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News and TrendsSep 19, 2016
Longer Tweets Are Here: All You Need to Know About Twitter’s 140 Character Update

Twitter has just made a big change to the way tweets work. From today, Twitter is cutting back on what types of content will use up its 140-character limit. Now, @names in replies, media attachments (like photos, GIFs, videos, and polls) and quoted Tweets will no longer be counted against the valuable 140 characters that make up a tweet. This allows for richer public conversations that are easier to follow on Twitter and ensures people can attach media to tweets without sacrificing the charact

News and TrendsJun 30, 2016
Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The goal of Facebook’s News Feed is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them. That’s no small task when you have over 1.65 billion people to keep happy and over 1,500 stories per day to prioritize for each of those individual users. Now, Facebook has announced one of their most significant News Feed shuffles. On Wednesday , Facebook shared that the News Feed algorithm is going to shift so that it will mor

News and TrendsMay 31, 2016
A First Look at New Instagram Business Tools (And What They Mean for Your Business)

Want to make your business stand out on Instagram? Check out our complete guide to Instagram marketing and get the playbook that drives results for Instagram’s top profiles. Businesses have been using Instagram as a way to build their audience and connect with customers for a while now without too much insight on how their content is performing. But soon, they’ll be able to dive way beyond total likes and views. Instagram has officially announced the launch of its tools for business users, inc

News and TrendsMay 25, 2016
New Twitter Update Coming: How Marketers Will Soon Be Able to Maximize All 140 Characters

What was once a rumor that Twitter would update its 140 character count guidelines is now official in the social media sphere: Twitter announced Tuesday morning that within the next few months, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer count against the tweet’s 140-character limit. Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey tol

News and TrendsMay 12, 2016
The Psychology of Change: How We React When Our Favorite Social Networks Shift

Instagram changed its logo on Wednesday, and as with almost any significant change to a popular social network, the internet was split. Some loved it. Others disliked it. And the memes started flowing . The Facebook-owned company moved on from its old-fashioned camera icon and embraced a new, minimalist design across its suite of products: Instagram,  Layout, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse. The design changes swept through

News and TrendsMay 6, 2016
This Week in Social: Instagram Business Profiles, Twitter Connect and Some New Facebook Engagement Stats

It’s been another fast-paced, exciting week in the world of social media. In this latest weekly roundup, we’ll discuss the latest news from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as share some super-interesting insights into how people are using Facebook Reactions. Let’s dive in! What’s new in social this week Facebook testing content categories Facebook’s mission is to make News Feed content as relevant as possible to users and as screenshots from Social times show, it appears they’re t

News and TrendsApr 29, 2016
This Week in Social: The Latest News, Trends and 5 Eye-Opening Stats You May Have Missed

The social media world moves incredibly fast and to help you stay up to date, we thought we’d round up some of the latest news, trends, research, and statistics that caught our attention this week. From Twitter redefining itself and some big news from Facebook to new features on Pinterest and Periscope, it’s been an exciting week. Let’s get started! What’s new in social this week Want to jump to a particular story? Try clicking one of the headlines below: * Facebook reaches user milestone

News and TrendsApr 14, 2016
F8 Update: 10 New Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Know

F8 2016 is in the history books, and there was certainly no shortage of brilliant new Facebook features and ground-breaking announcements from the social media giant. In his Keynote, Mark Zuckerberg took us through Facebook’s 10 Year Plan with an emphasis on “developing a family of apps to share anything they want with anyone.” And although many of Facebook’s goals sounded highly ambitious, the company has already laid a solid

News and TrendsApr 11, 2016
Big Changes Coming to Facebook: Everything Marketers Need to Know About F8

Update 4/14/2016: F8 is complete and so many great new Facebook features have emerged onto the social media scene. For a top 10 list of new Facebook features, check out our post here ! One of the most highly anticipated conferences of the year, Facebook’s F8 , is almost here! Taking place on April 12 and 13 in Fort Mason, San Francisco, F8 is sure to deliver excitement for marketers, publishers, and developers alike. And if

News and TrendsMar 29, 2016
Facebook Delivery Insights Will Help Marketers Get More Value From Ads (Plus How Ads Get Shown On Facebook)

Facebook is introducing Delivery Insights to its Ads Manager tools. Delivery Insights will tell advertisers how their ads are competing at auction and provide recommendations on how to tweak ads to make them more competitive. The social network delivers ads to its users based on bid price, ad quality and user interest,  evaluating billions of pairings of individual people and individual ads each day, looking for the right mix of message relevance and potential business value. According to Face

News and TrendsMar 21, 2016
Twitter Turns 10: Reflections and Learnings from 10 Years of Twitter

On March 21st, 2006, Jack Dorsey set up his twttr. What followed over the past 10 years, as Twitter has evolved has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate, and in some ways changed the world. just setting up my twttr — Jack (@jack) 21 March 2006 From the Hudson River plane crash , and Obama’s four more years [

News and TrendsMar 15, 2016
Instagram is About to Change in a Huge Way: An Algorithm Based Timeline is Coming

Instagram is about to change in a massive way. The photo and video sharing app is taking a page from Facebook using an algorithm based timeline . This means that photos and videos shared to Instagram will no longer appear in chronological order and will instead appear based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content and your relationship with the person posting. The change could mean that if your best friend posted an image while you w

News and TrendsMar 8, 2016
How to Start Creating Facebook Instant Articles for Your Blog: Facebook and WordPress Team Up

Facebook has opened up Instant Articles to publishers —of any size, anywhere in the world. This post guides you through how to connect your WordPress blog and Facebook Instant Articles. To make publishing to Facebook easier for the 25% of the web that uses WordPress , Facebook has teamed up with Automattic, parent company of WordPress, to build a free plugin for Instant Articles. This plugin enables anyone with a WordPress bl

News and TrendsMar 7, 2016
Google Debuts a New Way to Share Content In Search

Google has started to experiment with an entirely new, almost Twitter-like format of search results. These results could eventually allow any celebrity or business to have a content feed built directly into Google Search results. The new results, which have been rolled out for US presidential candidates and selected small businesses, feel like stripped out versions of Google+ posts and have been given prominent positions on search result pages. The product is being positioned as an “experiment

News and TrendsMar 2, 2016
Facebook Now Ranks Live Videos Higher in the News Feed (Plus A Quick Guide on How to Use Facebook Live Video)

The Facebook News Feed is designed to deliver the best, most relevant content from the people and Pages you’re closest to. Even if that content was posted a few hours ago. That approach isn’t a great fit with Live video, though. It doesn’t matter if a video was broadcast live if you missed it and had to catch a replay. To counter this Facebook have made some updates to the way the News Feed works when it comes to displaying Live video

News and TrendsFeb 18, 2016
Everything You Need to Know About The Latest Twitter Features (And Some Thoughts on Its Future)

This post originally published on February 18, 2016. We’ve updated it here with the latest change to Twitter’s algorithm-based timeline. Over recent months, there has been a lot of debate about the future of Twitter. Growth has halted, share prices have fallen, and some are even saying #RIPTwitter . With all that in mind, the future of Twitter still feels extremely exciting, though. It feels like something big is afoot. And in order to kick

News and TrendsJan 27, 2016
3 Soon-to-be-Everywhere Social Media Trends You Can Profit on in 2016

What is the next big wave of social media? Maybe it’s Peach—or another hot new social network. Maybe it’s a strategy like posting times or text faces. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s really hard to say! (And yet here I am saying it.) ? To ride the wave of the next big thing in social media, it often takes a lot of trial-and-error, a good deal of trendspotting, and some courage to try new things. I’ve spent some time reading up on what’s to come for social media and I’d love to get your thoughts on three n

News and TrendsJan 6, 2016
10,000 Characters for Tweets: Our Thoughts and The Internet’s Best Reflections on Twitter’s Potential Change

For years, there have been rumours flying around that Twitter would one day remove their 140 character limit. It appears that day could be close, as on Tuesday (January 5th, 2016), Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave the biggest hint yet that this may become a reality. In his post Dorsey explains : “We’ve spent a lot of time observing what people are doing on Twitter, and we see them taking screenshots of text and tweeting it.” (Dorsey’s post wa

News and TrendsNov 4, 2015
Twitter Hearts: What the Change From Favorites to Likes Could Mean for Your Engagement

Twitter favorites are changing to Twitter likes. The star is switching to a heart. What might it mean for marketers? We’re thrilled to see the all the latest changes and improvements to Twitter (Twitter hearts come hot on the heels of the announcement for Twitter Polls ), and we’re eager to learn what effect it might have on our sharing, engaging, and marketing. As we start experimenting and testing

News and TrendsMay 5, 2015
The Impact of the Trending Topic: The True Story (and Real Stats!) of a Top Tweet

From the fun and silly (#FiveWordsToRuinADate, anyone?) to hard-hitting international news headlines, trending topics on social media have the power to keep us both aware and entertained. Marketers have long recognized the potential of these highly-trafficked, highly-searched (at least for a short while) terms as a way to get in front of a big and often new audience. It can be a risky gamble to go big on these fleeting opportunities, but the rewards of the right post at the right time can be e

News and TrendsDec 9, 2014
14 Recent Changes to Twitter, Facebook and More That Social Media Marketers Need to Know

To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. That’s why from time to time we like to offer an overview of all the recent changes to some of the major networks in social media. There’s always something new to learn, study or experiment with in social media, and even the biggest social media networks aren’t exempt from this rule. Here are 14 of some of the most recent changes to Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest,

News and TrendsSep 6, 2014
Social Media Trends and Tools Every Marketer Needs to Know

Social media tools expert Ian Cleary from Razor Social joined us for Bufferchat to discuss social media trends tools from 2014 and looking ahead to 2015. Check out the full Storify recap here ! Social Media Tool Trends in 2014: A1: Bigger players acquire smaller tool providers @socialbakers bought @postacumen , @

News and TrendsJun 16, 2014
New Facebook Page Redesign: Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Page

Notice anything different about your Facebook page? Facebook is in the process of rolling out a series of changes for all business pages , tweaking the design and layout in a number of small but significant ways, giving opportunity to marketers to make the most of what’s new. So what is new

News and TrendsFeb 27, 2014
9 Facebook Changes Social Media Marketers Need to Know

Ready to feel kinda old? Facebook has been around for 10 years this month. (I KNOW.) And on the occasion of the social network’s big decade milestone, it seems appropriate to take a closer look at some of the changes that have been taking place at Facebook since our last roundup. But first, let’s look at how the social media giant has evolved over time with this infographic from  DPFOC: Facebook has come a long way in a short decade. Now, let’s take a look at some of its most recent evolut