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ToolsSep 22, 2017
How Do You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts? Our 12 Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies

Maybe this sounds familiar to you: I used to log in to each and every individual network to compose new posts , check what’s happening in my streams, follow up on conversations and follower requests, and basically perform any other little bit of social media management that was on my plate. I switched to dashboards and tools, and my productivity has soared. I’d love to

Tips / How ToSep 21, 2017
How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch

When I went rock climbing for the first time, I had no idea what I was doing. My friends and I were complete newbies about ropes and rappelling and every other bit of jargon and technique that goes with climbing. We saw others doing it spectacularly well. We were thrilled at the thought of reaching the top of the climbing wall; we had no idea how to get there. I’d imagine that a social media marketing strategy could feel the same way. If you’re start

Tips / How ToJun 26, 2017
How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Network

This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated with the latest tips and tricks to grow your following on every social media network. It also includes the latest podcast episode from The Science of Social Media! You’re taking the dive into a new social network, or you’re itching to grow your existing profile. You’ve got a social media strategy in place and a plan in mind. You’re raring to go. What would be one of the most encouraging signs when you’re first starting off? We’d i

AnalyticsMay 4, 2017
How to Use Twitter Analytics: 17 Simple-to-Find Stats to Help You Tweet Better

This post was originally published on October 15, 2014, and we have just updated it with the latest information and screenshots of Twitter analytics. We social media marketers are a lucky bunch; not only are there a gigantic number of free social media tools at our disposal (everything from timing tools to social media management tools like Buffer), there are free tools from the social networks themselves: Facebook Insights, Pinterest analytics, and now Twitter analytics, too. We now have tons

Online MarketingApr 5, 2017
How to Become a T-Shaped Marketer: What Marketing Career Growth Looks Like at Buffer

Before becoming a marketer, Brian sold insurance. Alfred was in the army. Arielle was a health coach. I was a sports reporter. And now look at us! We’re a team of eight Buffer marketers, with vastly distinct backgrounds and educations, who collectively bring in 20,000 Buffer signups each week. Many of us fell into marketing, accidentally or on purpose. We’ve been learning as we go. And where exactly are we headed? Good question! We benefit a lot from free marketing courses and great educat

Self-ImprovementMar 28, 2017
The 10 Biggest Questions We Have as Managers (and What We’re Doing to Answer Them)

We used to have no managers at Buffer. Now we have tons. And we all have a lot of catching up to do. For most of the leaders at Buffer, we are new to people management . We have a strong culture of nurturing people into more advanced roles and promoting from within. This is fabulous for the opportunities we can afford our teammates; however, it does lead to a steep learning

AnalyticsMar 7, 2017
Know What’s Working on Social Media: 24 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Where do you turn for meaningful stats on your social media marketing ? I’m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media. How have my followers grown this month? Which posts seem to perform best ? Which times [https://b

ReportsFeb 14, 2017
New Marketing Content Strategy for the New Year

Buffer Marketing Report January 2017 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Buffer signups 18,922 +26% Buffer for Business trials 1,732 +16% Social blog sessions 1,321,003 +27% Email subscribers 89,424 -4% NPS 45 +10% Kicking off 2017 with a new strategy for content At the start of 2017, we launched a new approach to our content s

AnalyticsJan 27, 2017
So…Is That Good? The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Benchmarking on Social Media

If I were to tell you that a recent tweet of mine received 20 clicks, what would you think? Maybe 20 clicks sounds like a lot based on what you’ve found for your own accounts. Maybe 20 clicks sounds rather lean, considering what you know about clickthrough rates of big brands or your most successful posts. Checking out the raw numbers of your social media stats , free of context, makes it quite hard to draw any concrete conclusions.

Tips / How ToJan 16, 2017
7 Popular Goal-Setting Strategies That Will Help You Achieve Great Things on Social Media

Setting social media goals is hard. “How cool would it be to drive 300 sign-ups a month from Facebook Ads?” This is how I tend to go about setting social media goals. I pull an aspirational number out of the air and go for it. Would it be cool to have a regular, predictable stream of new users coming to Buffer via Facebook Ads? Absolutely! Is this the right way to set goals? Coming up with social media goals for our marketing team here at Buffer has often been a bit haphazard for me. Imagin

ReportsJan 13, 2017
How (and Why) We’re Creating Brand Guidelines for Buffer

Buffer Marketing Report December 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Buffer signups 14,943 +5% Buffer for Business trials 1,497 +63%* Social blog sessions 1,041,679 -16% Email subscribers 93,232 -2% NPS 41 -4% * Trial starts in December were up in such an enormous way because of a change our growth team made to the upgrade flow. One of the things I enjoy most about working at a startup is that I’ll often have the chance to take on

AdvertisingJan 9, 2017
The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Understanding how to leverage Facebook Ads is becoming a staple part of almost every social media strategy. And if you want to get your posts seen on Facebook , it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to pay for reach with Facebook Ads. Paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. Though it’s not without its questions.

ReportsDec 7, 2016
Would You Pay for a Social Media Workshop? We Went to Chicago to Find Out! (Spoiler: Yes)

Buffer Marketing Report November 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Buffer signups 14,943-15% Buffer for Business trials 918-30% Social blog sessions 1,252,131 +2% Email subscribers 93,232-3% NPS for Buffer for Business 44 +1.7% What makes for a great community event? We’ve been eager to explore that question for our Buff

PodcastsNov 29, 2016
Top Strategies for Taking Your Online Community Offline with Marketing Events – Stefanie Grieser [SSM019]

How do you go from having no conference — from almost having no marketing team, just you being the 9th employee and one of the very first marketers — to a marketing conference of 1,000 attendees, acclaimed in your industry, a must-attend destination on the annual events calendar? How do you do all of that in just four years? We had the pleasure of speaking with Stefanie Grieser , International Marketing Manager at Unbounce , about the multif

PodcastsNov 14, 2016
Is Your Social Media Strategy Working? Try These Tips to Maximize Your Impact – Hiten Shah [SSM016]

One of the biggest challenges marketers often face with social media is understanding the impact is has on a business or brand. Is social media for lead-gen? For brand awareness? For something else? Measuring social media success and overall impact is a task that may not have one simple solution. So how do you know if your social media is working? We had the pleasure of speaking with Hiten Shah , entrep

ReportsNov 8, 2016
Our Latest Content Marketing Experiment to Grow a Growing Blog: Native Un-Advertising

Buffer Marketing Report October 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Key Stats Buffer signups 17,106 +37% Buffer for Business trials 1,394 +34% Social blog sessions 1,225,754 -.1% Email subscribers 96,613 -.6% NPS for Buffer for Business 43 -1.7% As we’ve thought of ways to grow our Buffer Social blog traffic, we’ve enjoyed thinking outside the box with growth. It’s fun to go big with ideas, and to a certain extent, content marketi

Tips / How ToNov 7, 2016
How to Use Hashtags: How Many, Best Ones, and Where to Use Them

This post originally published on April 8, 2014. We’ve updated it here with new info, screenshots, and a special episode of the Buffer podcast –  The Science of Social Media. Have you ever found yourself explaining how to use hashtags to someone whose only connection with the word is as a telephone button? Internet language has evolved considerably over the past few years as social media has taken off. Hashtags are a huge part of this evolution. What once was a telephone button is now a social

ReportsOct 6, 2016
The 23 Things We Had to Do Before Launching a Marketing Podcast

Buffer Marketing Report September 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Key Stats Buffer signups 12,422 +25.7% Buffer for Business trials 1,034 -13.7% Social blog sessions 1,227,494 -2.7% Email subscribers 97,205 -3.6% NPS 56 -1.7% Last summer, in a tiny Icelandic coworking space on a Buffer team retreat, we recorded the very

How to Get Verified on Twitter (If I can do it, you can too!)

Update: Twitter has paused its verification program for the moment. We are keen to let you know when Twitter resumes its program and will update this note accordingly. That said, I think it’ll still be good to keep your Twitter account tip-top in the meantime. Here are some ways to maximize your chances at getting verified on Twitter. Have you ever felt like a celebrity on social media? I’ve had a moment or two when someone I reall

Tips / How ToSep 20, 2016
We Didn’t Know How to Promote a Podcast. So Here’s All We Learned

Before we launched our Buffer podcast , so much of our time and energy (99.9% of it, I’d wager!) was spent getting the sounds and feel just right. We did all the podcast things we were supposed to do in order to make a really great podcast — the interviews, the mixing, the uploading — and now that the time had come to press publish … … we needed a plan to promote

PodcastsSep 15, 2016
Introducing Buffer’s new social media podcast: The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media is a podcast for marketers and brands interested in learning about new and exciting ways to implement social media marketing across a variety of platforms and industries. Join Buffer hosts Hailley, Brian, and Kevan each week as they interview some of the best marketers from brands and businesses that are leading the way in social media innovation and experimentation around the world. We promise to keep it fun, insightful, interesting, and most of all, actionable. The

PodcastsSep 15, 2016
How to Get Hired as a Social Media Manager (and Then Rock the Job Once You Have It) [SSM03]

What does it take to get hired as a social media manager? Perhaps you’re looking for a job in social (or perhaps you’re hiring for one). There are a ton of different factors that could go into a successful stint on ever-changing social media. Rather than get stuck, we’d love to help you move forward! We had the privilege of speaking with HubSpot VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson about the specific attributes she looks for when hiring social media managers, as well as how a highly successf

Guides & CoursesSep 8, 2016
How to Curate Content: The Secret Sauce to Getting Noticed, Becoming an Influencer, and Having Fun Online

How great is the Internet! One of the most impactful, viral, influential services you can perform online is to read stuff and tell people what you like. It’s true! If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your authority, a way to get more followers, one of the best, proven paths to online success is content curation. It’s both as simple and as difficult as finding great content and sharing it with your audience. The difficult part is that there is a lot that goes into a wo

ReportsSep 7, 2016
How Much Should Marketing be Responsible for the Happiness of Customers? (Our Answer: More Than You’d Think!)

Buffer Marketing Report August 2016 * Last month’s report * All marketing reports * All Buffer reports Key stats: Buffer signups 1,697 +33% Buffer for Business trials 266 -2% Social blog sessions 1,164,934 +14% Email subscribers 100,819 +1% NPS 57 -1% What are some of the metrics that guide the goals for your marketing team? Leads, signups, conversion rate, and traffic all seem to be popular ones. Some folks might be interested in social media reach or email subscri