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Social Media Marketing - Page 19

A collection of posts on Social Media Marketing

Infographics: Building Your Twitter Reputation

Where do Twitter reputations come from? How can you build yours? You build your reputation through activity on Twitter—what you say and do. And by listening to feedback and paying attention to results to improve what you do. The Basics of Your Twitter Reputation Over time, you can keep refining every part of building your reputation to get better and better. For example, I recently updated the bio in my profile. Setting up your Twitter profile is the first step in creating a reputation. Then

8 Secrets To Use Twitter For SEO From @RandFish

So, let me share the very first secret with you. I have nearly no insight or idea how SEO works at all. Whilst we have some insights into Single Grain last week, to speak about SEO for Buffer, they already blew my mind. Recently, there was a fantastic video from Rand Fishkin explaining how Twitter can be used very directly to build up links and use it for SEO. Surprisingly, they are very straight forward to use and I have given an example for each one below. 1.) How Serendipitous Connections

6 Bizarre and Unusual Tweets That Generated Lots Of Money Unexpectedly

The tweets in these stories have collectively and completely unpredictably brought in millions of dollars. Stories range from the near-insane to the heartwarming; in one case, most of the money raised was in just 11 cent increments! But in every case, the result was an unexpectedly colossal success. We’ll cover pigs, losers, and some notes that turned into millions, before moving onto some heartwarming and unusually successful Twitter tales. To begin, let’s take the case of “Dear Internet: Yo

The Top 4 Challenges of Following Everyone Who Follows You On Twitter

Ever notice how some people will follow back anyone that follows them first? It might have got you thinking: “If I did that, wouldn’t I get more followers?” Yes, sometimes you will. But once you become known as a “followbacker” (rightly or wrongly) it’s unlikely that the right kind of people will begin following you. And that’s not the only downside of this dangerous tactic. Here are the four worst things that can happen to you if follow back everyone that follows you: 4. Your DM spam coul

Is Empire Avenue Today Like The Early Twitter?

Is this more than playing games?Last week Robert Scoble sent us an email, addressed to all his shareholders on Empire Avenue. What struck me was this very early and spot-on analysis of this newbie in the world of Social Media. Although the site has been around for about 1,5 years it is just now that it is gaining an insane amount of traction. You have probably noticed this. Robert pointed out that we shouldn’t forget that after all it will always be real

5 Reasons Twitter makes you a better person

Twitter teaches me to care in a new wayIt was something I have asked myself a lot recently: Can a Social Media Tool, as powerful as Twitter might be really help you with personal development and make you a better person? The short answer I concluded: Yes, it most certainly can. Here are 5 reasons that make me think it does: 1.) Everything is public – Being nasty can backlash. Twitter’s openness is the first and foremost reason I believe it makes as better and nicer people to converse with. W

Why are you on Twitter?

Why are you on Twitter?As regards Twitter I am not an early adopter, I have to admit. Actually I am a super late adopter. It was not until spring 2010 that Twitter put its magic spell on me. I found the reasons for spending time on Twitter are very varied and differ from person to person. Here are a few reasons which motivate me – are they the same reasons for you? To learn and to grow One of the foremost reasons that triggered me to join is to learn. What better place is there than Twitter? I

7 Twitter users worth following and why

Here are 7 people we thought can add value to your everyday timeline on Twitter and beyond. Beware, they range in seriousness and frequency of tweets. 1. Aaron Lee Aaron is a Social Media superstar. Not only does everything he tweets or blogs make a lot of sense, but he is simply a down to earth guy who didn’t get carried away with his success. That he is “an average Joe” according to his bio, says it all. Join him in his conversations @AskAaronLee . Main rea