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Amazing Infocharts: How The World Shares Via Social Media

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Dave Larson
Dave Larson Team Buffer

Once upon a time, long, long ago, in an age when there was no such thing as Twitter or Facebook, who decided what information we could access?

Traditional media: the few controlling the gates of information to the masses. It was the editors and their bosses, publishers and corporations that decided for us.

But who decides what’s hot today? You do! Thanks to social media, today it’s power to the people!

And it’s no longer traditional media stories that are hot. Everyday it’s Twitter users, bloggers and social media users of the world who can be just as popular as the big news anchors or journalists by sharing hot news.

Thanks to social media the gates have broken open. YOU decide what’s hot. YOU read or watch, and if there’s a story that sounds interesting, you share it.

So we thought we’d share some fascinating recent statistics on your sharing, and the growth of social media that has empowered us all. So, here’s to you, and here’s our first chart:

Twitter: Nearly seven times the growth of Facebook over the last five years. Buffer this

Highest clicks on shared content occur 9:32 AM EST Wednesdays Buffer this

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Google Plus Cost Over A Half BILLION Dollars To Build Buffer this

► And one last, fun stat for you: Total Tweets Sent By Buffer Users as of Friday, October 14? 1,829,386 Buffer this

 Infochart sources: onelilly • AddThis

Data from 10 million websites reaching over 1.2 billion people monthly in 300 sharing destinations and over 70 languages over 5 years via AddThis, which is now the largest content sharing platform on the web.

Additional data from research by onelily.

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