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Introducing Feeds: Share Links From Your Favorite Sites Right Inside Buffer!

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Our community has always been great at driving us forward, suggesting new tools, helping us better understand the challenges and workflows of a daily social media user. Listening to our community is perhaps our best source of information and ideas, so when you asked for the ability to add feeds within Buffer, we listened. We got right to work to build a way to add great content from great publishers—quickly, easily, and efficiently.

We’re excited to announce the arrival of this much-anticipated Buffer tool: Feeds!

You can now add RSS feeds to your Buffer social profiles and share links directly from your favorite sites from right inside your Buffer dashboard. We’ll pull in the latest stories from whichever sites you choose, and you can decide which links to add to your queue and share with your followers.

You can try adding your feeds right now, by visiting the Content Inbox section of your Buffer dashboard.

You have total control of your feeds—from finding and discovering to organizing and updating. Fresh content will always be at your fingertips.

We hope this makes sharing on social media a smoother, simpler, and all-around better experience for our amazing users. Come along and see how these feeds work and what’s in store for your new sharing experience.


Add your favorite sites in a snap

We’re thrilled to provide feeds not just for our Buffer for Business users but for our Awesome users, too. Both plans give you the chance to use the new feed functionality:

Awesome and Business users enjoy 15 feeds per connected social profile!

(Those on the Individual plan can try out Feeds by signing up for a no-risk, cancel-any-time trial of Buffer for Business, which gets you access to feeds, team members, robust analytics, and more.)

Since feeds are tied to social profiles and not your overall Buffer account, you can select a different feed or group of feeds for each of the different social profiles you’ve connected. Here’s what this looks like in practice.

Say you’ve connected a Twitter profile and a Facebook profile and are itching to add feeds to each.

If your Twitter profile focuses on social media tips, you might choose to add social media feeds like the Buffer blog or Kiss Metrics.

If your Facebook profile has a different focus—tech and gaming news, for instance—you might prefer to connect feeds from The Verge or TechCrunch.

Simple setup for any feed you want

RSS Feeds can be found by going to the Content Inbox section of your Buffer dashboard.


To set up your feeds, simply type in the name of the site and choose which feed you want from the corresponding list.

For instance, let’s say I want to add a feed for a favorite blog of ours, Social Media Examiner. I’ll type in the name of the website and see that Buffer recognizes it:

Once I select it, it’ll be added into my feed choices.


The search bar works with direct feed URLs, too. You can grab the feed from any site, copy it to your clipboard, and paste it into the Feeds search bar inside your Buffer dashboard.

We want to ensure an effortless experience for grabbing the feeds you want so that you can get straight to sharing just as quickly as possible. We hope we succeeded! Let us know how it feels once you give it a go.

Remove and edit as often as you want

After you’ve added your feeds, you can head to your feed management tab at any time to change and edit which ones you have connected. Click on the “Manage Feeds” button to bring up an overlay with all your chosen feeds and a spot to add even more.

Click on the Remove button to take a feed away. Then type in a new website to find a new feed to add. There’s no limit to the number of changes you can make.

Edit feeds

View your feeds in a custom stream

Once you’ve wired up the feeds you want, you’ll see posts begin to fill up in your feed list. These posts are listed chronologically with the most recently published ones at the top. The default view is to show posts from all the different feeds you’ve connected. (We show the 10 most recent posts from each of your feeds.)

You can also view these feeds individually, showing only the posts from a particular site. For example, if you’re subscribed to a post that publishes 20 times per day and one that publishes once per week, you may choose to view the individual feed for the weekly site so that you can quickly find the content you want. Each of your connected feeds is viewable in this way. Simply choose your desired feed from the drop-down menu.

View Feeds

Add only the articles you want

With feeds, adding content occurs at the click of a button. Click on “Add” next to the article you want to share, and the story will fly right to the queue on your chosen social network. You can still hop over into the social profile itself and edit anything you wish: text, mentions, timing, tags, etc. If you’d like, you can even drag-and-drop the key posts to other profiles as well.

Add Feed Link

Add your first feed in two quick clicks

Feeds are all ready for you!

Log in to your Buffer account, visit the Feeds tab, and start searching and sharing from your favorite sites. Feeds are just two clicks away. You can give it a try right now. 

Let us know what you think about Feeds and content. Leave any questions at all here in the comments, and we’ll get right back to you. Or you can email us directly at or find us on Twitter (among other spots)!

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.32.22 AM

We’d love to hear your thoughts about feeds and how you might use these to boost your social media sharing! Enjoy!

Update: Thank you to our wonderful community for the quick and helpful feedback on Feeds! When this first launched, we made a mistake in not allowing enough feeds per user. Your helpful responses made us realize this. Thanks!

We’ve since updated Buffer Feeds, and now all Awesome users and all Business users can enjoy 15 feeds per social profile. 

We hope this helps make a difference, and we’re excited to keep pushing forward with Feeds—and with the incredible feedback we get from you!

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