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Real-life marketing stories, trends, and strategies from social media’s most engaging brands. Find out what social media strategies are working today and how to drive meaningful engagement, activity, and results from social media.

FlowDec 3, 2021
Why Wildbit’s Belief that Businesses are Imaginary Could Become the Future of Work

Featuring insights from Buffer’s Small Business, Big Lessons podcast episode five, and the accompanying unpublished interview, Natalie shared Wildbit’s journey from a growth-focused business machine to a company that’s excited to find ways to work less.

FlowNov 22, 2021
A Branding Expert Shares: How to Use Design Templates Like a Pro

Whether you’re using Canva, Adobe Spark, or any of the other design template tools on the web, read on for my best advice for making sure your brand continues to shine.

FlowNov 19, 2021
What Employee Ownership Means for Trident Cafe and Booksellers

Featuring insights from Buffer’s Small Business, Big Lessons podcast episode four, and the accompanying unpublished interview, multiple employee-owners of the Trident shared why the bookstore moved to employee ownership and how the shift positively impacted the business.

FlowNov 18, 2021
Grow Your Influence, Build Your Brand: 4 Powerful Ways to Use LinkedIn

While you can gain plenty of traction simply by posting now and then, there are tools you may not know about that can improve your impact. Read on for a few new ways to start using LinkedIn today—along with examples of how a few entrepreneurs have put them to use.

FlowNov 17, 2021
4 Tips for Consistently Generating High-Quality Social Media Content for Your Small Business

There are a lot of great ways to come up with content ideas that don’t require an entire social team. Here are a few ideas that I’ve seen work over the years.

FlowNov 8, 2021
The Motivation that Led Paynter Jacket Co to Build in Public

Before they ever made a single jacket, Paynter Jacket Co. founders Becky Okell and Huw Thomas talked about iconic jackets on Instagram. To their followers, it was a community to talk about all things jackets. To Becky and Huw, it was product development research. But to the startup world, it’s simply called “building in public.” Originally driven by passion, building in public became Paynter’s recipe for success: By the time the duo launched the first Paynter jac

FlowNov 1, 2021
How Finding His “Why” Lit The Way Forward For Stephen Tracy’s Business

Featuring insights from Buffer’s Small Business, Big Lessons podcast episode two and the accompanying unpublished interview, Stephen shared what it’s like to pause on business operations to find your why - even as your business is failing - and use that knowledge to turn everything around.

FlowOct 29, 2021
4 Successful Small Business Owners on the Instagram Campaigns That Really Worked

Whether you’re looking to gain followers, boost sales, or serve your audience on a wider scale, take a page from the playbook of these small business owners, with the confidence that—whatever changes may come to Instagram—they’ve worked for business owners just like you.

FlowOct 25, 2021
How Chocolate Saved Shawn Askinosie

Featuring insights from Buffer’s Small Business, Big Lessons podcast episode one, and the accompanying unpublished interview, Shawn explained how chocolate saved his life - and how he’s using his chocolate business to help others thrive as well.

FlowSep 28, 2021
Introducing a New Social Media Calendar

Get total visibility of your content schedule with Buffer's new social media calendar. We rebuilt our old calendar from the ground up, gave it a brand new design, and added it to our free plan. Plus, there are more features to come!

FlowAug 17, 2021
Introducing Our Canva Integration: Design and Share Visual Content Instantly

Share Canva-made content with Buffer’s new Canva integration! With a few clicks, you can connect your Canva and Buffer accounts, create or import designs, and publish them to your social media channels.

FlowApr 22, 2021
Social Media for Nonprofits: Empowering Younger Generations to Take Action

In this post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a nonprofit leverages social media to empower younger generations to take action and build awareness around their mission.

FlowNov 24, 2020
More Data, Better Results: Introducing LinkedIn Analytics and More

You can now analyze and report your results on LinkedIn, on top of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This makes Buffer's analytics an all-in-one solution for these four popular social networks for businesses.

FlowSep 2, 2020
Introducing boosted post insights: Compare organic and paid results at a glance

You can now measure and analyze your Facebook and Instagram boosted posts in Buffer, compare paid vs organic results, and add them to your social media reports.

FlowAug 11, 2020
How Huel Uses Social Media to Reach an Audience of 400,000+

Learn how a growing direct-to-consumer brand keeps their social media audience satisfied using original content and Buffer.

FlowJul 21, 2020
A Brand's Guide to Unsplash: How to Unlock the Next Big Visual Marketing Channel

Learn the Unsplash strategies working today and how you can make the most of this "blue ocean" channel.

FlowJul 8, 2020
How to Pre-Launch on Instagram: The Inside Story of Jot Coffee’s Social Media Strategy

In this post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Jot Coffee, a newly launched DTC coffee brand, built excitement for its launch on Instagram and how to create a community from day one.

FlowMar 11, 2020
Introducing Best Time to Post: Personalized Recommendations to Increase Your Reach on Instagram

Search “best time to post on Instagram” and you’ll find countless articles telling you when to post according to studies of a few million Instagram posts. We have written such articles ourselves. For a long time, we thought that’s the way to grow our reach and engagement on social media. But that is no longer the best approach. There are many reasons for the change. Most importantly, you now have much more data about your own posts and followers. The best time to post is when your followers a

FlowDec 20, 2019
How Brands Can Leverage Pinterest To Make Sales

Did you know: Pinterest is such a key part of the buying journey for its users that over 90 percent of weekly active Pinners use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions. Talk about buying power! Not only are Pinterest users making purchase decisions on the platform, 83 percent say they are making purchases specifically based on the content they’ve seen from brands on Pinterest. Pinterest is no longer simply a place to save ideas and build dream boards. Instead, Pinterest has turned into the w

FlowAug 22, 2019
5 Marketing Lessons from Daily Harvest’s Journey to Shipping One Million Smoothies

Launched in 2015, Daily Harvest has become one of the fastest growing direct-to-consumer food brands in the world. * In 2017, it raised over $43m — with investors like Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams * It shipped over one million smoothies in just one year after la

FlowAug 8, 2019
If Likes No Longer Matter on Social Media, Then What Does?

You’ve probably heard the news: Instagram is in the process of removing like counts from posts in the Instagram feed . At first blush, this might appear to be a massive change. They’re removing one of the most recognizable elements of social proof that’s ever existed. Likes are the way that we measure the world’s most popular posts [

FlowJun 26, 2019
How tentree Took Over Instagram: Behind a Record-Breaking Social Media Campaign

If you spotted a little green tree making its way around Instagram back in April, you certainly weren’t alone. For Earth Week 2019, Canadian clothing brand tentree created one of the most-liked posts in Instagram history, generating over 15 million likes and helping the brand to spread its mission to plant more trees. But how did it come together? What made this campaign strike a chord with so many people? And what did the strategy behind its virality look like?

FlowMay 8, 2019
Ugly Drinks’ Four Secrets to Disrupting a $392 Billion Industry

Great businesses see the future differently. * Apple made CD’s redundant, and gave us 1,000 songs in our pocket * Airbnb took travel, and made us all feel at home across globe * Netflix made video rentals a thing of the past, and disrupted the Oscars And now, Ugly Drinks is creating a new, healthier future for the $392 billion soft drinks industry,

FlowFeb 5, 2019
Building an Ecommerce Business: From Zero to $100,000 in Revenue from Instagram Ads

In February 2017, when Remi and his girlfriend Alondra were visiting Tokyo, the last thing they were thinking about was starting a business together. But a chance discovery in a Tokyo stationery store changed everything for the couple. “We stumbled upon a shelf full of stickers made by B-Side Label,” Remi explained. “The stickers were extremely high-quality and unlike anything we had ever seen.” The pair purchased a few stickers and didn’t think any more of it until the following day when they