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3 new Twitter Stories we want to share

Apr 15, 2011 3 min readNews and Trends

If you want to walk fast, walk alone – If you want to walk far, walk together ~ Chinese Proverb

1.) Becoming Part of Aaron’s Tribe

Starring Aaron Lee alias @AskAaronLee

If you are only slightly interested in the things going on around Twitter and Social Media I am sure you came across Aaron already. Either via his great resources on his blog or his insightful Twitter account.

I like to say that Aaron is Gary Vaynerchuck focusing on Social Media instead of wine. The energy and effort he takes on providing us with the latest news about all things Social Media has (no kidding!) been a major contributor to my own personal driver to push our Social Media efforts further every day.

How we met

I met Aaron over at his blog and couldn’t do anything else than commenting and giving him praise for the great insights he was giving. Really, I felt quite stupid at the start. All I could do oftentimes was to write “This is the best post I read this week” or similar. Not as an empty phrase, but because really because this is what it was.

From there things started to kick off and great conversations on Twitter and on his blog followed. Aaron even gave me the opportunity to write a guestpost, you can read it up here. (It’s about automation on Twitter).

Up to now Aaron shows great support for Buffer and for Joel and me as individuals too. It is a real pleasure to see his happy face showing up in my stream and catching up with him ever so often.

Aaron’s blog is not the usual stuff

All the above leaves me with a recommendation for you to go and take a look at his blog. It is not the usual Social Media blog!

Aaron in addition is also an online journalist finding out crazy interesting details about the real number of Twitter users and other great Twitter business case studies.

2.) The sweetest thank you ever received

starring Kimberlee Wilkes alias @Kallumwilkes

A few weeks back a tweet reached our inbox telling us “I scheduled 3 Tweets and none of them Tweeted :(“. It was an issue we haven’t quite seen before and firstly associated this with some other problems not related to Buffer, thinking it was because Twitter was down at that time.

So our plan was to tell Kimberlee to please try again – yet no luck. It took us several back and forth tweets, creating a few explanatory videos until we finally got to the bottom – a bug on our side.

We fixed it as soon as we could and Kimberlee bore with us on this the whole time, even though it dragged on for several days.

So it was only after a few days that luck would have it for Kimberlee to finally start Buffering her Tweets. A truly happy day for us as well you can imagine.

We think that giving our users immediate help, whenever something isn’t working is the least we can do when offering a service and weren’t quite prepared to what happened next:

How Kimberlee thanked us

Kimberlee wrote a full post on her blog describing her experience with Buffer and how she, even though it dragged on for a while couldn’t be any happier about the outcome.

But hey, let me rather let you read it yourself here: Social Media Done Right: Buffer

3.) Ongoing support form a powerful Social Media voice

Starring Neal Schaffer alias @NealSchaffer

Having someone like Neal, a true Social Media heavyweight on our side is definitely something we couldn’t be any more proud of and thankful for.

How we met

My connection with Neal happened over at Neal’s blog where you will find a tremendous amount of great content for everything Social Media with a strong focus on the business side of it.

It didn’t take me long to subscribe and to turn into a regular reader and commenter as Neal’s tips are really something I could go away and implement right away.

Yet again, the story doesn’t end here. Neal is now one of the most proactive Buffer users we have. He would hit us up with great suggestions for improvements and future features that could come in handy. He also helps us with usability issues to make the process of using Buffer faster and effortless.

Also, very recently Neal was the first one to get in touch telling us about performance issues of the site. I can’t stress enough how this helped us to know exactly what was going on as we haven’t had any log entries on our servers.

Social Media analysis at its best

Neal’s spot on analysis of Social Media topics makes his blog an important destination for me to visit whenever there is news. The fact that he is helping us out and giving us his advice is something which facilitates our startup journey in a huge way.

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