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A collection of posts on Small Business

Small BusinessAug 23, 2023
Ask Buffer: How Many Social Media Platforms Should a Small Business Be Active On?

From platform demographics to features, plus a deep dive into important factors to consider, here's what you need to know to find the social media sweet spot for your business.

Small BusinessAug 22, 2023
Aligning Purpose and Profit Isn't Just a Nice Idea—It's Helping Me Build a $500,000 Per Year Business

Succeeding as an entrepreneur is never easy—succeeding as a social good business is even harder. Learn how this first-time business owner made it happen.

Small BusinessAug 16, 2023
Scaling Success: The 6 Strategies I Used to Transform My PR Agency into a Seven-Figure Powerhouse

How Chris Norton scaled his PR agency to a successful, seven-figure powerhouse.

Small BusinessAug 9, 2023
How I Scaled My Small Business From Farmer's Market Stall to National Brand

This founder never planned on having a national CPG brand but ended up as a Whole Foods staple. Learn the tactics that helped her grow.

Small BusinessAug 8, 2023
How This Freelancer Built a Thriving Career While Navigating Chronic Illness

Ariel Taranski shares her journey of building a thriving freelancing career while navigating chronic illness.

Small BusinessAug 2, 2023
How I Built a Profitable Newsletter Business

Eric Lam felt a pull for creativity and left his full-time job at a VC firm to grow a newsletter business. Four months in, he'd grown into a profitable newsletter business. Learn the strategies behind the newsletter's success and get insights for your own entrepreneurial journey.

Small BusinessAug 1, 2023
I Launched a New Product Based on a Viral TikTok Trend. Here’s Why It Worked—and How It Changed the Way I Do Business Forever

This founder created a product based on a viral social media trend—to great success. Learn how she did it and what it’s taught her about product development moving forward.

Small BusinessJul 19, 2023
I Worked As Little as Possible, Avoided Burn Out, and Grew My Business

It can feel like you have to work nonstop to succeed when you’re growing a company, but this business owner wanted to avoid that narrative. Here’s the experiment that helped her build better work habits.

Small BusinessJul 11, 2023
How My Creator Startup Made 4-Figures in 5 Months While Working a 9 to 5

Five months after launching, Brendan Aw's creator startup hit four-figures in earnings. In this article, he breaks down how he got there.

Small BusinessJun 20, 2023
I Took My Side Hustle Full-Time One Year Ago—Here’s What I’ve Learned

Within a year, Alexa Nizam took her side hustle full-time after leaving her salaried job. In this article, she shares some of the lessons she's learned in the process.

Small BusinessJun 6, 2023
This Instagram Post Doubled My Following—Here’s the Template and Strategy I Use to Keep Engagement High

"My hand is shaking. How can I draw?"   This simple DM I received from a student late one night resulted in a single Instagram post that earned nine million views and doubled my following in just three months. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ANNA SOKOLOVA (@annasokolovaartist) This type of virality wasn’t always the norm for me. When I started working as a professional illustrator and artist more than 15 years ago, I ignored social media for a long time. But when I started teach

Small BusinessJun 5, 2023
Giving Things Away for Free Has Helped Me Build a Six-Figure Business

Sharing your knowledge for free can be scary as a service provider, but this founder has found it builds her business while supporting a more equitable world.

Small BusinessMay 29, 2023
How I’ve Built a Million-Dollar Business in 3 Years Using the Power of Referrals

Learn the simple strategies this founder has used to encourage clients to recommend his work to others, leading to 70 percent of his agency’s business coming from inbound referrals.

Small BusinessMay 24, 2023
From Passion Project to Multi-6-Figure Business: How I Grew and Monetized My Podcast

Despite having no experience in journalism or building a company, Doone Roisin managed to turn her podcast for female founders into a thriving business in just a few years. Here are some of the strategies that helped her get there.

Small BusinessMay 9, 2023
How I Created a Bestselling Product While Spending $0 On Marketing

Learn the step-by-step business design process this founder used to develop a product alongside her customers, helping her de-risk the process and come up with a truly winning idea.

Small BusinessMay 2, 2023
From Self-Taught Creative to 7-Figure Art Business: Here's How I Did It

Peggy Dean shares four mindsets that have helped her build a thriving art business as a completely self-taught creator.

Small BusinessApr 24, 2023
Bootstrapping a Business to $1 Million in 1.5 Years by Putting Profitability First

My co-founder and I come from a long lineage of high-growth, venture-backed startups. He was employee number 200 at Uber and then led operations at a series A company. I was working as an investor and Entrepreneur-in-Residence in the venture capital world. So, when we came up with the idea for our own company—Bar None Games, which offers virtual trivia and team building events—we could have easily taken the path of raising money to help us scale as quickly as possible. However, we had both seen

Small BusinessApr 19, 2023
I Don't Do Paid Ads: Here's What I've Invested in Instead to Grow My Business to $270K+ in Revenue

Catarina Rivera decided to forgo the quick sales moment of paid ads for slower community-building—and has still managed to grow a multi-six-figure business in just two years. Here are some of the strategies and investments that have helped her grow successfully and authentically.

Small BusinessMar 23, 2023
What’s in a Brand? A Step-by-Step Guide for Companies at Every Size

These days, the strongest brands out there have a clear “why.” During every interaction with a business, customers are clear on why it exists, why it stands out, and why they should buy from it. Here’s a step-by-step process that companies of any size can use to create a standout, memorable brand.

Small BusinessMar 20, 2023
Even With 250K+ Social Media Followers, I Still Rely on "Snail Mail" for My Business

Snail mail may sound like a slow way to market a business, but career coach Kyle Elliott has found it to be instrumental to his success. Here’s why he thinks sending good old cards has helped his business grow, and how any founder can integrate this into their own marketing strategy.

Small BusinessMar 15, 2023
The Old-School Marketing Approach I Swear By for Growing My Business

One-to-one marketing can seem like an antiquated way to grow a business compared to the options available on digital channels, but Shay Paresh has found it to be instrumental to her beauty brand’s success. Here’s why, and how she’s thinking about scaling this strategy.

Small BusinessMar 9, 2023
3 Steps to Use LinkedIn to Make Connections and Grow Your Personal Brand

In this article, we will walk through three steps to use LinkedIn to build your personal brand with advice from experts.

Small BusinessMar 1, 2023
I Started a Six-Figure Company During My Junior Year of College — and I’m So Glad I Didn’t Wait

When Annelise Hillmann had an idea for a company while still in college, she could have waited until after graduation to get started. Instead, she started building while she was still a student—and she’s so glad she did. Here’s how her unique path helped her find success.

Small BusinessFeb 27, 2023
This Entrepreneur Made More in the First Year of her Small Business than at her 90K Salaried Job

In our second installment of 'How I Grew My Small Business,' we take a deep dive into how Juliana Pache left her unfulfilling media job and turned a side hustle into a thriving jewelry business.