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AnalyticsMay 7, 2015
The Secret Reach of Your Twitter Replies, Plus All Our Latest Stats and Strategies on Social Media

Sometimes looking through your social media statistics can reveal some fun surprises. This was the case for us this month at Buffer. I looked a little closer into the stats from all of our tweets, including all the amazing replies by our support heroes. There’s some amazing hidden virality to these tweets! And there’s a great opportunity here to delight your customers and further your brand’s reach at the same time. Continue reading to see how this played out for us recently, along with all o

ToolsMay 4, 2015
21 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools for Businesses and Marketers

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts —multiple channels for you and multiple channels for your brand perhaps—it sure helps to save time with the right tools. We’ve found time-saving tools for Twitter and Facebook and our daily social media marketing [https://buf

Tips / How ToApr 29, 2015
We Tried All the Best Pinterest Marketing Tips. Here’s What Worked.

Is your brand—personal or professional—on Pinterest? Seventy million people are, with a large number of those being bloggers, companies, brands, and businesses. The opportunities to expand your reach and meet your audience are many on Pinterest, and they come in many unique ways. Though falling under the umbrella of social media marketing, Pinterest has its own special notes and best practices that help make it an extremely fun, exciting place to test, iterate, and add value to those on the net

Content MarketingApr 15, 2015
How to Write a Blog Post: A Full Breakdown of How We Do it at Buffer

In my experience, one of the best ways to write great content is to make time to write great content. I’m grateful that the team at Buffer emphasizes the blog as a means of helping others, spreading the word about Buffer, and sharing our learnings and improvements . This allows me to spend the time writing. And how do I spend that time? I’d love to show you

Content MarketingApr 13, 2015
How Content Promotion Works for Blogs Big and Small: Our 11 Favorite Content Distribution Strategies

Did you know: Some bloggers recommend you spend as much time promoting your content as you do writing it. (Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has an 80/20 split : 80 percent promotion, 20 percent writing.) Wow, this is an area I fall well short on. I’m so impressed by those who hustle to get their content out there and in front of as many people as possible

The Eternally Clickable Headlines of Buffer (And How to Write and Find Your Own)

One of our favorite tips on getting more value out of social media: Share your blog posts and articles more than once. We’ve come up with a sharing schedule for every new blog post that publishes on the Buffer blog—sharing the post when it publishes, later the same day, the next day, later in the week, and on and on into the future. And in doing so, we’ve come across so

AnalyticsApr 8, 2015
How We Doubled Our Clicks From Facebook, Plus All Our Stats and Strategies on Social Media

How do you get more clicks from Facebook? We’ve thought about this question lots before. It’s come up in our monthly reports and audits. Facebook marketing is one of the most exciting social media areas we’re eager to improve. And this month, we may have hit on a strategy that works. We’re happy to share with you all our latest social media stats and strategies from the last month—including what we’re trying with Facebook—in hopes that it may encourage or inspire some thoughts from you as wel

Guides & CoursesApr 6, 2015
The Complete Social Media Checklist for Writing Winning Posts

Before you hit the Publish button or send an update to the queue, what do you do? Quite often, I find myself publishing instinctively and sometimes failing to consider all the necessary questions and guidelines for what makes a wildly successful, viral —and valuable !—social media update. To do righ

How to Use Medium: The Complete Guide to Medium for Marketers

Imagine starting a blog with zero overhead. Imagine having a place online to write your thoughts, tips, and learnings and share with a built-in audience and an immediate potential for viral traffic . Imagine a really great writing app . This is Medium , a blogging platform from the creator of Blogger and Twitter. It’s slick and snappy and could very we

ResearchMar 25, 2015
The Research & Science Behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture

One of the first things I do when I join a new social network is to upload a profile picture. But which profile picture should I choose? Is there a best one? Profile pictures have always been a bit of a gray area for me inasmuch as I post a picture I think looks good without knowing its actual effect on my audience . Is there such thing as a perfect, best profil

AnalyticsMar 18, 2015
How to Create a Social Media Report and Explain It to Your Boss or Client

You’re rocking social media. You’re finding great content to share, you’re writing the best headlines, you’re engaging and automating and seeing your brand soar. How will you let your boss or client know all the great stuff you’re up to? Is there an easy way to see for yourself how things are going? Creating a social media report can be key to explaining your progress on social media. You can choose the stats that matter and deliver it in an easy-to-understand way; there’re tons of personal

#wpMar 16, 2015
How to Create Shareworthy Twitter Images: 10 Ways to Maximize Engagement on Your Tweets

For gaining more engagement, clicks, retweets, and replies, Twitter images work. It’s why we created Pablo—a simple way to create social media images in under 30 seconds—and it’s why we love sharing all the tips we can about creating great visuals for social media. Our own research has helped us see the value of Twitter images as being eminently click-worthy and shareworthy. There are a whole host of different ways to add these engaging images to your tweets. I’d love to round up a list of 10

Your 50 Favorite Blogs: The Most-Loved Marketing, Social Media, and Productivity Blogs of Buffer Readers

Having a list of go-to blogs can be a great source of information and inspiration. In our case, the blogs and websites we visit most often provide some amazing articles with in-depth insights, tips, and strategies that help inform our social media sharing. Likewise, the amazing content gives us something to aim for and ideas for what to cover next. We’ve shared a bit about favorite blogs for content marketing and blogs for advanced marketing. Now it’s time to ask you: What are your favorite b

AnalyticsMar 4, 2015
Behind-the-Scenes: The Social Media Strategies We Use at Buffer, Plus All Our Latest Stats

Sharing transparently about all aspects of what we do at Buffer—pricing, salaries, fund-raising, earnings, hiring, and more—has been an amazing opportunity to connect with and learn from others. We get such great ideas and encouragement from sharing openly. We’ve shared before about our content marketing goals, numbers, and adventures, and I’d love to continue these stories in regular blog posts here! I’ll be sharing how we’re doing, what we’re up to, what we have planned for the future, and a

Guides & CoursesMar 2, 2015
The 29 Most Common Social Media Rules: Which Ones Are Real? Which Ones Are Breakable?

How did you end up learning the unwritten rules for social media etiquette? For me, it was a lot of watching and waiting, a bit of experimenting , and tons of trial and error. When I first started out on social media , I had just the most basic rules and intuitions. Even now, I feel like I learn a new quirk or quibble on a near-daily basis. It’s hard to know which

Online MarketingFeb 27, 2015
The Complete, Actionable Guide to Marketing Personas

I am writing this post to Dan, Mary, Steven, and Rachel—one of whom is likely you. You see, Dan, Mary, Steven, and Rachel are personas, created with a combination of raw data and educated guesses, representing slices of this blog’s readership. Dan could be you, and Mary could be your coworker. What these sketches provide is a touchstone for creating content : When I can put a name and a background to the people reading what I write, I c

ResearchFeb 25, 2015
Infographic: How Often Should You Post on Social Media? See the Most Popular Research and Tips

It seems like a great portion of the social media research we do at Buffer often comes back to a few big questions for social media sharing. How do I get more followers ? What should I share? When should I share it? And how often s

#wpFeb 24, 2015
How to Build a Company and a Content Strategy Based on Values: Inside Rand Fishkin’s Journey With Moz

Do you have a favorite author or blog whose content is always so amazingly useful that it earns an automatic read every single time something new comes out? Rand Fishkin is one of those authors for me. And Moz is one of those blogs. Rand’s slide deck on content marketing is one of our favorite content resources here at Buffer. His article about individual contributors [http://moz.

Content MarketingFeb 19, 2015
How to Fully Understand Your Audience’s Journey, From Social to Blog Post and Beyond

When you sign up for a new app, what are the first steps you take? Customizing your settings? Installing add-ons and extensions? Setting up your profile pic? (<– this is a personal favorite) The steps you’re asked to take—click here, customize this, try that—are referred to as onboarding, the process of helping a new person get accustomed to a new place. You’re likely to experience onboarding in many different cases. There’s onboarding in the new apps you download and services you use. Ther

Content MarketingFeb 17, 2015
The Best Content Marketing Tools to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

💡Looking for an easy way to save all your best ideas? Check out Ideas from Buffer → Some of my favorite tools posts end up being the ones where people share the specific tools they use to get jobs done. There’s power in knowing the tools that others find useful and important enough to make part of their regular workflow. For content marketing, I seem to take a particularly keen interest because I’m always on the hunt for new and amazing products to try, and I also appreciate a thoughtful rec

Self-ImprovementFeb 3, 2015
5 Writing Books That Have Made Me a Better, More Creative Writer

The bookshelf in my office holds a single shelf of paperback books that are very special to me. Amidst the nearby clutter of boxes and miscellany (I find the bookshelf is seldom used for books anymore) sits a row of my favorite writing books and reference guides, stacked chronologically from the time I bought them, each one brought down once a year or so for a fun refresher. Some folks read the same novel multiple times for fun. I tend to read the same writing books [

Guides & CoursesJan 28, 2015
25 Questions To Help You Define Your Social Media Marketing Strategy (and How to Find the Answers)

Whether you’re starting a social media marketing plan from scratch or redefining an existing social media strategy , we’ve found that taking a moment to reflect on some key questions can be a really valuable exercise. These Big Important questions—capital “B,” capital “I”—can help point you down the best path with your social media efforts and ensure that the time you spend [https://b

Online MarketingJan 26, 2015
Get to Know Your Audience: 15 Incredibly Useful Market Research Tools

You may have heard it said that understanding your audience on social media is one of the keys to success with social media marketing. (We may have even said it ourselves a time or two!) Makes a lot of sense. The more you know about your audience, the better you’ll be able to deliver the kind of helpful content and updates they’re interested in. So what might be the simplest, most efficient ways of understanding an audience? This is the part where I often get stuck: Implementing the good advi

The Definitive List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations, Defined

Just today, I found out what SOV means. Researching this post, in fact, was the first time I discovered the definition (SOV = “Share of Voice,” by the way!). I had seen it on social media articles and updates and never knew what it meant. Do you have similar acronyms or abbreviations you’ve wondered about? Our social media shorthand is amazingly extensive. We have acronyms and abbreviations for not only the marketing terms that we use but also the w