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ToolsDec 29, 2012
The Top 10 Secret Buffer Hacks and Features: Supercharge Your Social Sharing in 2013

2012 is almost over and it’s been an absolutely crazy year here at Buffer. We launched a brand new iPhone app and web app and tons of new app integrations . Amidst developing all these new things, our team has also built in some nifty secret hacks and lesser known ways to use Buffer. To make your sharing even more awesome and to give you an edge over everyone else, here are the top 10 hacks and hidden tricks to ta

ToolsDec 11, 2012
How to Get the Most out of the New Buffer iPhone App

With the brand new web app we are launching today, we’ve got another special gift ready for you, just in time for Christmas. The brand new Buffer iPhone app has hit the app store today. We’ve made tons of improvements and revamped the app to work with some exciting new features. Most importantly, you can do nearly all the things you can already do from the web app in the iPhone app now too. The Buffer iPhone app is

ToolsDec 11, 2012
The Complete Guide to the Brand New Buffer Web App

What a crazy few weeks here at Buffer HQ in San Francisco to make everything work out in time for Christmas. The last thing we wanted to happen was for you to not get your shiny new presents. And fortunately, it all worked out. The brand new Buffer is ready today. We’re launching both a brand new web app and iPhone app today. So without, further ado, let’s dig in and have a look around about what’s new: Easily

ToolsNov 6, 2012
3 Awesome New Ways to Share All Day Long With a Full Buffer

Every week, over 1 million posts are shared via Buffer. It’s an amount that always blows my mind. At the start of Buffer, it took 6 months to send 100,000 updates. Now there are more than 140,000 posts every single day. With so many updates being sent through Buffer every day, it can still be difficult to keep your Buffer full, day in day out. So, to make your life easier, we’ve started to get Buffer into various news reading apps you and lots of others have asked for. Today, I’m super excited

ToolsSep 19, 2012
How to Create and Share Your Own Beautiful Online Newspaper – and Buffer Team Up

If you are anything like me, then every day, you are finding lots of amazing content out there on the web. Of course, sharing the best bits and pieces with your followers and friends is an awesome of staying in touch with a large network. One thing, that I’ve always loved to do though is to put all these amazing articles and videos together on a dedicated site for everyone to browse through. lets you do exactly that and you can easily collect websites and create a beautiful newspaper o

ToolsAug 30, 2012
How to Find and Share the Most Popular Links for the Topics You Are Interested In

“Bottlenose is to social networks what Google is to the web.” Is how Bottlenose CEO Nova Spivack recently explained the brand new version of its site. Intrigued as I was, I went ahead and checked out what the team has been up to. Bottlenose features now a real time search engine that queries all public information from Social Networks, groups and displays them in algorithmic order of importance. The result?

ToolsAug 21, 2012
Why Buffer Integrated With From Day One

It’s been about 1 week now, since has reached their funding goal via a Kickstarter like funding process. They’ve raised a total of $803,000 from the original $500,000 that were sought to raise. Around the same time as Dalton Caldwell, App.n

ToolsAug 14, 2012
Kippt and Buffer Partner for a Smarter Way to Save and Share Your Links

Update: Sad news – Kippt shut down on September 6, 2015. Since the very start of launching Buffer, quite a while ago , there were a few things that you and lots of other users have requested time and time again. One of the things was to have an archive of all things that you have ever Buffered. This always made a lot of sense. You find something amazing on the web, that you want to share. Well, you also want to fi

ToolsAug 2, 2012
The Buffer API Is Ready: Check Out 15 Awesome Apps You Can Use to Share With Buffer

When we first started out building Buffer, we were a tiny app. You should see how things were back when we started out super lean . Since then, we have focused on one aspect with our company only: How can we make sharing links, videos and images to your social networks easier and more po

ToolsJun 14, 2012
HOW TO Use Reeder and Buffer for smarter reading and sharing

If you are a die-hard iPhone user and love sharing from the iPhone like me, today is an awesome day for you. Reeder just released a brand new version of their iPhone app, 3.0. What is Reeder ? Reeder is an incredibly beautiful and intuitive RSS newsreading app. It is packed with lots of features to make reading your favorite articles as easy as possible. With the latest update to a brand new 3.0 version, it now has also got native Buffer

ToolsJun 12, 2012
What’s The #1 Social Networking Tool In Your Arsenal? (Hint: It Definitely Isn’t Your Twitter Account)

Human beings are social animals. We absolutely depend on interaction to survive. (Don’t believe me? Check out how solitary confinement destroys our brains) Is it any wonder that social “networking” has taken off like a rocket in the last few years? The thing is, the #1 social networking tool sadly isn’t getting utilized by most people. It’s a shame, because practically everyone (especially college students, prospective jo

ToolsJun 7, 2012
7 Great Tools To Make Your Twitter Account Stand Out

This is a guestpost by Mary Weinstein (@MerryWhy ). Mary is a blogger and data feed management consultant.  More on her at the bottom of the post. I love an ice cream sundae, but it’s not quite as amazing without that cherry on top. Similarly, Twitter is an amazingly helpful tool and with the help of some apps can take it to the next level of deliciousness. Below are the most useful applications which have served as the toppings

ToolsMay 24, 2012
6 Ways To Use Ifttt & Buffer For Social Media Success

Social media networking is fun, however to achieve success, maximize our efforts and time spent, we will need to use tools. This guide utilizes Buffer and If This Then That (IFTTT). For the benefit of readers that are new to Buffer and IFTTT, here is what these 2 free web tools can do for you: Buffer: Schedule Facebook status updates, tweets, and LinkedIn updates. I believe in the near future more will be added, and this will create more opportunities for us to leverage Buffer further. IFTTT:

ToolsMay 24, 2012
3 Great New Ways To Supercharge Sharing With Buffer

Around 3 months ago, we have opened up the Buffer API to all the awesome app developers out there to build something amazing. And they did! Over a dozen cool integrations have been launched since and lots more are in the pipeline to be unveiled soon. Today, I thought I’d pick three of the most interesting and useful integrations to date and explain how you can make the most of them: Ifttt : Put the internet

ToolsApr 30, 2012
4 Tips To Get More Out Of With The Brand New Buffer Plugin has a gorgeous interface I believe. It is extremely simple, without any bells and whistles. A t the same time, if you are trying to make your workflow more efficient, getting by with just is a little difficult, you probably already know this. As of a few days ago, we have therefore added a brand new Chrome extension that will give you a great new experience right on With

ToolsApr 13, 2012
How To Buffer Your Pictures For Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

There is a big thing happening right now I believe: the web is going all in with pictures. It’s something you have probably already discovered. Instagram, Pinterest, 9GAG are the top sites who have embraced this and made it super simple to work with pictures in an enjoyable way. At the same time, pictures on Facebook for example, continue to drive the most engagement. And frankly, we can’t blame anyone. Pictures are just awesome! They carry a message over to you in just a second, this is cer

ToolsApr 2, 2012
How To Read and Share More Efficiently From Your iPad: Mr. Reader and Buffer Team Up

Today, I’ll have to let you in on a little secret. Despite a lot of great people who have suggested many times to start using RSS feeds, I never got around to do it. Yet, a few weeks back it happened. Why? A gorgeous iPad app for RSS reading called Mr. Reader , has freshly added Buffer support for sharing of articles. It was the kick-off of a lot of app integrations lying ahead for Buffer in the coming weeks. A

ToolsMar 6, 2012
The Complete Guide to Getting More Social Traffic To Your Blog With Digg Digg

Over 200 million Tweets are put out every day, together with over 4 billion items posted on Facebook. One of the most important things for our work here at Buffer was always to help you share more efficiently and with higher impact on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. So as of today, I’m super excited to share that we have added Digg Digg as a new core product to help you be more awesome on Social Media. This is a big step towards changing

ToolsFeb 28, 2012
How To Add The Pinterest Pin It Button To Your Blog And Let People Pin Posts With Pictures

Oh yes, it really seems as if Pinterest is going to take over the Social Media world, with all the recent craze that has been created around it. Every 60 seconds, there are over 1000 new visitors, which are flooding the service, revealed a recent infographic . And frankly, I can’t blame anyone for it. The beautiful boards and new approach to a newsstream, just makes it incredibly easy to browse through the differ

ToolsFeb 23, 2012
HOW TO Use The Brand New Buffer For LinkedIn

There was some great news from LinkedIn announced recently. The 3rd largest Social Network, announced that over 150 million users are now on board using the platform. Hitting that milestone couldn’t be timed any better. Over here at Buffer , we are excited to let you know, that from today onwards, you are able to Buffer your LinkedIn updates very easily. It is the third Social Network we are supporting now, on top of Twitter and Facebook [

ToolsDec 28, 2011
HOW TO Post Your Tweets At Optimal Times

Ever wondered what your truly best times to Tweet are? Knowing when you can reach most of your friends and followers can have a huge impact. We found that it can increase the number of clicks by 200% , double your retweets and considerably increase your Klout score. So, over the past few weeks, we over here at Buffer sat down with the team from SocialBro and brainstormed a solution for you. SocialBro [

ToolsDec 8, 2011
HOW TO Schedule Your Retweets From Any Twitter Client

Have you ever wanted to browse your Twitter stream and filter the best Tweets to be scheduled and retweeted later on? For long, this was one of those things that I always wanted to do. Whilst it is very easy to do this if you are using , it is a lot harder to schedule any retweets from our great dashboards at TweetDeck, HootSuite, Twitter for Mac or any other client you might be using. Fortunately, there is an awesome wa

ToolsOct 23, 2011
Infographic: Twitter Tips, Tools And News You May Have Missed

We learned some amazing new things about Twitter this week (details at “9 Stunning New Facts …”) and there’s a great infographic of them for you in just a moment. But first, check out some of the great Twitter tips and tools posts from this week: * 5 Great Things Twitter Helps You Do * 5 Ways Detailed Tweets Get You More Followers [

ToolsOct 15, 2011
HOW TO Tweet With Siri From Your iPhone

HOT Update: Siri for iPhone4 is being tested . All the buzz that has been happening around Apple’s new personal assistant was quite overwhelming. The things Siri can and can’t do have been documented very widely. The one question, we Buffer guys asked ourselves obviously was: How can I Tweet using Apple’s Siri? And fortunately there is already a solution for this, which is quite simple: 1.) Connecting your phone number wi