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News and TrendsJan 15, 2014
10 Big, Recent Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Changes You Should Know for a Better Social Media Strategy

Social media changes so fast that we often miss the small differences on each platform we use. Every now and then I find it really useful to do a roundup of what’s been changing on the big networks lately. Here are ten changes I found that took place in the last couple of months, which could be useful for you

News and TrendsOct 22, 2013
7 Big, Recent Twitter Changes you Should Know About to Optimize Your Tweeting

Wow, it’s really not a small task these days to keep up with all the recent changes to Social Media. Only a few weeks ago, we talked about the biggest, new Facebook changes where especially the link posting iterations changed a lot of our behaviors. Looking at the biggest Social Media statistics [

News and TrendsOct 1, 2013
7 Big Facebook Changes You Should Know About for a Better Facebook Strategy

Facebook changes so fast, I often miss new features or updates to existing ones. Since there have been a few changes recently, I thought it would be helpful to do a bit of a wrap-up of what Facebook’s been up to. 1. Images are now bigger and wider – Here are the right sizes to use Some recent changes to how Facebook displays thumbnail images mean that we need to be more aware of the size and aspect ration of any pictures we post. Because Facebook will automatically resize images that don’t matc

News and TrendsMay 2, 2013
Social Media in 2013: User Demographics For Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

Out of all internet users 67% are using social networks. And which kind of demographic uses which social network has been forever interesting for marketers. Some of the latest insights from Pew Research centers reveals the latest stats. Twitter is still used more than Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Also, African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely to use Twitter than Whites, according to the study. Most of the findings are in line with what you might expect and some are truly surprising.

News and TrendsMar 5, 2012
New Facebook Page Timeline: The 7 Essential Things You Need To Know

This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti from Sparring Mind, the behavioral psychology blog. More about him at the bottom of the post. The new Facebook timeline has been creating quite a stir recently, and all the more so ever since Facebook started rolling out the previews for the new timeline for fan pages. This will inevitably lead to a ton of posts on the subject, but in true social media fashion, too much time is going to be spent

News and TrendsJan 9, 2012
5 Reasons Facebook Is Changing Completely And How To Make The Most Of It

There were two very interesting events happening today. First, Mari Smith posted an update, where she mentioned this : The News Feed is *clearly* favoring posts and activity from friends and subscriptions (vs. fan pages) — it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get fan page content seen in the News Feed. A few hours later, Pat Flynn posted something very simil

News and TrendsJan 4, 2012
7 Twitter Habits To Adopt In 2012 To Double Your Followers

So when it comes to Twitter, I recently read a fantastic post from Lance Ulanoff , editor of Mashable about the topic. In his post he head one resolution that went like this: I want to double my Twitter audience in 2012 He said that he didn’t quite know how to achieve this. Yet having a larger audience that is interested in what he is doing, would be very interesting to him. Heck yes I thoug

News and TrendsNov 9, 2011
Facebook Stops Penalizing Third-Party Apps, Focuses On Posting Quality

Wow, this is one of the most exciting updates coming from Facebook in a long time. When it became clear after a recent study that Facebook penalizes 3rd party Apps significantly, there was a lot of uproar. A large number of publishers were facing a strong disadvantage when it came to posting updates. In a recent study it was revealed that engagement with posts from these 3rd party Apps can drop up to 80% [

News and TrendsNov 2, 2011
Twitter Adds 3 Hot New Features: Top News, Top People and Quick View

It continually amazes me how such a large company with over 600 employees like Twitter, can continue to launch new features so fast. We and lots of others have just spotted 3 new Twitter features that should help you find the most relevant people faster and more accurately. At over 250 million Tweets posted daily, Dick Costolo has unveiled a few weeks back already that Twitter will focus on surfacing the best content from these

News and TrendsOct 30, 2011
Twitter Tips, Tools And News You May Have Missed This Week

In this week’s headlines we saw thousands of hijacked Twitter users have their passwords reset again. (Of course, we also learned that Facebook fights 600,000 compromised logins every day!) This was the week Twitter began testing an expandable timeline,  the first user reached 15 million followers (@LadyGaga), and a new tool was released to show you the demographics of all your followers. Oh, and we learned that the “real” Voldemort has a problem with Twitter, when Ralph Fiennes blamed Twitter

News and TrendsOct 27, 2011
Klout’s Recent Changes Explained By Their CEO [EXCLUSIVE]

Wow, what can I tell you guys? Last night’s #ToolsChat has just been completely out of control. Not only did Klout’s CEO Joe Fernandez join us to explain the recent changes, but the stream and discussion from everyone joining in was purely amazing. After Joe joined, everything got seriously heated up. People, pro and con Klout joined in from all sides. Here is a summary and highlights from the chat for you: What has changed? Joe explained [

News and TrendsOct 18, 2011
9 Stunning New Facts About Twitter

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed nine stunning new facts about Twitter during an interview at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco just a few hours ago (Monday, October 17.) 1. Twitter Is Growing 300% Faster…Thanks To “Mentor” Apple Buffer this iOS 5 Integration Made Signups Increase 3x, Costolo said. Signups began jumping on the first day of iOS 5′s availability, October 12.

News and TrendsOct 16, 2011
The Hottest Twitter Tips, Tools, Topics And Warnings This Week

The Week in Twitter Tools A great post on 8 hot updates to some of the coolest free Twitter tools out there hit the web this week. Problogger talked about spending a month with Bufferapp, and we learned in 3 Tips To Make Your Daily Tweeting Easier how to use Buffer to make Twitter work for you even when you can’t or shouldn’t tweet, or are not in the mood. Hot news ► New Data On Sharing Some highlights from data released this week included: 1. Twitter had nearly seven times the growth

News and TrendsOct 11, 2011
Twitter Again Resets Thousands Of Hijacked Accounts

If you’ve ever logged into Twitter, but didn’t check the URL to see if it really said in it, you may have logged into a fake site which stole your password. Which can make you very confused and angry! Urgent UPDATE FROM TWITTER Buffer this If Twitter has detected that you ha

News and TrendsOct 6, 2011
Watch Out! How Twitter Can Block You From Following ANYONE

Suddenly one day you wake up, and discover that…Twitter won’t let you follow anyone anymore. Oh no! What happened? I get this question a LOT. People ask: * What can I do? People are following me and I can’t follow them back! * Why didn’t Twitter tell me about this when I joined! Unfortunately, you’ve run up against one of Twitter’s limits. Twitter won’t let you follow an unlimited number of people unless enough people also follow you back. To get past the limit, you’ll either need to get

News and TrendsApr 21, 2011
Is Tweet Scheduling Mainstream Now?

Yes, yes, I know, Joel and me are running a Tweet Scheduling App , so the answer to the above question might be well anticipated. Yet this post is about to drift off in a quite different direction. I want to share my thoughts with you about how perception of using optimization or automation on Twitter changed. [blackbirdpie url=”!/marketingwizdom/status/60088402967666688″] This quote from Robert Clay, someone I truly respect for his fine thoughts on S

News and TrendsApr 15, 2011
3 new Twitter Stories we want to share

If you want to walk fast, walk alone – If you want to walk far, walk together ~ Chinese Proverb 1.) Becoming Part of Aaron’s Tribe Starring Aaron Lee alias @AskAaronLee If you are only slightly interested in the things going on around Twitter and Social Media I am sure you came across Aaron already. Either via his great resources on his blog or his insightful Twitter account. I like to say that Aaron is Gary Vaynerchuck focusing on Social Media instead of wine. The e