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Real-life marketing stories, trends, and strategies from social media’s most engaging brands. Find out what social media strategies are working today and how to drive meaningful engagement, activity, and results from social media.

FlowDec 14, 2022
What You Need to Know About TikTok SEO

With the buzz around TikTok’s value as a source of knowledge for its audience, businesses and creators need to pay attention to TikTok SEO which helps you get your videos to the top of TikTok’s search results. Here’s how to get started with optimizing your TikTok content for search.

FlowDec 13, 2022
Ask Buffer: What is the Best Way to Grow on Twitter?

In this #AskBuffer, we cover why consistency is the key to growing your Twitter account.

FlowDec 12, 2022
The Radical Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Build a Multi Six-Figure Business During a Time of Scarcity

Scaling a business during a time of scarcity is challenging, but Gloria Chou figured out how to turn crisis into an opportunity for growth. Here are the mindset shifts that helped her pivot and grow after losing all of her client work.

FlowDec 8, 2022
Social Proof: Predictions About The Future of Personal Branding

We explore predictions about the future of personal branding through the expert opinions of Social Proof interviewees and my own thoughts based on general market trends.

FlowDec 6, 2022
All of Twitter’s Latest Features and how Businesses are Using Them

Here's a quick rundown of Twitter's latest features and how small businesses and content creators can leverage them to grow their Twitter communities.

FlowDec 1, 2022
How This Peruvian Small Business Creates Ethical Dog Apparel

By taking inspiration from her hometown, this entrepreneur has created a small business that uplifts and gives back to her community.

FlowNov 28, 2022
I Couldn’t Afford My First Employee, But Hiring Her Helped Me Grow a Million-Dollar Business

Even though hiring her first full-time employee felt like a financial stretch, Emily Grey did it anyway—which paid off in spades. Learn why bringing on the right help supported business growth and how she now thinks about investing her time and money.

FlowNov 23, 2022
An Introduction to Tumblr

In this article, we walk through how to use Tumblr, as well as offering advice for making the most of it.

FlowNov 22, 2022
Social Proof: The Golden Rules of Personal Branding (According to Experts)

In this interview, six experts share their Golden Rules for personal branding on social media.

FlowNov 21, 2022
How These Small Business Owners Set Boundaries During The Holidays

While the holidays are a busy time for most small businesses, these entrepreneurs incorporate boundaries into their schedules to achieve a good work-life balance.

FlowNov 16, 2022
A Beginner’s Guide to Mastodon

Mastodon, a decentralized, open-source software that allows users to set up servers to communicate with each other, is growing in popularity as a “Twitter alternative”. This article provides a high-level overview of the platform: what it is and how it works.

FlowNov 15, 2022
How These Small Business Owners Learned To Let Go

In order to grow their companies, these entrepreneurs learned to let go of outdated beliefs that no longer served themselves or their businesses.

FlowNov 14, 2022
How I Learned to Show Up Authentically as a Black, Queer Business Owner (and Why It Matters)

Kareem Queeman used to fear showing off his Black, queer identity in his work, until he realized authenticity was important for supporting others in his community. Here’s how he learned to show up more fully and take care of his mental health while doing so.

FlowNov 10, 2022
Saying “No” Instead of “Yes” Helped Me Build a Six-Figure Business

Kinsey Wolf didn’t believe the power of saying “no” until she saw the effect it had on growing her marketing consultancy. Here are the things she started turning down and the measurable effect they had on her business growth (and happiness).

FlowNov 8, 2022
How These Small Businesses Stand Up For What They Believe In

These small business owners use their platforms to speak up about deserving causes and have incorporated elements into their businesses to help make a difference.

FlowNov 3, 2022
Ask Buffer: How Do I Develop my Brand Voice on Social Media?

Establishing a clear brand voice will help your online content stand out amongst the crowd and be more memorable for your followers.

FlowNov 1, 2022
Why Small Business Owners Need Support Systems, With Examples From 6 Small Business Owners

In Small Business, Big Lessons, season two, episode six, we detail how the owners of Harlow, SparkToro, Made With Local, Zingerman’s, Destination Unknown Restaurants and Paynter Jackets approach getting support as small business owners.

FlowOct 31, 2022
An Introduction to Vertical Social Networks

Vertical networks are social platforms solely dedicated to niche interests. In this article, we’ll go through what vertical networks are and the opportunities for businesses to adopt them in their marketing strategy.

FlowOct 26, 2022
How and Why to Take a Social Media Break (and what happened when I did it)

Nothing is healthy in excess amounts, including social media. In this article, we share the reasons for and benefits of taking a social media break, as well as insight into what happens when a Chronically Online person decides to take one.

FlowOct 25, 2022
How These Small Businesses are Growing Their Impact

These small businesses may be limited in size, but they're still making a huge impact in their communities through initiatives and policies they've baked into their companies.

FlowOct 18, 2022
How These Small Businesses Are Growing Sustainably

How do you know when to say ‘yes’ to opportunities for growth and ‘no’ to the things that will lead you from your path? In this article, business owners share stories about their growth and offer practical advice about retaining their identity while building their future.

FlowOct 17, 2022
Why these Small Businesses are Intentionally Staying Small

Small businesses don’t have to grow in size to make a difference. We’ll share why, sometimes, thinking small can lead to the biggest dividends.

FlowOct 12, 2022
Why these Small Businesses are Turning Down Big Money

Raising money is something on every entrepreneur's mind, but we spoke to four small business owners who've pursued alternative models of funding and say that was the right choice for them.

FlowOct 11, 2022
How These Small Businesses Cultivate Community

Community is at the center of many impactful small businesses. But how do you cultivate a flourishing community that grows with and supports your business? In this article, small business owners share the insights and lessons they’ve learned from creating communities.