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Infographic: Twitter Tips, Tools And News You May Have Missed

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Dave Larson
Dave Larson Team Buffer

We learned some amazing new things about Twitter this week (details at “9 Stunning New Facts…”) and there’s a great infographic of them for you in just a moment.

But first, check out some of the great Twitter tips and tools posts from this week:

Also this week, CEO @DickC explained Twitter’s awesome policy “To protect our users from Governments;” Twitter for BlackBerry added multiple account support; and it was confirmed that Steve Jobs Worked on the iPhone 5 Until His Last Day.

But now, on to the Twitter infographic, and after that, the latest security tips, followed by disturbing news about Facebook…and a bonus infographic! ►

Infographic: Cool New Facts About Twitter Buffer this

Security News Of the Week Buffer this

Malware was predicted to spread on Twitter this week—and did—in tweets claiming to offer “Gruesome Photos of Dead Gaddafi. In other security news:

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Disturbing News About Facebook: Infographic Buffer this

First we learned how to find out everything that Facebook *really* knows about you and how that has fueled dozens of complaints against the social networking giant. Then later in the week, the Facebook wall of shame came out:

Click image to enlarge:

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And that wraps up the week! What did we miss? Leave a comment in the box below to let us know.

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