Reflecting on Buffer’s 2017 in numbers

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2017 was an exciting year for the Buffer team with some big changes, a few firsts, and some major progress forward. We set a new vision for the company and products, went on our 8th company retreat to Madrid, calculated equal pay at Buffer for the first time, and got to a very healthy place financially, among many other things.

In 2016, we shared Buffer’s first year in review and we’re delighted to continue the tradition for the second year in a row with Buffer’s 2017 in numbers. We’re sharing some of our proudest moments and most exciting statistics from 2017.

Inspired by Mailchimp’s annual report, we’re starting out at one and counting all the way to the largest number we have.

Check out Buffer’s 2017 in numbers!

A few highlights

Here is just a taste of the stats that we share in the celebration that might be particularly interesting to you, our Open Blog readers:

  • 7 Buffer Babies joined the team
  • 24.5 percent of new code was open sourced
  • 1,106 vacation days were taken
  • 85,903 support tickets were solved
  • 1,050,000 minutes were spent on Zoom

… and you’ll have to read the report to see the rest!

Looking ahead to 2018

The start of 2018 has already been a wonderful with the whole team coming back from Buffer being closed for six days. Coming up later this year, you’ll see us sharing (transparently of course!) our entire company budget for 2018! We’re also heading to Singapore in April for our 9th retreat and doing more with mini-retreats this year. We’ll be sharing more about both of those on the Open blog soon!

In 2018 we also plan on growing the Buffer team, so keep an eye on the Journey page or subscribe for updates if you’re keen to join us.

Finally, in continuing our commitment to transparency, we will continue to share quarterly transparency reports detailing all the happenings at Buffer. You can see all of our past reports here.

Over to you

Thank you so much for being with us on this journey and reflecting on the past year with us! Now we’d love to hear from you!

  • How was your 2017?
  • Did your company release a 2017 report? Share it in the comments!
  • Is there any stat we missed that you’d like to know about? Let us know, maybe we can include it next year!

This report would not have been possible without the incredible care, attention to detail, and gracious time commitment of Buffer teammates: David G, Tom D, Hamish, Julian, Joel, Nicole, Kevan, and Courtney. ❤️

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140,000+ people like you use Buffer to build their brand on social media every month