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ToolsNov 12, 2015
All You Need to Know About Snapchat: A Bufferchat Recap

Chris Mikulin stopped by #bufferchat on November 11th to share his insights about using Snapchat as a strategic tool. We had an awesome chat all about when, where, why and how to use it to engage with your audience/community and beyond! Check out the recap below for (almost) all you need to know about Snapchat! Catch ourweekly Twitter chat, #bufferchat, every week on Wednesdays, 9 a

ToolsJul 17, 2015
The Big List of IFTTT Recipes: 40+ Hacks for Hardcore Social Media Productivity

We are all about working smarter here at Buffer. Our focus on improvement and efficiency has led us to blog smarter , share smarter , and approach problems and activities with a fresh perspective

ToolsMay 11, 2015
Collaboration Tools for Social Media Teams: You Don’t Have to Do It All Alone

Just the other day, peeking into the social media schedule here at Buffer, I noticed that it was full of wonderfully-worded, completely click-worthy, queued posts—posts that I spent zero time writing or adding. Such is the beauty of collaborating together on social media sharing. Taking a team approach to filling a queue or managing a social channel is a splendid way of saving time on social media. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Others have amazing ideas and content to share. And of

ToolsMay 4, 2015
21 Time-Saving Pinterest Tools for Businesses and Marketers

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts —multiple channels for you and multiple channels for your brand perhaps—it sure helps to save time with the right tools. We’ve found time-saving tools for Twitter and Facebook and our daily social media marketing [https://buf

ToolsJan 14, 2015
How to Schedule Retweets to Share at the Perfect Time, Without Ever Flooding Your Followers

This post originally published on May 15, 2013. We’ve updated it here with the latest, newest information, screenshots, and videos. The retweet function has been a favorite way of ours to give appreciation and acknowledgment to the tweets we love. And we’ve often wondered: What happens when we love a lot of tweets? Or when we find an awesome tweet at an odd hour? Being able to schedule your retweets gives you an awesome opportunity to show your support and engagement for other people’s tweets—

ToolsDec 23, 2014
Time-Saving Templates and Tools for Social Media and Blogging

Templates and tools can help you work smarter and save you time and help your efforts go further. Buffer’s Kevan Lee shared his best tools, tips and tricks for his blogging and social media strategy at our weekly Twitter chat, #Bufferchat. Check out the curated Storify recap here ! What tools or apps do you use on a daily basis? From Kevan: *

ToolsNov 10, 2014
Your Content, Everywhere: The 17 Best Tools to Get Your Content Its Largest Audience

When you’re creating useful, actionable, epic content, everyone deserves to see it. So how do you get your hard work and effort seen by the largest audience possible? We’ve considered that question often at Buffer, as we try to maximize our content so it reaches the people who need it. There are certain strategies you can put into place for spreading your content far and wide, and there are a good number of tools that can help these strategies run super smooth. Here are the tools we use (and

ToolsNov 6, 2014
How Social Media Automation Can Cut Your Sharing Time in Half

Imagine taking a week off at the beach while your social media profiles hummed along without missing a beat. One of the greatest social media superpowers you hold—as an individual, a brand, or an agency—is the ability to control time. With the right tool, you can post into the future so that the next two days, two weeks, or even two months are taken care of, no matter where you happen to be. Social media automation makes it possible to save time, stay flexible, and plan your online marketing s

ToolsOct 27, 2014
45 Best Mobile Apps and Tools for Marketers: How to Manage Social Media From Anywhere

You get a ton done when you’re at your computer, speeding away on the day’s social media strategy . Might there be a way to wring some productivity when you’re away from your desk? Mobile apps and tools can make it so a marketer’s entire day is filled with opportunities to connect, engage, and share. You can get more

ToolsOct 14, 2014
This Agency Manages 93 Social Media Profiles: Learn the 8 Essential Tools That Keep Them Going

You compete with millions of other blogs on creating and sharing craveable content. You manage multiple social media accounts , seeking that sweet spot of targeted, valuable, engaging updates. You do this all day, day after day. Imagine having some tools on hand that make these daily activities even easier. Tony Restell understands

ToolsOct 6, 2014
23 Tools and Resources to Create Images for Social Media

Update – we launched Pablo a new tool to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds You can use Pablo right from the get-go, no need to login or create an account. Just quickly create amazing images super fast. You can try out the first version of Pablo right now – no login

ToolsSep 29, 2014
How to Run a Facebook Contest, Analyze Your Page, and More: 11 Ideal Facebook Tools for Marketers

We’ve posted huge, helpful lists on social media tools for small business (61!) free Twitter tools (59!), and free marketing tools (29!). Facebook is next—though the list won’t be quite as huge. The built-in tools that Facebook offers to business pages an

ToolsSep 5, 2014
The Ultimate List of Social Publishing Tools: 87 Key Resources for Creating and Sharing Online

Jason Keath from Social Fresh Conference joined us this week to discuss all the social media tools needed for social publishing, blogging and more! Check out the highlights of the chat on Storify here! Here are some of the tools covered in the chat (though some might fit into multiple categories). Daily Social Publishing * Tweetdeck * Coschedule * ClicktoTweet * Buffer * WordPress * Photoshop * Mention * Hootsuite * SumAll * BuzzSumo * Twitter * YouTube * Facebook * Daily app

ToolsJul 24, 2014
38 Tools for Getting More Ideas: An Idea Generation #Bufferchat Recap

What are the best ways to generate fresh content to keep feeding the blog or social media stream? This week’s #Bufferchat discussed just that with Courtney Seiter, Buffer’s head of content marketing. We were so excited to have our largest attendance yet—197 contributors and 1800 tweets—and to see so many new, bright and shiny faces! Check out the full Storify curation here. Here’s a look at some of the tips and tools highlighted in the chat! What is the best way to find out what content yo

ToolsJul 10, 2014
30+ Social Media Monitoring Tools, Tips, And Strategies: A #Bufferchat Recap

Update – we launched Respond a social listening tool and customer service tool Respond displays your community’s tweets in a real-time tweet inbox. The list of new messages—both tweets and DMs—runs down the left column. Each particular message opens into the panel on the right. This intuitive layout gives the Twitter stream an inbox feel where you can reply, archive, keep track of conversations, and—excitedly—reach inbox zero! We’d love for you to experience the real-time support experience w

ToolsJul 9, 2014
10 Time-Saving Social Media Tools for a Productive Summer

Imagine you’ve got a week’s vacation planned this summer (lucky you!), and you’d love nothing more than for your social media efforts to keep humming right along while you’re gone. No problem. There are a handful of social media tools that can assist with your out-of-office marketing. Automation techniques can help fill your queue, and the 10 tools below can help you keep tabs on your profiles, engage with your audience, and communicate with your team. Here are 10 time-saving social media tool

ToolsJul 2, 2014
The Best Tools and Sources for Visuals in Social Media: A #Bufferchat Recap

Social media is getting more and more visual. We just can’t get enough photos, videos, GIFs, infographics, and charts. It’s something we’ve blogged about before and certainly something we’ll cover again, given the momentum of sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. At Buffer, we even make multiple original images for most of our blog posts, and our favorite tool for that job is awesome image-maker Canva. Recently we invited Peg Fitzpatrick, Head of Social Strategy at Canva, to join us in for a

ToolsApr 21, 2014
The Big List of The 61 Best Social Media Tools for Small Business

Banana Republic and Susan’s Neighborhood Shirt Shop could be using the same social networks—Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.—but their marketing plans and their marketing tools are likely quite different. Enterprise solutions are great for the big guys, but the rest of us are in the market for something more our size. Small businesses are eager to find valuable tools that take a lot of the time and trouble out of social media marketing and that do so without costing an arm and a leg. I think we

ToolsMar 26, 2014
The Social Media Automation Strategy Every Marketer Needs

When I was in elementary school, my wardrobe was fully automated. I had a certain pair of sweatpants for Mondays, jeans for Tuesdays, Zubaz for Wednesdays, and so on. It was quite the system for a fourth-grader! Automation has been a big part of my life ever since. I love to find helpful ways to work smarter—anything to shave an extra few minutes off my day. Automation, when done right, scratches this itch perfectly. The same holds for automation of one’s social media marketing. There are huge

ToolsJan 28, 2014
14 Great Tools to Create Engaging Infographics and Images for your Social Media Posts

Update – we launched Pablo a new tool to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds You can use Pablo right from the get-go, no need to login or create an account. Just quickly create amazing images super fast. You can try out the first version of Pablo right now – no login

ToolsAug 28, 2013
Introducing Buffer for Google+: The Easiest Way to Post to Your Google+ Business Page

An unbelievable 3,613 people voted on a particular item in our feedback forum for which feature we should build next. It has been holding the #1 spot as most requested feature from our users for almost 2 years. We couldn’t be any more excited to finally unveil it to everyone. Buffer is now available for Google+ Pages. Anyone can now easily hook up their Google+ page and start posting and scheduling great content through Buffer to keep your Google+

ToolsJul 11, 2013
Echofon and Buffer Partner to Give You the Smartest Twitter Client for Android and iPhone

Over the last few months, we launched a ton of new integrations for you to use Buffer with other tools, such as Feedly, Followerwonk and lots of others. One of the most important ways to use Buffer was still something that was very hard to do: Directly schedule Tweets and retweets via Buffer inside a Twitter client. So we are super excited to announce that with today, we have partnered with Echofon, one of the most established Twitter clients for Android and iPhone to help you Buffer your tw

ToolsJun 5, 2013
How to Share Your Tweets at Optimal Times: Followerwonk and Buffer Team Up

Ever since I’ve started blogging about topics on social media and especially Twitter, one of the questions that I have by far heard the most often is the following: “When is the best time to Tweet for me to reach more followers?” A lot of this requires a lot of data-analysis and whilst a ton of tools exist out there, they aren’t always terribly accurate. That’s why we’ve come up with this: We couldn’t be any more excited to have teamed up with the folks from Followerwonk [https://follower

ToolsMar 14, 2013
Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives That Work With Buffer

There is no doubt that you have heard about the uproar on Twitter and the blogosphere: Google Reader is shutting down. As of July 1, 2013 Google will discontinue Google Reader and shut down the site. A lot of people, who have been using Buffer with Google Reader got in touch with us yesterday asking if there is any way to keep reading their RSS feeds whilst sharing their articles with Buffer. And most importantly a Google Reader alternative to be safe after the site shuts down. And fortunately