on the path forward. We are committed to continuing to offer Buffer for free as well as with affordable pricing options.

OpenApr 21, 2023
Some Remote Workers Struggle With Leaving Home: Here’s How We Handle it at Buffer

For some, remote work can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. I recount my own experience working from home as well as share how my Buffer colleagues manage to have active social lives while WFH.