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Carolyn Kopprasch

Chief of Staff @ Buffer


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OpenApr 28, 2014
The Power of Every Word: Why I Stopped Using “Actually” and “But” In My Customer Service Emails

One of my favorite “happiness hacks” has been to attempt to remove the word “actually” from my vocabulary. This has been remarkably hard to do, and I still have to struggle not to let it past my lips or fingers. At Buffer , we have found that there is a small band of words that takes away from your message, and “actually” is their leader. It almost doesn’t matter how good the news is; if it comes after “actually,” I feel like I was somehow wrong about something. Con

ReportsApr 7, 2014
How We Pinpoint Our Biggest Opportunities for Improvement [March Happiness Report]

Hey team! I’m excited to share a few bits of awesome people and numbers news this month. Let’s dig in. :) Numbers We set our sights on a big jump this month. :) It’s been really fun crashing toward these new highs! Goals set for March: * 76.5% within 1 hour (February was 64%) * 91.5% within 6 hours (February was 84%) * 189 live chats (February was 105) Actual numbers for March: * 67% within 1 hour (Missed the goal) * 93% within 6 hours (Exceeded the goal!) * 1% over 24 hours (Forgot t

OpenApr 2, 2014
Daniel Feeney is Buffer’s First Weekend Warrior!

It is a great day in the land of Buffer. Daniel Feeney has completed his Buffer Bootcamp and come on board as our very first “Weekend Warrior” Happiness Hero, answering customer questions and keeping track of product feedback (not to mention impressing us with his biking) on Fridays through Tuesdays. Daniel has pioneered the “Weekend Warrior” position for us. Several months ago, we determined that customers weren’t having a very happy or consistent experience when they needed help on the weeken

ReportsMar 10, 2014
Our First Weekend Warrior, New Weekly Digest And More: February Happiness at Buffer

We had a fantastic February, reaching exceeding our goals due to the very hard work from the Heroes. Read on for some of the changes we made and lessons we learned! Numbers Speed Our goals for February were to hit 55% within 1 hour and 80% within 6 hours, a sizable but feasible improvement from January. At the end of the month, we reached: • 64% of emails within 1 hour • 84% of emails within 6 hours Volume We sent 9,800 replies in February, roughly the same as January, in order to assist 5,40

ReportsFeb 6, 2014
How the Buffer Happiness Team did in January: 9771 Emails Sent, 5700 Tweets & 265 Live Chats

Hi team! I’m so excited to tell you about January. This was a really exciting month for us as we tried several experiments to still deliver lots of happiness during higher than ever volume. What a luxury that Buffer is growing so fast that we can barely keep up with customer emails! Exciting people news I was thrilled to share that Mary and Adam have completed their 45 day Buffer Bootcamp periods and have come on board with us full time [

ReportsJan 24, 2014
The December Happiness Report at Buffer: New Focus on Monthly goals and 2013 in Review

I just hit send on the following email to the Buffer team to give them a glimpse into what the Happiness Team worked on and achieved in December! Hi guys! December was an awesome month of focused efforts on goals, syncing up as a team and individually a lot more, and some personal bests. Here are the highlights. 1. We launched LiveChat! On December 18th, we launched “live chat” as our third tool (with Olark). In order to learn as much as possible as fast as possible, we kicked off with no set

OpenJan 21, 2014
Two more Happiness Heroes join the Buffer team: Mary and Adam

I am thrilled to share that Mary Jantsch and Adam Farmer have both recently completed their Buffer Bootcamps and have accepted offers to come on board with us as official, full-time team members. These two have made such a massive difference at Buffer that we can barely imagine life without them now. Here’s a bit of background on each. Mary is from Spokane, Washington. (This means she spends most of her time on the West Coast,

ReportsDec 4, 2013
What we have learned about weekends and how fast to hire: The November 2013 Buffer Happiness Report

I just hit send on an email to the Buffer team with all of the numbers and trends for November. November was super exciting as we were still recovering from the October hack, and we brought on 2 really talented new heroes. Here’s the full report! :) Statistics: Emails via Help Scout : Customers helped: 4,614 (a 21% decrease from October) Total Email Replies sent: 6,855 (a 22% decrease from October) Note: this month stays on the trend of a general increase from mont

ReportsNov 9, 2013
How we handled a 10x spike in support volume while being hacked: The October Buffer Happiness Report

Every month, the Buffer team shares some stats about our business, including how our blog posts did , what’s happening in Buffer for Business , and even our revenue . We also love to share what’s happening in the world of Buffer support. Here’s

ReportsSep 13, 2013
How we reply to 52% of support emails within an hour: The August Buffer Happiness Report

At Buffer, we try to be transparent about everything, and our customer support processes and successes (and failures!) are no different. Here’s a snapshot of how we did in August. August was a unique month at Buffer, because it began with the first-ever all-hands company retreat. Although this provided a unique challenge for the support team, it was absolutely amazing to have all of the full-time staff together. More on that in a bit. :) In August, we chose to focus on one key metric: response

OpenSep 5, 2013
Brian M. Roff is part of the Buffer Team

This week we welcomed Brian M. Roff (BMR) to the Buffer team! I just hit send on an email to let the whole team know that BMR has accepted our offer and is now on board full-time at Buffer. BMR has recently crossed his 45 day mark in the intro period.* BMR is joining the Buffer team from Massachusetts. BMR has become a core part of the Happiness team serving customers with speedy and delightful responses to emails and Tweets. He also has paved the way on some rece

ReportsAug 28, 2013
Buffer Happiness Report: July 2013

Here at Buffer, we strive to track our progress toward our vision of setting the bar for great customer support. And, since we probably have a lot of the same goals and challenges as other customer-facing teams out there, we’d love to share how we’re doing each month and what we’re trying next. It would be awesome to hear from you, too. How Support Works at Buffer Our current set-up includes three members of the Happiness team, some help from the rest of the Buffer team and the following tools,

Customer ServiceNov 2, 2012
Measuring Customer Happiness at Buffer: October 2012

“Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience.” ~ White House Office Welcome to our very first Happiness Report. I’m really excited to share for the first time our experiences of delivering happiness to our awesome customers here at Buffer. Each month we will talk about things we have learned, look at our analytics and introduce new ideas for increasing hap