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#wpJun 25, 2014
How to Create a Secure Password You Can Remember Later: 4 Key Methods

How do you balance the necessity of highly secure passwords with the utility of easily recalling them all? It’s a question I mull each and every time a security breach happens. When the Heartbleed vulnerability was discovered last spring, the mandate was for everyone to change all their passwords right away. It’s still on my to-do list. I cringe at the thought of getting hacked, and I also cringe at the thought of taking the time and mental energy to do a complete overhaul of my favorite passwo

ResearchJun 23, 2014
10 Surprising and Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know

We love to make decisions and form strategies based on statistics. It’s why we A/B test and how we change directions on our social sharing. Who doesn’t love a good statistic, especially one that has an actionable next step? You’re likely to find a sea of statistics for social media—I know I’m amazed at how many are out there. My favorite finds are those that are just a bit surprising or unique or even counterintuitive. I’ve saved some of the best social media stats I’ve found over the past fe

Tips / How ToJun 19, 2014
The Art of Self-Promotion on Social Media

If you’ve been to any of Buffer’s social media accounts recently (take Twitter, for instance), you may have noticed that the lion’s share of stories we share come from us. We tweet our own stuff. We toot our own horn. It would certainly seem that we are in the minority with this strategy. There seems to be a a fine line between sharing enough of your own stuff and sharing too much. Most people would rather err on the side of just enough (or even less) in their social media strategy. We all wan

The Advantages and Workflows of Fully Transparent Email

How would you like everyone on your team to see every email that you send? At Buffer, we love it! Our value of transparency extends all the way to the inbox. Every email is public within the team. Every bit of communication gets shared. Everyone knows everything. There are no secrets. If this seems like a radical idea, well, it kind of is. I came from a traditional office environment where email was as standard as it comes: You emailed only those people who needed to know. You cc’ed folks some

News and TrendsJun 16, 2014
New Facebook Page Redesign: Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Page

Notice anything different about your Facebook page? Facebook is in the process of rolling out a series of changes for all business pages , tweaking the design and layout in a number of small but significant ways, giving opportunity to marketers to make the most of what’s new. So what is new

Content MarketingJun 12, 2014
Feeling Uncomfortable: The Way to Create Amazing Content

We have dozens of ways to measure a successful blog post or social media update , and I’d imagine you’re familiar with all of them. You can track blog traffic by digging into analytics . You can view engagement data on every update you send. The measurable aspects [

Instagram for Business: 12 Answers to the Biggest Questions About Timing, Hashtags, and More

How do you choose which social media networks to participate in? Certainly, there’re a ton to choose from. Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn? Are you on Pinterest and Tumblr? Instagram and Vine? How many social media networks can you handle? Instagram makes a strong case, if you’re interested in raw numbers and unique appeal. Instagram has 200 million active users and provides a huge asset for visual content, which we all know is driving social like none other. It’s one of t

Guides & CoursesJun 9, 2014
Ultimate Guide to Mobile Social Media: Phone and Tablet Strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

I spend my days writing content from my desktop computer for people who will read the content on their smartphones and tablets. Go figure. Mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of reading, sharing, and engaging with online content. It’s strange to think that the content we create on desktops and laptops will end up on dozens of different screen sizes before all is said and done. It’s a good lesson to keep in mind. When I share to social media, what will my sharing look like to

Email MarketingJun 5, 2014
Email List-Building From the Experts: How to Grow a Massive Email List

Where do email subscribers fall on your list of priorities? We’ve recently pushed email toward the top of our most valued sources, and it doesn’t seem like we’re alone in that. While social media might be the hot place to push your marketing efforts, there are many who choose to rely instead on building a valuable email list. And they couldn’t be happier. Here’s Michael Hyatt, speaking about his email list of 115,000: I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of m

The 10 Phrases You Hear the Most at Buffer (And How They Might Help Your Culture, Too)

I’m pretty big on words. As Buffer’s content crafter, I guess that kind of comes with the territory. However, I’m not alone on this . Words are an extremely valuable component to the way we get work done at Buffer. As a distributed team , the words we use in our communication with each other carry extra significance. As a company focused on cultur

The Skrillex Way of Content: Build and Drop for Better Blog Balance

What does Skrillex have to do with blogging? It took us awhile to put the pieces together ourselves. We’ve been thinking a lot about the optimal way to produce content for the Buffer blog. We’ve pivoted the blog multiple times before—the latest came just in the past two months when we shifted from lifehacking and productivity to a purer focus on social media. The blog is both a huge driver of conversions for us and an ongoing experiment. What kind of content works best on the blog? And, more j

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Slide Decks: 10 Actionable SlideShare Tips for Maximum Results

Is SlideShare part of your content strategy? Truth be told, we have yet to fully integrate it into our content creation process here at Buffer. We’ve felt lots of great nudges, though. We’ve heard tell of the amazing opportunity on SlideShare, how it’s a primed network of highly engaged influencers just itching to find and share your stuff. What might ultimately sell us, though, is the response we got from a single slide deck, created in a hurry, that garnered over 5,000 views in one weekend.

#wpJun 2, 2014
Crowdsourced Productivity Tips: 13 Ways to Live Smarter, Not Harder

Live smarter, not harder. This principle is one of the 10 Buffer values that form the backbone of our company culture. We love experimenting with new ways to live out this value, and we’ve found productivity tips to be instrumental in this equation. What are some of our best productivity discoveries so far? We’ve written about a few before on the Buffer blog. • Ultradian rhythm and the 90-minute work cycle [

Get the Most From One Blog Post: 21 Advanced Content Tips

Variety is the spice of life … and digital marketing? Variety can certainly make a digital marketer’s life a little easier. When you’ve worked hard to create a perfect piece of content , you can help that content go the extra mile (and then some) by repurposing and recreating the content in a huge number of ways. Is it easy? Well, I wanted to find out. I took a favorite piece of cont

Content MarketingMay 28, 2014
The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The Data on Headlines, Length, Images and More

Phew! Talk about pressure. Writing a blog post about how to write a perfect blog post is the most meta of burdens. It’s a bit different than writing about perfect tweets or ideal Facebook posts. There’s nowhere to hide when you’re blogging about perfect blogging. So I hope you’ll still trust the advice here even if you don’t find this post itself to be flawless. I’m sure we’d all love for each of our blog posts to be absolute perfection—however it is that you measure perfection—so I researched

Content MarketingMay 27, 2014
A Complete Guide to Visual Content: The Science, Tools and Strategy of Creating Killer Images

We love setting goals for improvement here at the Buffer blog, and one of our most recent challenges has been this: Every post gets an original image. This might not sound like such a tall task until you consider that Courtney and I are journalism majors whose skills lie in painting pictures with words and not so much in painting pictures with Photoshop. We try our best, in the name of visual content. You’ve perhaps heard of visual content? The term seems to be everywhere these days. We come a

#wpMay 20, 2014
The Big List of 111+ Keyboard Shortcuts For Your Most-Used Online Tools

Isaac Newton discovered gravity. I discovered what a four-finger swipe does on my Macbook. The discoveries will not go down the same in history, but I have to admit: I was pretty stoked to find mine. Little epiphanies like these are hugely satisfying when I’m trying to squeeze just a little more time out of each and every day. A second or two here becomes a minute or two there. It’s an awesome feeling to sense that you’re working just as fast as possible. We’re always open for a good hack her

Tips / How ToMay 19, 2014
20 Crowdsourced Twitter Tips for an All-Around Amazing Twitter Experience

Can one ever have enough Twitter tips? I know I can never get enough of them. Twitter is a constantly evolving, constantly challenging place to experiment, enjoy, and discover, and we all have a unique approach to the way we get things done with our tweets and followers. I’ve shared some of my favorite tips before—both for beginners and for intermediates—and we thought it might be fun to tap you all to share your expertise! Below you’ll find some tips from the Buffer community, as well as a f

Content MarketingMay 13, 2014
The Complete Guide to Choosing a Content Calendar: Tools, Templates, Tips, and More

Do you know what you’re posting, sharing, and blogging this Thursday? How about two Thursdays from now? Thursday of next month? Thursday of next year? We don’t have things figured out quite to that extreme here at Buffer, but we do have some idea of what’s ahead . (Those of you who are yearly planners, our hat’s off to you!) Planning content far into the

Tips / How ToMay 12, 2014
The 8 Most Useful Buffer Features for a Powerful Social Media Presence

I manage the family budget with speed and efficiency. My spreadsheets are slick, my workflow is fast, and I’ve learned enough tricks along the way to shave hours off my process. I’ve also never bothered to teach anyone else how I do what I do. Don’t worry, this post isn’t about money management. (Phew!) Rather, I find that it can be hugely helpful to share the tools , tips , and trick

How to Become a Columnist: The Ultimate Blueprint for Guest Blogging and Syndication

Being a columnist means something a bit different to me than it did growing up. When I started down my writing path, I adored magazines and newspapers and the superheroes who wrote weekly or monthly columns in the op-eds or the back pages. Now, I adore those who write at my favorite blogs and websites. The back page of Sports Illustrated has become, for me, the featured spot on Huffington Post. And the most amazing news of all is that being a columnist online is a dream that anyone—you, me, yo

The Busy Person’s Guide to Content Curation: A 3-Step Process for Your Blog, Newsletter, or Timeline

Museums curate works of art. We digital marketers curate blog posts. Though our link shares may not be artistic contributions, the idea of curation is at least the same at museums and online: We’re all seeking only the best material to pass along to our patrons, customers, fans, or followers. Finding and sharing exquisite content has never had more value than it does today. People love being told what’s good to read or essential to see. With that in mind, we’ve collected some ways to get start

#wpMay 1, 2014
How We Find the Perfect Fit With Our New Hires: Inside Buffer Bootcamp

Heads up! This is an older post and we’ve since retired the Buffer bootcamp . Feel free to see the latest information here , including all the reasons why we made this change! We’re Retiring The ‘Buffer Bootcamp’ Period For New Teammates – Here’s Why Some call it a trial. Some call it a probationary period. We call it the Buffer Bootcamp. Our intro period fo

AnalyticsApr 30, 2014
Which Stats Matter: The Definitive Guide to Tracking Social Media Metrics

Among the many superpowers I wish I had, one that would be quite useful is the ability to understand social media metrics. I know enough to get by, and I love learning the new techniques to get more from these numbers—and to make sure I’m seeking the right numbers in the first place. In an effort to understand the little bits I can, I’ve done some research into all the many different social media stats you might track and which ones are worthwhile. Wouldn’t you know it, social media stats aren’