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25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today [Free Ebook!]

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Kevan Lee
Kevan Lee VP of Marketing @ Buffer
25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today [Free Ebook!]

We’re incredibly grateful to have the chance to learn from others and experiment for ourselves with what works best on social media.

And we’re so very happy to share our best strategies with you!

To collect all these favorite tips in one place, we’ve compiled our top 25 social media strategies into a free ebook that you can download below. We’ve included strategies for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more—all of which you can implement today, in just a few minutes and just a few clicks.

Get your free copy of the Social Media Strategies ebook!

Read further for a full list of the strategies that are included as well as a sample page from the book.

Social Media Strategies Ebook

25 Actionable Social Media Strategies You Can Implement Today

The full ebook includes 25 social media strategies that we’ve pulled from some of the most popular Buffer blog posts. Each of the 25 is something that we’ve personally tried or currently have on our to-do list. In every case, these are strategies that we greatly recommend trying. Here’s the full list:

  1. Share the same content multiple times
  2. Include an animated GIF in “thank you” tweets
  3. Add to your Buffer in bulk
  4. Move your social sharing buttons around (or get rid of ’em)
  5. Use current events to boost your Facebook post visibility
  6. Use BuzzSumo to see who’s sharing your content
  7. Use a dummy account to save a reservoir of validated tweets and updates
  8. Tweet to landing pages with specific asks
  9. Include an image in your tweets
  10. Ask questions
  11. Organize accounts into Twitter lists
  12. Enlist a group of supporters to engage with your content
  13. Find and engage with influencers in your area
  14. Get your team sharing with you and for you
  15. Reserve your name on all social media platforms
  16. Schedule routine drive-bys of your social media accounts
  17. Respond to everyone
  18. Go to your archives to share evergreen content.
  19. Choose 1 to 3 areas of expertise
  20. Use as many of these 7 Twitter bio tips as possible in your bio
  21. Test your posting frequency. Here’re some ideas. ?
  22. Create a 4:1 ratio of types of tweets/updates.
  23. Hide your vertical Pinterest images in your articles by changing their height & width.
  24. Sort your stats to find your best updates
  25. How to show your boss or client the value of social media

A sample chapter from the book

This is the first chapter from the book: Tip #1 – Share the same content multiple times.

Share the same content multiple times on social media

Each strategy is short and to-the-point, with an explanation on how to get started and why we’ve found the strategy to work.

What to do with all these strategies

One thing we love to mention with recommendations like these is to treat them more as inspiration rather than prescription.

Use these strategies as the basis for your own experiments on social media rather than adopting them straight away as your new normal.

We’ve tried to keep this in mind as we test out new strategies here at Buffer, and it’s an area that I feel I can definitely keep improving. An example that comes to mind: We often hear that there are a few ideal times to publish social media updates during the day. And every time I hear these studies I seem to adjust my Buffer schedule straightaway. Turns out, few of these best times have ended up to be true for us. Our best times seem to be at non-peak hours or at different intervals of the day, given our international audience.

The takeaway: Test out these strategies for your social media plan, and continue on with the ones that work.

The strategies mentioned in this ebook are the ones that have worked for us—for whatever reason—and we think it’d be cool if they’d inspire you all to try new things or think outside the box.

And we’d love to hear back on how your experiments go!

Grab your free copy of the ebook. And send in your feedback!

Get your free copy of the Social Media Strategies ebook!

Ebooks are a new experiment for us also. We’d love to learn:

Is this type of content helpful for you?

Would you like us to do more?

I’d be so grateful to hear any thoughts or feedback here in the comments on whether you’d like us to continue to pursue more ebooks down the line. I know I’ve got lots of room to improve on the ebook front also, so any thoughts on your experience with this version would be so greatly appreciated!

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