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Twitter Adds 3 Hot New Features: Top News, Top People and Quick View

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

It continually amazes me how such a large company with over 600 employees like Twitter, can continue to launch new features so fast. We and lots of others have just spotted 3 new Twitter features that should help you find the most relevant people faster and more accurately.

At over 250 million Tweets posted daily, Dick Costolo has unveiled a few weeks back already that Twitter will focus on surfacing the best content from these millions of Tweets. With the new features they have certainly made a step in the right direction. You can now get the “Top News” as well as “Top People” whenever you do a Twitter search.

Get your “Top News”

The first and most exciting feature to me is the introduction of top news. Whenever you enter a search term Twitter now shows you one of the most relevant links regarding that hashtag or keyword right at the top.

In the case of “#twitter” I was actually pretty impressed and very happy with the suggestion from the article. There is also the fact that promoted Tweets really don’t feel very addy at all to me and are much less emphasised with this new view below:

Find your “Top People”

The second change that I noticed was the introduction of top people whenever you search for a name. I found this to be a great improvement as you can follow the person right from there, without clicking through to the profile.

Get a “Quick View” of people

Although a lot of people noticed the first two changes, there is actually a third addition that I spotted which is also very useful. I don’t actually know whether Twitter calls this feature “Quick View” but I found it most appropriate.

Twitter, as we know, lets you follow a conversation by clicking on the Tweet itself. Once you are on that page, you can now click on any Twitter username that is mentioned and instead of getting back to the normal profile, you get a convenient overlay with the latest Tweets. Very fancy and elegant solution if you ask me:

I am very excited about these updates and believe it makes a lot more useful again.

How about you? Will these feature add any value to your experience on Twitter?

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