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Hiring at Buffer in March: Increasing Engineering Salaries in SF, 1,944 Applicants, 3 Offers Made

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer
Buffer Hiring Report

It’s been a great month for growing the Buffer team in March. The team is currently 20 people, compared to 17 in February. Here’s an overview of everything happening in the individual areas:

Applications overview

We saw an incredible amount of 1,944 applications come in in March, which has been absolutely, positively overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of the different areas:


March 2014 engineering report Buffer


March 2014 happiness hiring Buffer


March 2014 Community hiring Buffer


March 2014 designer hiring Buffer

Business Development and General Hustler

Biz Dev hiring March 2014 Buffer

Outlook and thoughts

Rodolphe and Michael will join the Buffer team

We had some great new people accept their offers with us in March for their 45 day Buffer bootcamp, who will join us over the next few weeks.

Rodolphe joins us as a generalist on the business side to help with customer development, BD, customer tours and more. And Michael will join us as a backend engineer.

Increasing Engineering Salaries in SF by an extra $18k/year

A big change we’ve made, if you look at our transparent salaries formula is that we’ve bumped up all SF engineering salaries by an extra $18k/year:

Engineer salary schedule

This was largely due to our finding that Buffer’s engineering salaries were far from competitive in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We always strive to pay people above market rate, which was clearly not happening for SF engineers. So with this change, we hope to come closer to a salary range that suits the expectations and markets in SF.

Continued focus on Engineering hiring:

We are very grateful to see so much continued interest across all our positions. Especially on the engineering hiring side, we doubled down in March to publish more articles showcasing the behind the scenes happenings here at Buffer.

Overall, March was another great month and we’re excited to keep pushing ahead on all fronts again in April.

Want to join the Buffer team? We’re looking for help in all these areas!

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