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The BasicsProBusiness
The BasicsStart trialStart trial
Monthly Price
Each additional user is $25/mo.
Social Accounts
Each additional social account is $10/mo.
Social Networks
Comments on posts and ads on Instagram Business Profiles.
Comments on posts and ads, visitor posts, and private messages on Facebook pages.
Public tweets (any post in which your Twitter handle is @mentioned, including replies on posts and ads), direct messages, and searches (only available on the Business plan).
Team Productivity
Team Inbox
Respond to social conversations within one team inbox. Instead of hopping between social accounts, your team can jump into Reply and tackle everything in one place.
Tags and Custom Folders
Tags, which can also become custom folders, are a really flexible option that allow you to organize and keep track of your social conversations.
Saved Replies
Saved Replies are pre-crafted responses that you create around your frequently asked questions. Reduce response times by saving your team from typing out the same answers over and over again.
Customer Profiles
On the right hand side of any conversation, you'll see details about the user, along with options to follow or mute, and a list of any other conversations.
Assign Conversations
At the core of any team-based workflow is assignments. Reply makes it easy to assign conversations either to yourself or to other team members.
Collision Detection
Know in real-time when your teammates are looking at the same conversation as you, so you can make sure you don’t both accidentally reply to the same conversation.
Internal Notes
Communicate privately with your team by adding internal notes for team members who will pick the conversation up later on.
Personal Signatures
Add custom signatures for each team member. Signatures are a great way to make your customers' experience that much more personal.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Quickly and easily navigate the inbox and conversations, follow users, send replies, add emojis, and more — without touching your mouse!
Automation Rules
Automation Rules are a powerful way to automate common tasks like tagging, moving, assigning, or setting the status of incoming conversations. All it takes is some simple if/then logic to get going.
Twitter Searches
Twitter Searches allow you to specify keywords, phrases, and hashtags that you'd like to track. Once your Twitter Searches have been set up in your Reply account, they'll start flowing into your Team Inbox, alongside the conversations you're @mentioned in.
Reporting History
On our Professional Plan, you'll have a 30-day history. On our Business Plan, you'll have full history.
30 DaysFull History
Overview Report
The Overview Report is where you'll find insights on your overall conversation volume and key response times, as well as a breakdown of tags being used.
Engagement Report
The Engagement Report helps you to see the ratio between closed conversations that were vs. were not responded to, along with your total number of open conversations.
Team Report
The Team Report is where you'll find insights on team member activity. This report helps to answer questions like who sent the most replies last week, how many internal notes are being added, and how many conversations a team lead assigned.
Export to CSV
With the click of a button you can export each of your reports in CSV format.
Help Scout Docs Integration
If your team is using Help Scout Docs, you can integrate your account with Reply, allowing team members to easily insert articles within responses. This can give your customers an ever richer and more contextual experience.
Slack Integration
If your team is using Slack, you can integrate your account with Reply and have certain conversations and events sent directly to a channel of your choosing.
iOS and Android Apps
Reply is available on iOS and Android, allowing you to respond to all your social messages on-the-go.
Support & Community
Self-Service Knowledge Base
Access to our FAQ where you’ll find how-to guides, most popular questions and video tutorials.
Social Media Support
Fast support on Social Media via Twitter and Facebook.
Email Support
Fast and helpful support via email. We love lending a hand with social media advice, sharing Buffer tips and tricks, and we’re always up to chat through a technical challenge! Being a Buffer customer should feel like having a whole team of people cheering for you.
Buffer Community
As a Buffer user, you'll have access to the Buffer Community: a knowledge-base of marketing advice, strategies and resources. We built this online space to offer you learning experiences that help you build your brands, keep up with marketing trends, and build meaningful connections with other awesome marketers from around the world.
Onboarding Training
These free team training sessions are designed to ensure that your team is able to get up and running as quickly as possible, and able to use our tools most effectively.
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