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A collection of posts on Instagram

InstagramSep 26, 2022
6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Instagram Bio

Every part of your Instagram bio is an opportunity to not only introduce (and re-introduce) yourself but also communicate your value to your audience. In this article, we’ll share some ideas for making the most of your Instagram bio and examples of some of our favorites.

InstagramAug 9, 2022
How This Entrepreneur is Growing Her Baby Brand Organically on Instagram

Assie Khoussa’s ability to show up as herself on Instagram plays an integral role in the success of her small business. Learn how the entrepreneur’s authenticity and relatability won over her customers.

InstagramMay 25, 2022
Do Instagram Carousels Get More Engagement? (Yes, but it’s Complex)

We analyzed the 184 posts @Buffer published on Instagram to figure out if carousel posts get more engagement. For us, they do (by 2.37%), but it’s more complex than you might think.

InstagramApr 28, 2022
6 Instagram Story Ideas for Your Next Post

In order to get the attention of the massive audience for Stories, you’ll need to get creative. We’ve put together some great uses we’ve come across that you can apply to your next Story.

InstagramApr 14, 2022
Instagram Reels: What’s The True Impact They Can Have for Small Businesses?

Instagram Reels proved to be the key marketing strategy allowing these small businesses to prosper.

InstagramOct 29, 2021
4 Successful Small Business Owners on the Instagram Campaigns That Really Worked

Whether you’re looking to gain followers, boost sales, or serve your audience on a wider scale, take a page from the playbook of these small business owners, with the confidence that—whatever changes may come to Instagram—they’ve worked for business owners just like you.

InstagramJul 27, 2021
How To Save Time Planning and Creating Social Media Content

There’s no denying that content creation is time-consuming. In this post, we're sharing a sustainable strategy for saving time planning and creating social media content to help you better support your overall business goals.

InstagramMar 5, 2021
How a Candle Company Uses Social Media to Drive a Better Customer Experience

In this post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a candle company leverages social media to drive a remarkable and unforgettable customer experience that has fans coming back over and over again.

InstagramJan 26, 2021
Introducing a Better Way to Engage With Your Instagram Audience

After working and testing with thousands of customers, we have developed a solution that is truly focused on enabling you to build better relationships and a stronger brand on Instagram.

InstagramJan 21, 2021
Selling on Social 101: How Blume Markets and Sells to a Gen Z Audience

In this post, we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how Blume, a fast-growing skin, body, and period care brand, has mastered the art of marketing and selling to Gen Z.

InstagramAug 11, 2020
How Huel Uses Social Media to Reach an Audience of 400,000+

Learn how a growing direct-to-consumer brand keeps their social media audience satisfied using original content and Buffer.

InstagramDec 10, 2019
The Best Instagram Stories of 2019

Instagram Stories was one of the most dynamic social media channels in 2019. So much happened with Stories — from new developments with the product to strong returns on Stories ads and organic reach. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. I’m definitely among that group. And at Buffer, Stories has been a major focus in 2019 as well.

InstagramJul 16, 2019
Introducing Buffer Analyze: A Social Media Analytics Tool From Buffer

Data is the fuel that powers a social media strategy. And understanding the data behind your social media performance can help you to make better decisions about your content, ensure you’re connecting with the right audiences and help you to boost engagement and grow your following. The problem is, there’s a lot of metrics to measure. Here are just a few you might need to keep an eye on: * Likes * Comments * Shares * Clicks * Reach And when you think about multi-platform performance (ac

InstagramJul 15, 2019
Best Instagram Apps for Marketers

By itself, the Instagram app is awesome and powerful. But do you know all the best apps to take your Instagram marketing to even greater heights? There are certainly a lot to choose from. There’s no shortage of great Instagram apps for marketers. To help you find the best of the best, we’ve tried out dozens and researched scores more. All the apps we’ll recommend below are ones you can download to your iOS or Android device for Instagrammign on-the-go. (The Buffer mobile app is a favorite of

InstagramJul 1, 2019
8 Fun Things to Try on Instagram You Probably Haven’t Thought of Before

How to subscribe: iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher | RSS One

InstagramJun 26, 2019
How tentree Took Over Instagram: Behind a Record-Breaking Social Media Campaign

If you spotted a little green tree making its way around Instagram back in April, you certainly weren’t alone. For Earth Week 2019, Canadian clothing brand tentree created one of the most-liked posts in Instagram history, generating over 15 million likes and helping the brand to spread its mission to plant more trees. But how did it come together? What made this campaign strike a chord with so many people? And what did the strategy behind its virality look like?

InstagramJun 13, 2019
The Meme-ification of Instagram

Social networks change and evolve, rapidly. We’re seeing this happen on Instagram today: less polish, more authenticity. In particular, we’re noticing an embrace of memes — that historically unpolished, yet highly relatable category of social media content. Recently, we’ve picked up on the proliferation of memes across many major Instagram profiles, and we’d love to share how brands are making the most of this form of visual marketing and what it could look like for you to give it a try with

InstagramFeb 19, 2019
Does Vertical Video Make a Difference? We Spent $6,000 on Tests to Find Out

There has been much discussion recently on industry-leading publications about the effectiveness of video on social media. For example, did you know that video posts on Facebook receive at least 59 percent more engagement than other post types? Since our 2017 research with Animoto comparing square vs. landscape video, little has been published around the impact of video format on overall video engagement. Specifically, vertical video vs. square video. While we know that square video (1:1

InstagramFeb 5, 2019
Nike’s Secret to Success on Instagram: Building an Engaged Community

This post is part of our Instagram Marketing Strategy series. The series provides you with actionable insights and lessons on how businesses are using Instagram. Next up, Wes Warfield from Nike shares how it handles engagement on Instagram.  Chances are you’ve come across Nike on Instagram at one point or another. With more than 83 million followers around the world, Nike is easily in the top 20 most followed Instagram accounts globally (out of nearly one billion). As you might imagine, t

InstagramFeb 5, 2019
Building an Ecommerce Business: From Zero to $100,000 in Revenue from Instagram Ads

In February 2017, when Remi and his girlfriend Alondra were visiting Tokyo, the last thing they were thinking about was starting a business together. But a chance discovery in a Tokyo stationery store changed everything for the couple. “We stumbled upon a shelf full of stickers made by B-Side Label,” Remi explained. “The stickers were extremely high-quality and unlike anything we had ever seen.” The pair purchased a few stickers and didn’t think any more of it until the following day when they

InstagramFeb 5, 2019
How Blenders Eyewear Creates Profitable Instagram Ad Campaigns

This post is part of our Instagram Marketing Strategy series. The series provides you with actionable insights and lessons on how businesses are using Instagram. Next up, Grace McLaughlin shares how how Blenders Eyewear uses Instagram ads to grow its business.  “We are a visual brand with a visual product so the image sharing platform makes for the perfect ad channel,” Grace McLaughlin explained to me over email. “We have a loyal community of content creators and brand ambassad

InstagramFeb 5, 2019
How Bustle Ignited Engagement and Created New Revenue Streams Using Instagram Stories

This post is part of our Instagram Marketing Strategy series . The series provides you with actionable insights and lessons on how businesses are using Instagram. Next up, Hannah Caldwell shares how Bustle uses Instagram Stories. Stories were introduced to Instagram in August 2016, and as soon as the new featured dropped, the social media team at Bustle — a premium publisher reaching millennial women — we

InstagramFeb 5, 2019
The Secret to Instagram Success: Square’s Community Curation Strategy

This post is part of our Instagram Marketing Strategy series . The series provides you with actionable insights and lessons on how businesses are using Instagram. Next up, Nick Dimichino shares exactly how Square’s been able to grow an engaged following on Instagram. When your product powers millions of businesses and sellers around the world , you’re bound to find some incredibly inspiring stories to share on social media. Yet

InstagramFeb 5, 2019
How Turn Studio Transitioned a Side Project into a Thriving Ecommerce Business with Instagram

This post is part of our Instagram Marketing Strategy series . The series provides you with actionable insights and lessons on how businesses are using Instagram. Next up, Kenny Sing, founder or Turn Studio, discusses how to grow an audience on Instagram. “I never jumped into Instagram as a way to make money. For me, it was much more awareness and follower focused. Instagram was – and still is – a real-time feedback loop for my work. It’s a way to find