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Small BusinessSep 7, 2022
How This Entrepreneur’s Experience as an Immigrant Shaped her Sri Lankan Tea Brand

By merging her two identities, entrepreneur Sajani Amarasiri has created a small business that honors and embraces her Sri Lankan and American roots.

Small BusinessAug 17, 2022
5 Organizations To Support This National Nonprofit Day

Nonprofits are often the backbone of society, providing critical services to communities in need. Here are 5 organizations you can donate to today.

Small BusinessAug 10, 2022
I Thought My Mission Could Carry My Business, But I Needed a Good Product, Too

When Maddy McAllister started her social-impact jewelry company, she thought her mission alone would draw in customers. But she quickly realized they cared more about the quality of the product. Here’s how she turned the business around to have a deeper impact in the long run.

Small BusinessAug 2, 2022
The Worst Moment of My Life Made Me a Better Entrepreneur — Here Are the Lessons I Learned

Her daughter’s medical diagnosis and months-long hospital stay left Sehreen Noor Ali devastated. But it also taught her lessons in resilience, decision making, and prioritization that made her a better entrepreneur.

Small BusinessJul 26, 2022
I Run a Six-Figure Business, But Now I Want to Take a Pay Cut

Kat Boogaard has a freelance writing business many people dream of, bringing in more than $300K in revenue last year. But this year, she’s intentionally scaling back. Here’s why, plus the lessons she’s learned about redefining success.

Small BusinessJul 20, 2022
How this influencer created a safe space for young women through her small business

Learn how Ambar Driscoll used her platform as an Instagram influencer to create a small business revolving around empowering and helping young women worldwide.

Small BusinessJul 19, 2022
How These Small Businesses Give Back: Real Examples From 5 Businesses

Including a charitable component to your small business can make you feel more fulfilled while also adding value to your brand. These examples from 5 companies will inspire you to give back to your community.

Small BusinessJul 6, 2022
Starting My Business as a Side Hustle Helped Me Succeed, But I Wish I Had Gone All-In Sooner

Starting a business on the side of a full-time job is a common path, and it can be helpful—to a point. Heatherlyn Nelson shares the ways starting on the side helped her succeed, and some of the things that held her back.

Small BusinessJul 5, 2022
These 5 Email Newsletters Will Inspire You To Start Your Own

Newsletters are a great way to share your passion and expertise with others and can help you network with like-minded individuals.

Small BusinessJun 29, 2022
4 Kids, 2 Businesses, and 1 Year Abroad: How I Manage Work, Finances, and Travel

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to indulge your wanderlust while keeping your small business afloat? Here’s exactly how Sara Banks is making it work, plus the unexpected benefits she’s seen for her company.

Small BusinessJun 9, 2022
Creative Side Projects Helped Me Grow and Evolve My Business—Here’s How I Make Time for Them

Aneri Shah crowdfunded and directed a documentary while running her company. Here’s why she thinks it’s valuable for business owners to spend time on side projects, and how she makes time for both.

Small BusinessMay 31, 2022
Growing My Business Too Fast Caused Me to Redefine Growth Entirely

When leadership coach and workshop facilitator Ellie Hearne started Pencil or Ink, she assumed her small business would succeed by becoming a large one. When profits dwindled, she knew she had to make a change. Here’s how she redefined growth, evolving her business into a sought-after consultancy.

Small BusinessMay 24, 2022
Profit and Purpose: How I’ve Built a Business That Prioritizes Both

It may seem impossible to make money as a business while also supporting a larger social justice mission, but Téa Ivanovic has found creative ways for profit and purpose to co-exist while running her restaurant group. Here’s her advice bringing your beliefs into your business.

Small BusinessMay 23, 2022
How These Small Businesses Are Winning at Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool for brands to deepen their connection with customers. These eight businesses will give you inspiration for your next newsletter.

Small BusinessMay 17, 2022
Why I Believe Employees, Not Customers, Should Come First

Typical business advice says the customer should always come first, but Kelly Phillips has found that putting her employees first leads to better customer experiences and a stronger business. Here’s exactly how she’s done that, and the impact it’s had.

Small BusinessMay 10, 2022
How I Built a 15,000-Person Community In Under 2 Years

Jamie Ruden always knew she wanted community to be a big part of her platform for pet parents—but creating community from scratch is no easy feat. Here are the three steps she used to succeed.

Small BusinessMay 4, 2022
How To Start A Blog For Your Small Business

A blog can be a low-cost way to elevate your small business’s reach and also build credibility with your followers, making it a win-win situation. Here's how to start a blog for your small business.

Small BusinessMay 3, 2022
I Run 3 Small Businesses—Here’s How I Do It All Without Compromising My Life

When you think of someone running three businesses, you probably imagine 80-hour work weeks, but Dawn Scott manages to do it without sacrificing her life. Here are the tools and practices that make it possible to juggle it all.

Small BusinessApr 26, 2022
I Experienced Founder Burnout While Building a Self-Care Startup—Here's What I Do Differently Now

As the founder of a self-care startup, Meha Agrawal thought she had work-life balance figured out. But after experiencing burnout, she found some new ways to take care of herself while growing her business.

Small BusinessApr 21, 2022
I’m an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety — Here’s How I’ve Grown My Business

With so many founders who seem calm and charismatic, Ashima Sharma wasn’t sure if she’d be able to start a business as an introvert with anxiety. Here’s how she pushed past her doubts to succeed.

Small BusinessApr 20, 2022
Ask Buffer: Should I Hide My Likes on Instagram?

Here are some factors to consider if you're deciding whether or not to hide likes on your small business's Instagram account.

Small BusinessApr 14, 2022
Instagram Reels: What’s The True Impact They Can Have for Small Businesses?

Instagram Reels proved to be the key marketing strategy allowing these small businesses to prosper.

Small BusinessApr 6, 2022
This Candle Company Donates 10% of its Profits to Homelessness, Here’s How

Three young brothers launched their very own small business as a way to supplement their allowance and, more importantly, empower their community.

Small BusinessApr 4, 2022
What I Wish I Had Known About Product Development Before I Spent Three Years Doing It

When Rosie Mangiarotti started building her company—innovative undergarments brand, Perkies—she expected it to be hard, but she didn’t expect it to take three years to develop her signature product before selling a single unit. Here’s what she wishes more product-based business owners knew.