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Kevan Lee

Former VP of Marketing @ Buffer

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ResearchOct 21, 2014
Infographic: The Optimal Length for Every Social Media Update and More

How long should my tweet be? Or my blogpost? Or my headline ? I ask this question a lot. It seems that others do, too. Our first take on coming up with the ideal length of all online content proved quite useful for a lot of people. I’d love to see if I can help make it even more useful. Along with all the best tips on optimal lengths for tweets, blogposts, h

Tips / How ToOct 20, 2014
23 Seldom-Used Ideas for How to Use Twitter Lists

If you’ve read any lists on Twitter tips , whether for beginners or for experts , you’ve likely come across the common advice to use Twitter lists. Twitter lists are useful, helpful, and effective for managing and optimizing your Twitter experience. There’s also a number of unique ways to go about them. I researched the topic and found 23 popular

ResearchOct 16, 2014
Want to Improve Your Social Media Sharing? Harness the Power of Positivity in Social Media

You’ve been sharing to social media for some time now, and you’re synthesizing all the great advice out there about what to post, when to post, and how to measure. Awesome work. You’ve got the content part down pat. Now here’s the next layer: The emotion behind the social media update. What feeling does your update impart? How does someone feel when they read your update? These are big, ethereal questions, and significantly different than discovering great content and finding the best litera

Case StudiesOct 14, 2014
This Agency Manages 93 Social Media Profiles: Learn the 8 Essential Tools That Keep Them Going

You compete with millions of other blogs on creating and sharing craveable content. You manage multiple social media accounts , seeking that sweet spot of targeted, valuable, engaging updates. You do this all day, day after day. Imagine having some tools on hand that make these daily activities even easier. Tony Restell understands

Case StudiesOct 14, 2014
Case Study: The Tools and Tips That Social Hire Uses to Manage 93 Social Media Profiles

You compete with millions of other blogs on creating and sharing craveable content. You manage multiple social accounts, seeking that sweet spot of targeted, valuable, engaging updates. You do this all day, day after day. Imagine having some tools on hand that make these daily activities even easier. Tony Restell understands these challenges of social media sharing like few others. As founder of, Tony works with multiple recruiting clients at a time on their social media stra

What We Learned Analyzing 595 Buffer Blogposts: A Complete Content Audit and Spreadsheet Template

The very first Buffer blog post—Want to Tweet While You Sleep? —was published in January 2011. Three-and-a-half years and 595 posts later, we’ve covered a lot of ground, learned a huge number of tips and tricks that make

ToolsOct 6, 2014
23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media

Update – we launched Pablo a new tool to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds You can use Pablo right from the get-go, no need to login or create an account. Just quickly create amazing images super fast. You can try out the first version of Pablo right now – no login

Tips / How ToOct 2, 2014
How to Set Social Media Goals That Will Move Your Marketing Forward

How do you know when spaghetti is ready to eat? Throw a noodle against a wall and see if it sticks. It’s a super simple hack for Italian dinner night. It’s not such a great metaphor for social media goal-setting. That being said, I have participated in more than my fair share of spaghetti strategy sessions, often times contributing to the “see what sticks” mentality with my suggested goals. It’s an area I’d be keen to improve. Have you ever felt a bit unsure when coming up with goals for your

Tips / How ToOct 1, 2014
10 Little-Known Buffer Features: How to Power-Up Your Social Media Sharing

When you find yourself using a product or tool on a daily basis, you get to know the tool inside and out, including all the helpful shortcuts and little-known features . We’d love to share our Buffer secrets with you. Here are some of our personal favorite Buffer features that might have flown under your radar. Enjoy! 1. Share to multiple profiles in one click with Groups Imagine you’ve got an update to share with your

Tips / How ToOct 1, 2014
How to Share Old Blogposts on Social Media: 5 Quick Tips for Getting More Out of Your Archives

Social media advice seems to come in two flavors: what to do and how to do it. Take, for instance, the advice to reshare content from your blog’s archives. This strategy seems to pay big dividends for the accounts who’ve embraced it. They’ve seen more traffic, more reshares, and more engagement even though the content itself isn’t

ToolsSep 29, 2014
How to Run a Facebook Contest, Analyze Your Page, and More: 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers

We’ve posted huge, helpful lists on social media tools for small business (61!) free Twitter tools (59!), and free marketing tools (29!). Facebook is next—though the list won’t be quite as huge. The built-in tools that Facebook offers to business pages an

17 Quick Wins to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Right Away

When I set up a daily to-do list , I often have a spectrum of tasks that need to get done. There are the big projects that figure to take multiple days to complete. There are medium-sized tasks that will require some long stretches of intense focus. Then there are the quick wins. I love the quick wins. These are the tasks that can be done in a matter of minutes. They’re super fast fixes or experiments that

Self-ImprovementSep 22, 2014
Anything Is Possible: How to Achieve Your Goals and Chase Your Dreams

Rest, and think. What does your ideal day look like? When do you wake up ? Who do you spend time with? What do you do? What does your ideal work look like? What do you create? How does it make you feel? Where are you [

AnalyticsSep 18, 2014
5 Unique Ways to Measure and Evaluate a Social Media Campaign

We share, share, share to social media. How can we tell what works? This is a question I ask myself each week as I review the Buffer social media stats. How can I evaluate and optimize my best social media content? Where do I even start? Having asked the question myself so many times, I’ve found a few different options for analyzing how social media content performs. I’m still experimenting with which way is best, and I’m happy to share with you all the many different ways I’ve tried so far.

ResourcesSep 16, 2014
23 of the Best Social Media Articles and Marketing Resources Every Marketer Should Read

Imagine you were compiling a course curriculum for a class on online marketing. What would be your go-to resources? In digging through my bookmarks and starred articles , I noticed a growing list of awesome stories and helpful links . If I threw them all together, it’d make for quite the collection! I’d love to share with you what I’ve got so far, and it’d be awesome if you

ResearchSep 11, 2014
How to Effectively and Accurately Use Data to Inform Your Social Media Decisions

The ideal length of a blogpost is six minutes and 1,500 words. So every blog post you write should aim for that golden, gooey length, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. We love digging up the latest stats and best practices on ho

Tips / How ToSep 8, 2014
71 Ways to Write a Social Media Update: Specific Tips to Engage Your Followers

I’ve got several go-to moves when I’m playing basketball. The crossover. The fadeaway. The tear drop. I’ve got several go-to moves when I’m writing social media updates, too. Title case. Text only. Signatures. I imagine you’ve got your own favorites, too. Combined, there are a litany of ways to compose, style, and organize a social media update, even in just the words we use in our updates. I’m always on the look out for new experiments to try [

Tips / How ToSep 4, 2014
30 Little-Known Features of the Social Media Sites You Use Every Day

When I first set foot in Disneyland, I race to the most famous rides first—Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, all the biggest and best. Little do I know there are just as many hidden gems and overlooked attractions that I’ve likely missed in my sprint for the headliners. Social networks are a little like Disneyland in this regard. There’s so much to see and so much to do that some of the fun stuff is bound to slip through the cracks. Which features of Facebook, Twitter, and the ot

OpenSep 3, 2014
The Healthiest Way to Work: Standing vs. Sitting and Everything in Between

Five or more hours of sedentary sitting, according to Dr. David Agus , is the health equivalent of smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes. Yikes. Yet, sitting around is something we get plenty of practice at. Reading and writing and creating on a computer makes for big chunks of sedentary time. If you’re reading this post right now, are you sitting down? How long have you been sitting? It’s a topic that I think of often

ResearchAug 27, 2014
How Much of Yourself Do You Share on Social Media?

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a unique opportunity to get close to people who are hundreds of miles away. You can share anything with anyone at any time. You can share. Does this mean that you should share? I’ve come up against this question many times, hovering over the Send button on a status update or considering what’s okay to share and what’s too private (or uninteresting). Where should the line be drawn? Should there even be a line? I’m happy to offer some of my th

Self-ImprovementAug 26, 2014
What I Wish I Knew About Creativity When I Was 20

Imagine you could go back in time and give your 20-year-old self a bit of advice on investing in the creative process , coming up with new ideas, and producing good, fun work. What would you say? I’ve thought a bit about this topic lately, as I reflect on how I’ve changed from the person I was in my twenties to the person I’ve become in my thirties. Creativity has become more and more important to me, both at work and at play. And the lessons I

ResearchAug 21, 2014
How to Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business

When I started at Buffer, I was given permission to make mistakes, to ask forgiveness rather than permission, to always test everything. So I’d like to give you all some permission as well. You have permission to pick and choose your social networks. In fact, often times it may be best not to be on certain social networks, perhaps because of the time it takes to do social right or because your customer personas [

Content MarketingAug 18, 2014
30+ Ultimate Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles, and Emails

A headline can serve either as an apple pie on the windowsill of your content or as its bouncer. It’s all in the way you phrase things. Fortunately for us, many people have found headlines that work wonders, consistently, time after time. And they go well beyond the saturated listicle or clickbait. Why not take some inspiration from the best headlines of the best headline writers? The blueprints exist to get your tweets, emails, updates, and articles clicked. I collected a trove of interesti

How to Take a Social Media Vacation: The Complete Guide to Pausing, Leaving, or Taking a Break From Social Media

There comes a point in my afternoons or evenings where I’ve just about sapped all the creativity and efficiency I’ve got. I need a break. My mind and my body—and oftentimes, my writing—make it quite clear. Do we ever get the same clues when we need a break from social media? Certainly, the subject seems a bit taboo to discuss. We’re social media marketers, after all! Taking a break from social media seems almost sacrilegious, yet I wonder how many of us have had those thoughts or feelings befo