Anna Sokolova

Anna Sokolova

Anna Sokolova is an award-winning artist who has collaborated with Netflix, Wired, ImagineFX, and Maison Margiela. She also teaches art online and is the author of the Brilliant Inks book.


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FlowJun 6, 2023
This Instagram Post Doubled My Following—Here’s the Template and Strategy I Use to Keep Engagement High

"My hand is shaking. How can I draw?"   This simple DM I received from a student late one night resulted in a single Instagram post that earned nine million views and doubled my following in just three months. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ANNA SOKOLOVA (@annasokolovaartist) This type of virality wasn’t always the norm for me. When I started working as a professional illustrator and artist more than 15 years ago, I ignored social media for a long time. But when I started teach