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Hiring at Buffer in February: 2,024 Applicants, 3 Offers Made

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Leo Widrich
Leo Widrich Team Buffer

It’s been a great month for growing the Buffer team in February. The team is currently 17 people, with 3 new people who have started their bootcamp in February. There were also 3 more offers made in February and all 3 have accepted their offers and will join us in March.

Here’s an overview of everything happening in the individual areas:

Applications overview

We saw an awesome amount of 2,024 applications from some truly amazing candidates come in in February for the 10 positions we’re currently hiring for.

Engineering: 180 applicants

49 Android Hacker applicants
57 Frontend Hacker applicants
5 Growth Hacker applicants
19 Reliability Hacker applicants
50 Backend Hacker applicants (some of the above also part of this group)

Happiness: 783 applicants

585 Happiness Hero applicants
198 Weekend Warrior applicants


536 Community Champion applicants


269 Content Crafter applicants


256 Designer applicants

Interviews and offers made

Out of 13 interviews we did in January, we made 3 offers to amazing new team members to take part in the Buffer Bootcamp.

Here is a break-down by area:

February hiring

Outlook and thoughts

Growing the engineering and product team

One of the biggest bottlenecks we’re seeing right now is that our engineering and design resources are spread a bit too thinly across all the amazing product areas. We put a renewed focus on inviting more great engineers and designers to join the Buffer team.

Hacker News Who is Hiring

We had some great success with the HN “Who is Hiring?” thread at the beginning of March already and we believe the HN community is often closely aligned with the Buffer values and culture.

More technical blogging

We realized that we haven’t shared too much about the technical setup of Buffer, which might pique the interest of more people. We kicked off a number blogposts we wanted to write this week and hope to put more insights about Buffer’s internal structure, both technically and culturally out there.

No sales team for now

For now, we decided that we wouldn’t go and build a sales team. The reason for this is that we’d rather try and go the Customer Success route for now. Sales teams come with a lot of interesting challenges and some of them don’t quite seem to be aligned with the type of culture and company we want to build at this point.

10 open positions!

In addition to the 9 different positions that we’re looking for, we’ve started to look for one more candidates to expand the Buffer team: Growth Hacker. We’ve started to focus heavily on building out our growth dashboard and are excited to focus on optimizing our key metrics with the help from a new team member excited about shaping these areas with the team.

Want to join the Buffer team? We’re looking for help in all these areas!

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