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A collection of posts on Small Business

Small BusinessMar 20, 2023
Even With 250K+ Social Media Followers, I Still Rely on "Snail Mail" for My Business

Snail mail may sound like a slow way to market a business, but career coach Kyle Elliott has found it to be instrumental to his success. Here’s why he thinks sending good old cards has helped his business grow, and how any founder can integrate this into their own marketing strategy.

Small BusinessMar 15, 2023
The Old-School Marketing Approach I Swear By for Growing My Business

One-to-one marketing can seem like an antiquated way to grow a business compared to the options available on digital channels, but Shay Paresh has found it to be instrumental to her beauty brand’s success. Here’s why, and how she’s thinking about scaling this strategy.

Small BusinessMar 1, 2023
I Started a Six-Figure Company During My Junior Year of College — and I’m So Glad I Didn’t Wait

When Annelise Hillmann had an idea for a company while still in college, she could have waited until after graduation to get started. Instead, she started building while she was still a student—and she’s so glad she did. Here’s how her unique path helped her find success.

Small BusinessFeb 27, 2023
This Entrepreneur Made More in the First Year of her Small Business than at her 90K Salaried Job

In our second installment of 'How I Grew My Small Business,' we take a deep dive into how Juliana Pache left her unfulfilling media job and turned a side hustle into a thriving jewelry business.

Small BusinessFeb 21, 2023
When I Couldn’t Find Marketing Outlets to Elevate My Brand, I Created My Own

Feel like you’re trying to get the word out about your business and nobody is paying attention? Founder Tiffany Yu was having the same challenge, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and become her own best hype person. Here are some of her best DIY marketing strategies.

Small BusinessFeb 13, 2023
My Business Was Hurting My Sleep — Here's How I Built Better Habits

When Yunha Kim found the stress of building a business impacting her sleep, she knew something had to change so she could show up every day rested and ready to work. Here are the realistic habit changes that helped her deal with insomnia.

Small BusinessFeb 8, 2023
How I Turned Sudden Layoffs Into a $20 Million Business in Seven Years

Michelle Penczak never planned to be a founder, but when she found herself laid off suddenly, she slowly started building a business to support herself and other military spouses like her. Here’s how she’s grown steadily and sustainably since.

Small BusinessJan 24, 2023
I Started Having Panic Attacks as a Business Owner — Here’s How I Reprioritized Mental Health While Still Growing

Stress is a normal part of running a business—but there’s a point at which it goes too far. When Ted Browning started having panic attacks from running his restaurant, he knew something had to change. Here’s how he started taking better care of himself while keeping the business growing.

Small BusinessJan 23, 2023
4 Small Businesses on How They’re Changing Their Social Media Strategy in 2023

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess your marketing strategy. Here's how these 4 small business owners are doing marketing differently in 2023.

Small BusinessJan 10, 2023
How This Small Business Owner Went From an Etsy Store with $100 to making over 1 Million in Sales

In our first installment of 'How I Grew My Small Business,' we take a deep dive into how Janet Hoang turned a high school art project into a successful lifestyle brand.

Small BusinessDec 15, 2022
Holiday Gift Guide of Small Businesses

We've rounded up several products that would make the perfect gifts this holiday season. Even better, they're all from small businesses you can feel good about supporting.

Small BusinessDec 12, 2022
The Radical Mindset Shifts That Helped Me Build a Multi Six-Figure Business During a Time of Scarcity

Scaling a business during a time of scarcity is challenging, but Gloria Chou figured out how to turn crisis into an opportunity for growth. Here are the mindset shifts that helped her pivot and grow after losing all of her client work.

Small BusinessDec 1, 2022
How This Peruvian Small Business Creates Ethical Dog Apparel

By taking inspiration from her hometown, this entrepreneur has created a small business that uplifts and gives back to her community.

Small BusinessNov 28, 2022
I Couldn’t Afford My First Employee, But Hiring Her Helped Me Grow a Million-Dollar Business

Even though hiring her first full-time employee felt like a financial stretch, Emily Grey did it anyway—which paid off in spades. Learn why bringing on the right help supported business growth and how she now thinks about investing her time and money.

Small BusinessNov 21, 2022
How These Small Business Owners Set Boundaries During The Holidays

While the holidays are a busy time for most small businesses, these entrepreneurs incorporate boundaries into their schedules to achieve a good work-life balance.

Small BusinessNov 14, 2022
How I Learned to Show Up Authentically as a Black, Queer Business Owner (and Why It Matters)

Kareem Queeman used to fear showing off his Black, queer identity in his work, until he realized authenticity was important for supporting others in his community. Here’s how he learned to show up more fully and take care of his mental health while doing so.

Small BusinessNov 10, 2022
Saying “No” Instead of “Yes” Helped Me Build a Six-Figure Business

Kinsey Wolf didn’t believe the power of saying “no” until she saw the effect it had on growing her marketing consultancy. Here are the things she started turning down and the measurable effect they had on her business growth (and happiness).

Small BusinessNov 3, 2022
Ask Buffer: How Do I Develop my Brand Voice on Social Media?

Establishing a clear brand voice will help your online content stand out amongst the crowd and be more memorable for your followers.

Small BusinessNov 1, 2022
Why Small Business Owners Need Support Systems, With Examples From 6 Small Business Owners

In Small Business, Big Lessons, season two, episode six, we detail how the owners of Harlow, SparkToro, Made With Local, Zingerman’s, Destination Unknown Restaurants and Paynter Jackets approach getting support as small business owners.

Small BusinessOct 10, 2022
5 Small Businesses to Support this Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're highlighting five small businesses that are ushering in more representation in their respective industries.

Small BusinessOct 4, 2022
How I Built a 200,000-Person Paid Membership Community With $0 in the Bank to Start

Building a meaningful community is never easy, but doing so without a lot to spend on acquisition can be even more challenging. Here are four simple strategies that helped Allison Esposito Medina, founder, and CEO of Tech Ladies, grow her 200,000-member community on a budget.

Small BusinessSep 29, 2022
All the Founders Around Me Were Raising Money — Here's Why I Didn't

When starting in the tech industry, many companies raise venture capital. But Allison Esposito Medina, founder and CEO of Tech Ladies, decided to bootstrap and generate income from the start. She believes her business is better for it, and she encourages other founders to do the same.

Small BusinessSep 27, 2022
How These Sisters Turned Their Passion for the Alaskan Wilderness into a Fulfilling Small Business

By combining their unique skill-sets and being intentional with their planning, sisters Anna and Kelly created a small business that honors and gives back to their childhood home.

Small BusinessSep 12, 2022
How I Turned a $500 Investment Into a $1 Million Online Shop in 18 Months

Looking to start a business on a budget? Learn from Lily Amberg, who turned $500 into a million dollar online shop in just a few years. Here’s how she did it.