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Buffer NewsMay 15, 2016
Introducing Feeds: Share Links From Your Favorite Sites Right Inside Buffer!

Our community has always been great at driving us forward, suggesting new tools , helping us better understand the challenges and workflows of a daily social media user . Listening to our community is perhaps our best source of information and ideas, so when you asked for the ability to add feeds within Bu

Buffer NewsFeb 25, 2016
Deliver Exceptionally Responsive Customer Support: Introducing Buffer Reply

Editor’s Note: Reply was sunset in May 2020, read more about the decision here. As social media has evolved, our use of social networks has changed: We’ve found new ways to use Twitter, Facebook, and more to share, to communicate, to talk about our favorite things. We engage more than ever with brands and businesses – brands and business like you and yours! At Buffer, we’ve been fortunate to have a front row seat to watch this evolution of social media for businesses, as it’s expanded from an

Buffer NewsDec 15, 2015
Introducing the Pablo Chrome Extension: Create Social Media Images From Anywhere On The Web

How much time do you spend creating a social media image? Two minutes? Twenty minutes? An hour or more? I’ve done it all! I’ve been down those rabbit holes when you suddenly realize that you’ve been searching for the perfect picture or agonizing over the best font for forty-five minutes (yikes!). We know that social images are important but they can also be really time consuming. That’s why we created Pablo [h

Buffer NewsNov 12, 2015
Introducing the Social Media Calendar by Buffer: The Natural, Visual Way to Easily Manage All Your Social Accounts

Editor’s Note: This is an older post, check out our new social media calendar here. Imagine you could plan and manage your social media updates the same way you do your Google or Outlook calendars. We wanted to bring the ease of scheduling events on your calendar right into your Buffer account. Sharing with Buffer will never be the same! Introducing the Social Media Calendar for fully managing all

Buffer NewsOct 15, 2015
500,000 Beautiful Social Media Images Later: Introducing Pablo 2.0, Perfect Images to Fit All Networks

Since we launched our Pablo image creation product in the spring, Pablo designers have created more than 500,000 images! And we’ve been excited to work toward making Pablo even more useful. Today we’re thrilled to announce Pablo 2.0 , the simplest way to create beautiful images that fit every social network perfectly. We’ve expanded Pablo’s function

Buffer NewsOct 2, 2015
How to Do Social Media On-the-Go: The Best Strategies and Workflows of the New Buffer iOS App

We’ve been studying and learning the best ways to reach a social media audience on mobile —where 60 percent of social media time is spent! How does one go about implementing mobile into a social media marketing plan? To really get to know the best strategies and workflows on mobile, we asked. A half dozen Buffer for iOS users were so kind to share how they go about

Buffer NewsSep 29, 2015
10 New Marketing Tactics to Try Today (They’re All In Your Buffer Account!)

Social media evolves every day. We’re constantly learning more about how to connect better, empathize more deeply and create more lasting relationships. At Buffer, we’re so grateful to be part of social media’s rapid evolution, and we’re so inspired by all the tactics and strategies we hear from you, our audience, on your social media journey. As a result, we’re able to grow Buffer’s product and make it even more useful for you. Here are 10 new elements you can find in your Buffer account rig

Buffer NewsAug 13, 2015
Introducing Buffer for Video: Upload, Schedule and Analyze, All in One Place

Social media has entered the video era. In 2015 we’ve seen the addition of video on Twitter and a giant push by Facebook to make video a major component of the News Feed . Check out some staggering social media video stats: * The number of videos in Facebook feeds has grown by 360% [

Buffer NewsMar 5, 2015
Engaging Social Media Images in 30 Seconds Flat: Introducing Pablo by Buffer

Imagine having a quick and simple way to instantly increase the engagement on your social media posts. We’ve found that oftentimes images are the hook that draws more clicks, shares, and favorites on social media. And a number of marketing studies report the same: * Blog posts with images receive 94% more views than those without images * Having at least one image in a post leads to more than double the shares on Facebook and Twitter * Using an image on Twitter increases retweets by 28% and

Buffer NewsFeb 12, 2015
Introducing New Buffer Analytics: Find Your Most Clicked, Retweeted or Liked Posts

We’ve been having a lot of fun hearing some of the amazing feedback on how many of you are using Buffer. One of the key areas that we heard about where we felt we could improve was our social media analytics area. We then reflected and brainstormed with many customers about how we could make analytics better. Today, I’m really excited to unveil one of a series of planned analytics improvements for paying Awesome [

Buffer NewsOct 23, 2014
Introducing The New Buffer for iPad and iPhone: Share to All Your Social Media Sites, No Matter Where You Are

Your sharing schedule is as unique as you. Content finds you when you’re sitting down to work, when you’re flipping through your phone, and when you’re kicked back on the couch. Inspiration comes, regardless of the device you’re holding. How great would it be to schedule and share whenever these moments arrive? We’d love to do our part to help make sharing to social media even easier, from wherever you are. We’re excited to deliver even more of our simple-to-use Buffer app that fits the way yo

Buffer NewsAug 7, 2014
Introducing Groups: The Easiest Way to Manage All Your Social Media Accounts With One Click

Social media managers work pretty darn hard. You’re keeping up with all the latest changes to Facebook and Twitter (and LinkedIn and Pinterest and Instagram). You’re checking out emerging new platforms. You’re posting links, answering questions, and engaging communities all over the place. And when you’re doing all this with an ever-growing list of social media accounts, things can get kinda crazy. We wondered if we could make things a little easier for all you hard-working, multi-tasking soc

Buffer NewsJun 26, 2014
Introducing Daily by Buffer: Content That’s Easy to Find, Easy to Share—Wherever You Are

Important update: We’re retiring the Daily app and Suggestions feature – beginning August 1, we’ll start turning off Suggestions in phases. Read more… Buffer’s mission has always been to do one thing really well: make it super easy to share great content. We think our web app and mobile app make it pretty easy to share, so what about the second part of our mission? How can you stock up on great articles and photos to share? Finding great content—the kind that moves you, makes you think, or st

Buffer NewsApr 9, 2014
Introducing Buffer for iOS 7: The Easiest Way to Manage Social Media On The Go

Social media sharing doesn’t just happen at a desk. It happens in the car, on the train, during a holiday – anywhere and everywhere. At Buffer, our goal is to provide you with the easiest possible way to share to your social accounts – even on-the-go. That’s why today we’re ecstatic to show you a project that’s been five months in the making here at Buffer: the completely redesigned Buffer app for iOS 7. Complete details on all the app’s upgrades are below – or if you just can’t wait, download

Buffer NewsJan 9, 2014
Introducing Powerful New Buffer Analytics: Google Analytics support, Tracking of Social Account Growth and More

We recently launched Buffer for Business and have been really excited to see how people are using it to manage social media for their businesses. Our aim is to make it the most robust tool for managing social media, while maintaining its simplicity. Today we have some great additional features to announce as part of our social media management for business plan. Google Analytics integration First up, we’re excited to offer Go

Buffer NewsDec 12, 2013
Introducing Buffer for Business: A Simpler and More Powerful Social Media Tool

Today we’re thrilled to tell you about the next big thing we’ve been working on here at Buffer: Buffer for Business. It’s a brand new Buffer product, geared towards small, medium and larger businesses to make social media publishing a whole lot easier! It comes with the same, simple and intuitive Buffer user interface, that so many of you have come to enjoy. On top of that, we’ve also added considerable power for you to help your social media management take off. Here is a quick overview of w

Buffer NewsNov 26, 2013
Introducing 2 Step Login for Buffer: The safest social media publishing on the web

You may have heard about the recent security breach that affected many Buffer users. This is something we would have hoped to never face in our lives. And yet, through the experience of the hack, we’ve had a unique opportunity to learn about security and safety on a level that we would have likely never explored before. On top of that, we were  incredibly amazed by how supportive our customers (you!) were through the whole process of recovery. With all that trust given to us, despite the big m

Buffer NewsOct 24, 2013
The Complete Guide to Smarter Social Sharing on Mobile: Buffer for Android and iPhone

As the Buffer team grows we’ve been able to make some awesome adjustments to our mobile apps, including some great new features. In case you missed some of the recent additions, I’ve collected a run-down for you of how they work in our Android and iPhone apps. We’ve also included a few features that are easy to miss and might be a good bonus, which should make your Buffering much easier. Look f

Buffer NewsOct 10, 2013
The 10 Most Useful Buffer Features for a More Powerful Social Media Presence

When Joel started Buffer , its aim was to help you schedule Twitter updates for smarter sharing. It’s come a long way since then, and now we have lots of features to help you improve your social media presence across a whole bunch of networks. To help you get the most out of Buffer, we collected 10 of the most useful features together into this post. 1. Using Feedly and Buffer [

Buffer NewsSep 26, 2013
Introducing Smart Twitter Autocomplete for Web and Mobile

I’m really excited to write this post today! It’s the feature I’m most excited about, and I hope that it’ll be equally helpful for you to start using it! If you’re anything like me, I’ve had this one on my Buffer wishlist for a long time. Since at Buffer we want to focus the most on helping you share better on social media and saving you time by scheduling your updates, we’re really ex

Buffer NewsSep 11, 2013
Introducing Buffer for LinkedIn Company Pages: The Easiest Way to Keep Your LinkedIn Page up to Date

After announcing the addition of being able to post and schedule to Google+ pages a few weeks back, we’re super excited to bring you another one of the most popular feature requests to Buffer this week: Buffer for LinkedIn Company pages. Next to Twitter, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn profiles, Google+ Pages and

Buffer NewsAug 28, 2013
Introducing Buffer for Google+: The Easiest Way to Post to Your Google+ Business Page

An unbelievable 3,613 people voted on a particular item in our feedback forum for which feature we should build next. It has been holding the #1 spot as most requested feature from our users for almost 2 years. We couldn’t be any more excited to finally unveil it to everyone. Buffer is now available for Google+ Pages. Anyone can now easily hook up their Google+ page and start posting and scheduling great content through Buffer to keep your Google+

Buffer NewsJul 11, 2013
Echofon and Buffer Partner to Give You the Smartest Twitter Client for Android and iPhone

Over the last few months, we launched a ton of new integrations for you to use Buffer with other tools, such as Feedly, Followerwonk and lots of others. One of the most important ways to use Buffer was still something that was very hard to do: Directly schedule Tweets and retweets via Buffer inside a Twitter client. So we are super excited to announce that with today, we have partnered with Echofon, one of the most established Twitter clients for Android and iPhone to help you Buffer your tw

Buffer NewsJun 5, 2013
How to Share Your Tweets at Optimal Times: Followerwonk and Buffer Team Up

Ever since I’ve started blogging about topics on social media and especially Twitter, one of the questions that I have by far heard the most often is the following: “When is the best time to Tweet for me to reach more followers?” A lot of this requires a lot of data-analysis and whilst a ton of tools exist out there, they aren’t always terribly accurate. That’s why we’ve come up with this: We couldn’t be any more excited to have teamed up with the folks from Followerwonk [https://follower