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Introducing Buffer for Business: A Simpler and More Powerful Social Media Tool

Today we’re thrilled to tell you about the next big thing we’ve been working on here at Buffer: Buffer for Business. It’s a brand new Buffer product, geared towards small, medium and larger businesses to make social media publishing a whole lot easier!


It comes with the same, simple and intuitive Buffer user interface, that so many of you have come to enjoy. On top of that, we’ve also added considerable power for you to help your social media management take off. Here is a quick overview of what Buffer for Business can do:

  • Detailed analytics, with comparison features, sorting and aggregated stats
  • Team collaboration, with approval features, admin rights and more team members
  • Exporting, grab all your data anytime and add them to your reports with the click of a button

Before Buffer for Business, we’ve always been very focused on the pure consumer and small-business customer. So why the expansion? In line with our full focus on company transparency, here is a bit of background:

Why did we build Buffer for Business?

Over the last year or so, we’ve tried a large number of experiments here at Buffer. Essentially, we wanted to figure out, whether we should steer the company and the product more towards the consumer and how that could work. So we did a number of integrations with amazing partners, such as Feedly, Echofon and a large number of others.

At the same time of pushing for the consumer side, we also gauged a more business focused route, with tons of incredible feedback that you and many other Buffer customers provided to us. As a result of that, in July we soft-launched a very early Buffer for Business product to just a few select users. The reception to this has been amazing and within just a few months, Buffer for Business generated more than 10% of our total revenue. With lots of demand, more awesome feedback and requests to build out the Business side of Buffer further, we decided to put a lot of our resources towards it in the last few months.

Which means that as of today, we’re launching it to everyone publicly, with a huge number of improvements and new features. Take a look at what we got in store for you:


More social accounts and team members

No matter what size your business is, we have a plan to suit you. We’ve added more team members and social accounts to our higher-tiered plans so you can choose what works best. The three business plans available are:


  • 25 social accounts
  • 5 team members


  • 50 social accounts
  • 10 team members


  • 150 social accounts
  • 25 team members


More accounts

Some great feedback we heard many times is that many of you wanted to add more social accounts to your Buffer. With the new Buffer account we made that possible. Add as many as up to 150 with our new plans and if you need more, you can still reach out to us to grab a custom package.


More team members

Another trend in the feedback we’ve had is that many of you need to add more team members to your accounts. If you’re running an agency that manages social media for clients or you have a big marketing team to work with, this will make collaboration much easier. You can work with up to 25 people in the same Buffer account, or of course reach out to us if you need more than that!


Plus you’ll get all standard Buffer features:

  • Custom scheduling

Create a post and have it sent at a precise time rather than adding it to your Buffer queue.

  • 8 different social media account types

Add profiles from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, pages from Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, and even LinkedIn Groups

  • Browser extensions

Grab our extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to easily add updates to your Buffer as you browse.

  • Mobile apps

Top up your Buffer account on-the-go with our mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Approval and team collaboration

One of the biggest changes you’ll see when you upgrade to Buffer for Business is the improved collaboration features.

In your “Team Members” settings page, you’ll be able to add a new team member as either a Manager or a Contributor.


Here is how this breaks down:

  • A Manager can add updates to your Buffer account just like you can—they get added directly to your queue. They also have access to change your posting schedule.
  • A Contributor has more limited access to your account, so we’ll take a look at how this feature works.

I’ve added Leo as a Contributor to my Twitter account. Now, when he logs in to Buffer, he can see my Twitter account in his accounts list:

view account

He can also view my Twitter account’s Buffer schedule, but he can’t edit it like a Manager would be able to:


When Leo wants to add an update to my Twitter account, he can access it alongside his own accounts:

add cont

The update won’t be added to my queue until I approve it. The next time I log in to Buffer, I’ll see this message:


When I click through to view contributions, I can either approve or delete each post:


And once I’ve approved a contribution, it gets added to my queue, where each post shows the picture and email address of the user who contributed it:


This is a really great way to manage your business accounts, since you can give different levels of access to different team members. We’ve found this is super useful for managing Buffer’s social media accounts already.

Brand New analytics

The other big change we’ve made is improving our analytics. We’ve made this part of Buffer more powerful for Business customers, while still keeping it simply and easy-to-use.

View a graph of your engagement for clicks, retweets and favorites

The first thing you’ll notice on the analytics page if you’ve seen it before is that it’s now more visual: we’ve included a graph at the top of this page to show you how much engagements your posts have had over time.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 7.36.54 PM

You can choose from either a 7-day or a 30-day period to view, just above the graph.

Compare different metrics: Retweets vs. Clicks, Posts per day vs. Retweets, etc.

Underneath the graph are two drop-down menus where you can choose which metrics to display on the graph. You can see how your overall reach changes over time compared to your number of clicks, for instance, or how your number of Retweets compares to mentions:


Export all your data

Above the graph is an export button so that you can download a copy of your analytics.

This has been one our most-requested features and we’re happy to make your data available for you to save so you can get even more out of the numbers for your business.

Sort your analytics

The main table of analytics data hasn’t changed much, except for this very important feature. You can now click on each heading above the table to sort your data however you like.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.53.46 PM

If you click once on “Retweets,” for instance, you’ll see the table sorted from lowest-to-highest. If you click again, it’ll sort from highest-to-lowest:


We’re excited about bringing even more updates to Buffer for Business in the future, making it more powerful while maintaining the simplicity and ease-of-use Buffer has always been known for.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this. Sign your business up for a Buffer for Business plan and let us know what you think:



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