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Facebook Marketing Tips: How to Get Engagement on Facebook Without Ever Paying for Ads

Erik Fisher, an author, podcaster and community manager at Social Media Examiner,  stopped by #bufferchat to discuss Facebook marketing tips and engagement!

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facebook marketing tips

What role does Facebook play in your community strategy?

From Erik:

  • Most likely your largest group of followers on one social network: Facebook. You can’t ignore it even if you’re frustrated.”
  • Don’t JUST post great content on Facebook, engage with those who like, share and comment on it.”
  • Be less concerned with reach on Facebook, and be available to those you DO reach.”
  • True, Facebook isn’t always the ideal channel. Know your audience and which network they are active on.”


Other great insights:

  • FB runs the show for deep, probing content and long relationships. Twitter feeds the news stream.” @jayvig
  • “Depends on who is your community. Sometimes it is for promotion, sometimes it is for ideation, sometimes for research.” @nimu9
  • The thing I like most about Facebook for branding, etc is that it’s a bit deeper than other SM. Conversations tend to be deep.” @shartwell92


What experiences have you had engaging your audience on Facebook?

From Erik:

  • It can be hard to know to go to a post days or weeks old and respond to a comment, but there are tools that help with that.” 
  • It’s also cool to click ‘like’ on the shares of our posts on Facebook to say thanks for sharing. Take time to do that.”
  • Brands should try to act more human, since they are made of people, on Facebook, right?”
  • “Let’s not forget the power of Facebook groups. People opting in to a tight niche community.”


Other great insights:

  • When targeting is right, engagement is up! Custom Audiences work wonders to buld real community on FB” @lisabuyer
  • From a brand perspective, doing lots of listening, then asking the right questions, has made all the difference for me.” @jarematkinson
  • Behind the scenes images & stories provide high engagement on client FB pages. People want to see who’s behind the curtain.” @LifeofRileyNYC


What are the biggest lessons you learned in Facebook marketing?

From Erik:

  • No matter the social network, know what your audience wants.”
  • It’s ok to use tech. But be human too. Be a cyborg. :)”
  • “A weekly review should be the minimum that you look at what you’ve done and how you can do it better.”
  • Go back to your best performing posts and repost them at a time where you will have less competition – overnight.”


Other great insights:

  • Be patient, quality communities don’t pop up over night” @scottas
  • People are more inclined to passively pay attention to content than actually interact w/ it on FB. You have to be creative.” @shannnonb
  • Every week, if certain posts are working I do more of those.” @lizloizousmith


Is it necessary to pay for engagement on Facebook?

From Erik:

  • “Paying on Facebook isn’t necessary. If you are crafting the right posts, responding, testing times, you can get views.”


Other great insights:

  • Yes, that is why should be a part of an integrated social strategy. Would you run just a PPC campaign w/out SEO?” @_MariaJuan
  • While it is not necessary to pay to get views on Fbk, it can be helpful to Test some paid ads or promoted posts.” @CathyWebSavvyPR


How do you measure success with your Facebook page?

From Erik:

  • “It may not seem obvious, but success = achieving your goals. 🙂 It’s different for everyone.”
  • “Make sure whatever you do, you know your end goal and can measure how close you get.”
  • Are people clicking your links if you have them? Is it driving traffic? If that’s your goal.”


Other great insights:

  • Good conversations. Engaging with others is so much better than a thumbs up.” @LearnwithJill
  • Again, answer depends. Is FB being used to drive traffic? Generate awareness? Provide cust service? Measure accordingly.” @bldchris
  • Measuring with a combination of FB insights, Google Analytics, and engagement allows for a better perspective.” @NikkiFica


Final Facebook marketing tips:

From Erik:

  • “Try posting at times where you will have less competition. Like 11:30 or so at night.”


Other great insights:

  • Don’t be afraid to spend money. Get creative with ads. And remember that a little goes a long way for promoted posts!” @friendemic
  • “Always have an integrated marketing plan to incorporate other websites.”  @kimbeasley
  • Use the cover wisely, short links, short post, optimised landing pages, eye catching images & VALUABLE Content!” @liliholl


Thank you to Erik for sharing such great expertise with #Bufferchat!

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