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Dave Larson

Dave Larson

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Tips / How ToMar 1, 2012
▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ HOW TO Add Cool Emojis & Symbols Like These To Your Tweets ♬♡►♪☺♫

Editor’s Note: Wow – a lot has changed since March of 2012! It’s always so much fun to look back on older posts like this one and to realize how far we’ve come in a relatively short period of time! We just wanted to take a few minutes to give you a quick how-to in today’s world, and we also wanted to share a couple of newer posts that we’ve written on emojis that you might be interested in ?? Emojis now come standard on our smart phone keyboards, and using them has almost become second nature f

Guides & CoursesNov 4, 2011
Infographics: How To Get A Job And Build A Career in Social Media

So you want a job in social media, do you? Realize it’s not always about experience.  Attitude sometimes has a lot to do with getting hired in a social media job. Your future employer will Google you, and top social networks you are on will appear. So be on all the big ones, and be current, appealing, and active. An up-to-date profile with a clean-cut headshot or face pic is a must. Also, have a personal page, like a blog or Tumblr. Ideally, own your own .com with your first and last name. Gu

Guides & CoursesNov 3, 2011
The Big List of 77 Twitter Mistakes: Which Do You Make?

Don’t worry, we’ve all made mistakes. And Twitter can be tough to learn! But some things are easier to excuse than others. You have to make an effort. One of the easiest ways to learn Twitter is to follow good people and ask them questions. Or read blogs with lots of Twitter tips (like this one). Keep a real or virtual notepad handy to jot down questions as you go so you won’t forget them later. Then take some time each week to ask folks or do some searches to find the answers. Got a specifi

The Great Twitter Automation Debate

Two great Twitter heavyweights had a detailed conversation over Twitter a few hours ago about the purpose of Twitter, and where automation fits in. The way Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing ) sees Twitter is for real-time conversation: However, for Michael Gray (@GrayWolf ), Twitter can be more efficient: By carrying on a live conversation, both showed they valued Twitter as a communication platform, but they differed over to what degre

News and TrendsOct 30, 2011
Twitter Tips, Tools And News You May Have Missed This Week

In this week’s headlines we saw thousands of hijacked Twitter users have their passwords reset again. (Of course, we also learned that Facebook fights 600,000 compromised logins every day!) This was the week Twitter began testing an expandable timeline,  the first user reached 15 million followers (@LadyGaga), and a new tool was released to show you the demographics of all your followers. Oh, and we learned that the “real” Voldemort has a problem with Twitter, when Ralph Fiennes blamed Twitter

Tips / How ToOct 28, 2011
5 Keys To Making Google Plus Work For You

“If Facebook and Twitter had a baby, they’d call it Google+.” ~ Olaf Wempe The important thing about Google Plus is to make it work for you. This is even more true nowadays with so many social networks vying for our attention. You don’t want to miss out completely, but you don’t want to add one more thing to your already busy day. So whether you’re already on Google Plus or just wondering whether you should give it a try, here are five keys to m

The 3 Funniest Twitter Infographics

There are useful infographics…and then there are these infographics: * All of Social Media Explained in One Diagram * The Four Stages of “Getting” Twitter * Profile of a Twitter User Of course, you can click any infographic to enlarge it. But enough talk! Let’s get to the first infographic: 1. All of Social Media Explained in One Diagram: 2. The Four Stages of “Getting” Twitter 3. Profile of a Twitter User Back To You Had a laugh? Know of something funny that we missed? Leave a com

5 Misunderstood Great Benefits Of Twitter

Imagine you were alive hundreds of years ago, and wanted to meet the world’s greatest thinkers and hear their thoughts. If you were independently wealthy, you could devote your life to traveling the world and finding those wise men and women, talking to them and listening to them. But it would’ve taken you your whole lifetime. Today, thanks to Twitter, you can find the thoughts of many of the world’s greatest thinkers in art, business, politics, technology – almost any area of human achieveme

ToolsOct 23, 2011
Infographic: Twitter Tips, Tools And News You May Have Missed

We learned some amazing new things about Twitter this week (details at “9 Stunning New Facts …”) and there’s a great infographic of them for you in just a moment. But first, check out some of the great Twitter tips and tools posts from this week: * 5 Great Things Twitter Helps You Do * 5 Ways Detailed Tweets Get You More Followers [

Tips / How ToOct 21, 2011
5 Ways A Simple Twitter Chat Trick Brought Me Thousands Of Followers

Engagement can be quite a trick on Twitter. Do it right, and you gain followers. Do it wrong, and even people who already follow you will unfollow you. I’ve been on Twitter for years, and I’ve learned that there is a hidden trick to engagement that most people don’t think of. It’s really, really simple, and it’s brought me thousands of new followers over the years. It’s simply this: put more information into your conversations on Twitter. For example, if you can tweet to a friend “Here’s the

6 Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Twitter Support

Twitter problems can be very frustrating. There are far too many of them, far too often, and it’s unclear what you can do to get help. Many people start by asking their friends if they know what is going on, or what can be done. But the craziest thing of all is that some things about Twitter support are exactly the opposite of what you’d expect! I’m in my fifth year on Twitter now, and here are some of the crazy things I’ve discovered: 1. Don’t Send A Tweet If You Want Help. 2. The More Ti

News and TrendsOct 18, 2011
9 Stunning New Facts About Twitter

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed nine stunning new facts about Twitter during an interview at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco just a few hours ago (Monday, October 17.) 1. Twitter Is Growing 300% Faster…Thanks To “Mentor” Apple Buffer this iOS 5 Integration Made Signups Increase 3x, Costolo said. Signups began jumping on the first day of iOS 5′s availability, October 12.

Infographics: Building Your Twitter Reputation

Where do Twitter reputations come from? How can you build yours? You build your reputation through activity on Twitter—what you say and do. And by listening to feedback and paying attention to results to improve what you do. The Basics of Your Twitter Reputation Over time, you can keep refining every part of building your reputation to get better and better. For example, I recently updated the bio in my profile. Setting up your Twitter profile is the first step in creating a reputation. Then

News and TrendsOct 16, 2011
The Hottest Twitter Tips, Tools, Topics And Warnings This Week

The Week in Twitter Tools A great post on 8 hot updates to some of the coolest free Twitter tools out there hit the web this week. Problogger talked about spending a month with Bufferapp, and we learned in 3 Tips To Make Your Daily Tweeting Easier how to use Buffer to make Twitter work for you even when you can’t or shouldn’t tweet, or are not in the mood. Hot news ► New Data On Sharing Some highlights from data released this week included: 1. Twitter had nearly seven times the growth

ResearchOct 15, 2011
Amazing Infocharts: How The World Shares Via Social Media

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in an age when there was no such thing as Twitter or Facebook, who decided what information we could access? Traditional media: the few controlling the gates of information to the masses. It was the editors and their bosses, publishers and corporations that decided for us. But who decides what’s hot today? You do! Thanks to social media, today it’s power to the people! And it’s no longer traditional media stories that are hot. Everyday it’s Twitter users, bl

Tips / How ToOct 13, 2011
How To Build A Great Twitter Reputation And Get More Followers And Retweets

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then this article is for you. * Want more followers and retweets? * New to Twitter and want to make it useful for you? * Twitter isn’t working as well as you’d like it to? The three steps to a great Twitter reputation are content, style and connections. First—because this is what makes you really popular—we’ll cover making connections and b

Tips / How ToOct 13, 2011
Dozens Of Cool Ways To Use Twitter In Classrooms

Teachers have been taking advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged for years now. Taking the time to learn how to use Twitter has proved worth the return for teachers throughout the world. Here is a collection of dozens of projects and ideas to get teachers started using Twitter to build a better learning experience for everyone, divided into five categories: 1. Expand Learning Possibilities 2. Build Writing Skills 3. Use Twitter’s Research Potential 4. Get Creative! 5

Tips / How ToOct 12, 2011
Five Keys To Getting More Followers And Keeping Them Happy

Everyone is different, and Twitter can be a place to celebrate our differences. But there are some things that are true for most Twitter users, most of the time. Figure out how to balance these five factors properly and people checking you out will be more likely to follow you, and people who follow you will be more likely to recommend you to others. The things you share should keep everyone happy and coming back for more! Get unbalanced, however, and you could find yourself losing Twitter fo

News and TrendsOct 11, 2011
Twitter Again Resets Thousands Of Hijacked Accounts

If you’ve ever logged into Twitter, but didn’t check the URL to see if it really said in it, you may have logged into a fake site which stole your password. Which can make you very confused and angry! Urgent UPDATE FROM TWITTER Buffer this If Twitter has detected that you ha

6 Bizarre and Unusual Tweets That Generated Lots Of Money Unexpectedly

The tweets in these stories have collectively and completely unpredictably brought in millions of dollars. Stories range from the near-insane to the heartwarming; in one case, most of the money raised was in just 11 cent increments! But in every case, the result was an unexpectedly colossal success. We’ll cover pigs, losers, and some notes that turned into millions, before moving onto some heartwarming and unusually successful Twitter tales. To begin, let’s take the case of “Dear Internet: Yo

News and TrendsOct 6, 2011
Watch Out! How Twitter Can Block You From Following ANYONE

Suddenly one day you wake up, and discover that…Twitter won’t let you follow anyone anymore. Oh no! What happened? I get this question a LOT. People ask: * What can I do? People are following me and I can’t follow them back! * Why didn’t Twitter tell me about this when I joined! Unfortunately, you’ve run up against one of Twitter’s limits. Twitter won’t let you follow an unlimited number of people unless enough people also follow you back. To get past the limit, you’ll either need to get

The Top 4 Challenges of Following Everyone Who Follows You On Twitter

Ever notice how some people will follow back anyone that follows them first? It might have got you thinking: “If I did that, wouldn’t I get more followers?” Yes, sometimes you will. But once you become known as a “followbacker” (rightly or wrongly) it’s unlikely that the right kind of people will begin following you. And that’s not the only downside of this dangerous tactic. Here are the four worst things that can happen to you if follow back everyone that follows you: 4. Your DM spam coul