Daniel Feeney is Buffer’s First Weekend Warrior!

Apr 2, 2014 1 min readOpen
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Daniel Feeney

It is a great day in the land of Buffer. Daniel Feeney has completed his Buffer Bootcamp and come on board as our very first “Weekend Warrior” Happiness Hero, answering customer questions and keeping track of product feedback (not to mention impressing us with his biking) on Fridays through Tuesdays.

Daniel has pioneered the “Weekend Warrior” position for us. Several months ago, we determined that customers weren’t having a very happy or consistent experience when they needed help on the weekends. We set out to find a new Happiness Hero who would work a shifted schedule to cover the weekends. We feel very lucky to have found Daniel in Louisville, KY. He has immediately and drastically changed the way Buffer support works on weekends.

Before Buffer, Daniel founded the publication Stemmings, covering the “people, ideas, and happenings surrounding technology and design.” He still serves as the Editor-in-Chief, spending a great amount of his free time working with the authors who create the great content that propels Stemmings.

Outside of that, Daniel bikes about 30 miles a day, watches TED Talks regularly, and devours books on his Kindle. And with the Twitter handle @misterfeeney, he provides a constant opportunity to make Boy Meets World references. Feel free to say hello. :)

Thanks for coming on board with us, and for trailblazing our weekend support, Daniel! :)

*A little about the Buffer bootcamp : Everyone who starts at Buffer is at first a contractor for 45 days. We see that time similar to a tryout period. The reason for this is actually quite simple. It always felt a bit odd, for both sides, to make a full commitment after a few interviews for someone to start full-time. Instead, we felt it’s better that the company and the new person on the team both get to know each other quite a bit beforehand. During the Bootcamp period, we place a special focus on looking for culture fit and alignment with the Buffer values.

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140,000+ people like you use Buffer to build their brand on social media every month